Becky and The Parents Day 1

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We left the North Rim headed for Page, Arizona early enough to have breakfast at Jacob Lake Inn.  We stopped at the scenic overlook of House Rock Valley.  Here is Becky with the Vermillion Cliffs in the background. 

The next stop was at the balancing rocks near Cliff Dwellers in Marble Canyon.  Those rocks are huge! How they don’t tumble over is a miracle to me!

This is a view of the Colorado River from Navajo Bridge. It is absolutely gorgeous!

And this is looking across at the other side of the bridge at the very eastern edge of the Grand Canyon.

We stopped for lunch at Fiesta Mexicana, where Becky and I both ordered Camarones a la Plancha. Yummo!  
After lunch we toured Glen Canyon Dam. It is the second highest dam in the United States. The highest is of course the Hoover Dam.

This is one of the old turbine rotors. Th original on was placed in service in 1964, and was replaced this year. That is FabGrandpa’s backside there in the photo.

Lake Powell, so much blue, blue water in the middle of the desert.

The Colorado River where it comes out of Lake Powell at the Glen Canyon Dam. That bridge is Hwy 89 in Page. 

See that water pouring out of the pipe at the bottom? That is what they call seepage, water that seeps through the concrete and rock from behind the dam. 1600 gallons a minute worth of seepage. Amazing! And there is enough moisture for those plants to grow right on the rocks.  

More tomorrow!

Lake Havasu City

On Saturday, we drove up to Lake Havasu City. Wow! The drive up took about 2 hours, and the scenery was gorgeous. One thing I have found about Arizona, is that the scenery looks different around every bend in the road.

The first place we stopped was Parker Dam, in Parker, Arizona:

They say the Colorado River is the damed-est river in the United States!

Pictures From Page Arizona

The other day when we were in Page, we went to some scenic viewpoints. I promised to put some pictures here, so here they are:

This was the beginning of the trail to Horseshoe Bend Canyon. It was uphill, yeah. About 1/4 mile to the edge of this canyon, but…..

If you click on this picture to make it bigger, and look very very closely, you will see some people standing on the edge of the canyon. That is where we were going to go. But, if you also look at the center of this picture, just beyond the canyon, you will see a huge thunderstorm. And there was huge lightening coming out of that cloud and going down to the ground. Nope, not me, I don’t do thunderstorms.

After we walked back to the truck, we went over to the scenic viewpoint with a nice view of the Glen Canyon Dam. We went on the tour of the dam a few weeks ago when we were in Page last time, but this is a different view of the area. See that railing? It was on the way back UP. Yeah, uphill again. We went all the way up because we had to–we went all the way down. Now try to imagine walking up that trail, wearing new prescription sunglasses with bifocals in them. Not an easy task. I didn’t let go of the rail once!

The Glen Canyon Dam from the scenic viewpoint. Isn’t this just awesome?

Here I am standing by those weird rock formations. And yeah, that is the same orange shirt I wore last time I was here. Maybe I’m trying to blend in…

Here is FabGrandpa posing for me. He may just be getting used to it after 16 years.

The Star of the Show, the fabulous Colorado River below the dam. What a beautiful sight!

Sunset in Page. Try to ignore the antenna in the picture. I do.

Oh, yeah, the reason we went to Page. To get a fridge. Yeah, big enough. That teeny tiny freezer holds enough meats for two weeks of meals. Wine, eggs, gluten free beer. What more do you need?