Snow In Georgia

We woke up on Thursday to 8 inches of snow! The weather guys on the Atlanta TV stations had all talked around it like the worst of the weather would be down to the south of us in Gainesville and Atlanta, but no, here it was up here in the mountains. FabGrandpa did not think we would get snow, if anything we were thinking it would be a cold drizzling rain. We were very surprised to have this much of the white stuff! The first picture here of our picnic table is to illustrate just how much of it we got.

This picture is of FabGrandpa standing under the awning, which is full of snow. It took him most of the afternoon to get it all off of the awning. Next time they start talking about snow, he will roll it up before we go to bed.

Here is a picture of the road into our section of the campground here at Unicoi State Park on Thursday morning. The park ranger made his rounds early, about as soon as the sun came up, to make sure there were no trees down in any of the roads. The next day, on Friday, they came by with a snowplow and scraped the road, because it did not melt off.

We had to go to Cleveland to get propane on Friday, so we drove around to see if we could find some “scenic” sights. We have driven past Smithgall Woods for years, never turning in to see it. Smithgall Woods is a Georgia State park site that was donated by the Smithgall family to preserve the natural forest area and Duke’s Creek. It is absolutely beautiful. I got several beautiful shots there, but this one is, well, unique. I think it would be too cold to use this outhouse, but isn’t it cute?

Cherokee, North Carolina

Yesterday, Gary and Faye came and knocked on our door. The first thing Gary said was “I’m bored, let’s go do something.” Since we were just about to walk out the door to get breakfast anyway, we said, “ok, let’s go eat.” We left home about eleven o’clock headed to Cleveland to return some rental movies to Ingles, and after a couple more errands we wound up eating at Huddle House there in Cleveland. While we were sitting there, we decided to drive up to Cherokee, North Carolina, to go to the casino there. After a quick trip to the bank, we started out about 2 pm.

We arrived at the casino around 4 pm. We each had about $40 to contribute to the indian reservation. A couple hours later, FabGrandpa, Faye, and I had each lot all of our money. We found Gary playing a penny slot machine and winning big time. He had about $30 racked up on that machine. We all sat and watched him until he lost all but about $20. He went and cashed out his winnings and we started out the door to go home.

Whiled we were waiting for the shuttle bus to come, we were talking about how much fun we had had so far, and Gary said he would loan us each $5 so we could go back in and play some more. So, we turned around and went back in.

I sat down at a penny slot machine, and put my borrowed $5 in. I did pretty good on that machine, so I sat there for quite some time. When my balance got up to around $60, FabGrandpa and Gary came over to tell me they had lost all of their money. So, when I got the balance up to $73 and change, I cashed out and paid Gary back his $5, and gave FabGrandpa $5 so he could play some more. I went to another machine, and started winning again. When all of the others came over to where I was playing and reported that they had lost all their money again, I decided to cash out and go home. I still had $23 in my purse, so I was the big winner for the day. By the time we got back to Gary’s truck, it was 9:30 pm. Although we didn’t bring home much money, we all had a very good time.

We stopped at a Huddle House somewhere in North Carolina on the way home for dinner. By the time we got back to camp, it was almost midnight. I can not remember having so much fun at a casino before. Oh, and I have to say that EVERY time Lucky Faye sat down next to me, I won BIG. So, if she ever wants to go to a casino with you, make sure she sits next to you.

One More Hibiscus

I don’t know what I will do with my time when the flowers wither for the season. Maybe the trees will turn to a beautiful hue here, and give me something else to photograph. In the meantime, this hibiscus continues to enchant me every time I pass by. This particular blossom is larger than a dinner plate. The front is gorgeous, but I tend to look at flowers from a different angle. Every line of it is so graceful, so elegant. And look at those little green spikes on the stem! Ok, next time I will show you the dock here at the campground.


The other day I was at work in the camp store, and in between customers I was stretching behind the counter. My co-workers asked me what I was doing, and so I was telling them how my legs hurt from standing all day if I didn’t do some stretches. As I was talking about this and how I wished that I could find an exercice DVD that would be VERY low impact, a customer at the counter told me I should try one called Pilates for 50+ She said she does Pilates herself and that she had seen the one for older folks and had been thinking about getting it for her mother.

So, I went online and found it on I ordered it today, so I will post again later and let you know how it works for me.