I Got My Fabric Fix

I have not been to a real quilt fabric shop in almost two years. When we are at the North Rim, there is not a fabric store for at least 200 miles, and that is a Joann Fabrics. I thought I had found a fabric store in Kanab, Utah one time, but it turned out to be 2 aisles in an Ace Hardware Store. I was sooooooo disappointed. 

Last week I went to Hobby Lobby in Tuscaloosa, and they had some fabric but not much to choose from. I got a few fat quarters, but I was still starving for a fabric binge. 

Today, I found Carolina Lily Quilt Shop. As soon as I stepped in the door, it was like I was a kid in a candy store!  Not only did they have top quality fabrics, and plenty of it, the nice lady behind the counter knew who and what I was talking about when I asked if she had any of the Fairy Tip Toes line by Tina Givens. She didn’t, but it is so nice to have this store within reach, and to be able to just go and touch and feel and adore fabric. 

I guess I went a little bit crazy. I made up for not being in a real fabric store in so long! Ooooooo, I can already feel another shopping trip coming on….

It’s Been A Mail-a-palooza!

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When I lived in my house in Georgia, my daughter had painted on the inside of the mailbox “I love gettin’ mail!” along with a smiley face. My mail carrier told me she never failed to smile when she opened my mailbox.  But I do, I do love getting mail! And I got a lot of it this week!  

My daughter, Becca, sent me a package from Colorado. She had been on a trip to New Mexico a couple weeks ago, and bought that purty chili ristra for me.  She also sent the fabric for me to finish her quilt:
and a loaf of gluten free bread from Udi’s Bakery in Parker, Colorado:

And when I opened the box, I also found her green ink pen she hasn’t been able to find. thanks Becca!

I loved that bread so much, I ordered a case of it for myself, and it arrived only two days later! all the way from Parker to Greensboro, Alabama:
I saw this fabric online a month or so ago on Etsy in one yard lengths, and had been trying to find  a seller with three yards in one piece. I was so happy to find it! It’s called Fairy Tip Toes, and it is soooo cute.  It was also delivered to me this week. I have to make a baby quilt for my new FabGrandchild that is due in May. In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, my son’s wife, Sarah is having a baby! We’ll find out in two weeks whether it is a boy or a girl. I am so hoping it is a girl so I can use this fabric. But, it it’s not, I’ll just make something for FabGrandaughter, Sarah, with it. 

And. the last thing I got in the mail was a new copy of “The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide”.I love this book! I can find out really quick if something I want to buy is on “the list” or not.

Ooooooo, I can hardy wait for next week to see if I get anything good in the mail!