Quilts Have Magic Powers!

The beginning

The beginning

I started making this little quilt before Parker was even thought about, in the winter of 2011-2012. I got this far with it before we had to pack up the travel trailer and head back to Arizona.  Since my surgery, I have not been able to do much sewing, until around march of this year, when I challenged myself to sew for 30 minutes a day. I quickly figured out that I was not able to tolerate 30 minutes a day at the sewing machine. So, I put the project aside again for a couple of months.

nine patch quilt

One of the squares

I picked it up again in June, and worked on it for a few minutes at a time until I got the whole thing put together and quilted. The only left to do was the binding.

The binding pinned on.

The binding pinned on.

Once all the machine sewing was completed, I did the binding by hand. It took about three nights while watching TV to get the binding on. What a relief it was to finally, after two and a half years, to be able to say that the baby quilt for Parker was finished. I mean, he’s only 18 months old now.

Parkers quilt is finished

Parkers quilt is finished

I quilted it by machine with a wavy line. I think it looks pretty good. I love the way the plaid fabric looks as the binding. And look at all those monkeys!

parkers baby quilt

Parker’s baby quilt

Today I was able to get over to my daughter’s house and give Parker his quilt. He has never wanted to sit with me before. He always acts shy, and comes just close enough for me to tickle his side. He has always stayed just out of reach from me. Today, Emily, my daughter, was giving me a pedicure. I still can’t reach my feet, so she took off the old nail polish and trimmed my toes. While she was doing that, Parker was playing with my feet. I guess if it was ok for Mommy to do, it was ok for him, too.

Parker with his new quilt

Parker with his new quilt

When I gave Parker his quilt, he loved it. He was patting it and wrapping it around himself, as if he knew it was something special. Then something magical happened!

Parker snuggled up with Granny

Parker snuggled up with Granny

Parker climbed up on the sofa next to me, and snuggled up to me with his quilt. He was loving on me, and hugging me, and even gave me sugar. That was a first!

Parker and his magic quilt

Parker and his magic quilt

This was one of the best grandma days, ever!


30 Minutes A Day Sewing Challenge

I wasn’t kidding when I challenged myself to make an effort to spend 30 minutes a day doing something sewing related. I haven’t sewn anything much to speak of since May of 2012. It has just been too painful for me to do. But then when I was thinking about it the other day, it came to me that I was working under the assumption that I HAD to finish a project if I sat down to do it, no matter how it made me feel. And that is where my 30 minutes a day challenge came from: I challenged myself to do 30 minutes and no more. When the timer goes off, I am done for the day, no matter where I am in the project. Doing this saves me from hurting myself, but allows me to do something again that I love to do.

Days 1, 2, and 3 of my personal challenge were spent cutting out patterns. You know how when you buy new patterns, all the pieces are on one big sheet of tissue paper, and have to be cut out before you can use them. I have always cut my patterns apart as soon as I buy them, so that when I do get in a sewing mood, I can get right to it. And I bought about 15 or so patterns the other day at Joann when they were on sale, so I have a lot of that to do. On this type of sewing related activity, I can actually spend a couple of hours sitting in my recliner doing it, and so I have only got six more patterns to cut.

I pinned Parker's quilt today

I pinned Parker’s quilt today

Today was Day 4. I spent my 30 minutes pinning Parker’s quilt. This quilt was actually stitched in November and December of 2011, and circumstances caused me to put it away unfinished. I have been wanting to pick it up and finish it for him ever since I got back to Georgia in November 2012, but I have not been able to. I think with my new attitude of doing something for 30 minutes, I may just get this finished before the end of March. Only a year and 2 months late, but I will finish it. And that is what matters.

All pinned

All pinned

The Diaper Bag Is Finished, Now On To The Quilt

diaper bag, tote bag, carry all bag

Monkies all over this bag

This diaper bag turned out really cute: it has long handles, and lots of pockets inside. It matches the nursing cover and changing pad, too.

diaper bag with lots of pockets

Lots of pockets inside

When I finished the bag, I started on a baby quilt. I began by cutting 3″ strips, and sewing them together. After they were all sewn and pressed, I cut them into 3″ pieces, and sewed those together. I now have twenty-four 7.5 inch squares. I think I need one more, so I can have a 5X5 layout instead of a 4X6.

These 9 patch squares turned out pretty good.

I laid them out on the floor, and I do think I need one more square:

nine patch baby quilt

Baby quilt squares laid out on the floor

Tomorrow I’ll make one more square, and then decide what to do about sashing.

Amelia’s Baby Quilt Pattern

Amelia’s Baby Quilt

Last year before Amelia was born, I made her an adorable baby quilt. While I was making it, I took lots of pictures so that I could make a tutorial on how to do it. I have finally gotten the whole project finished and saved in a PDF file, so that I can now offer the pattern for this cute baby quilt for sale!

Amelia’s Quilt Pattern

This quilt uses half of a precut triangle pack, 1 yard of medium fabric, 1 yard of dark fabric, and 2 yards of a light fabric to make a 52″ X 43.5″ finished quilt. It is very easy to make, and the pattern is explained with lots of pictures so that even someone who is a beginning quilter will find it easy to follow.

I pieced the back to make it more interesting.

I have this pattern for sale in my store, FabGrandma’s Crafty Stuff. You can buy it and download it for $5.00. To get to the pattern in the store, click here!

Amelia with her quilt



Blogger’s Quilt Festival

I missed the last Blogger’s Quilt Festival, because I didn’t find out about it until after it was over. I have had this one on my calendar for quite some time, just waiting to be able to participate.

Seth and Sarah's quilt

I have been working on a lot of projects lately, from re-doing my RV bedroom, to making an elegant handbag for my sister for my niece’s wedding, to finishing up the T-Shirt quilt for Judy. I also have been trying to finish up a quilt for my son, Seth, and his wife, Sarah. The quilt I am making for them may look familiar to you, because I made one in the same pattern for Becca, which was finished last October.

Seth's quilt before adding the outside borders

I started the one for Seth at the same time I started Becca’s but since I DO sew for other people, and sew other things for sale, I have pushed his aside too many times. So, I am not allowing myself to start or work on any other projects until I get this quilt finished. (well, while it is gone to the quilter I can do something else). I have finished the top, and am working on the back. I think the next time I get a day off from work it will be ready to go out to Jorja, the lady who does quilting for me on a long arm machine. I am really excited to get it so close to finished.

With the outer border added.

This quilt, and the one I made for Becca, have not been easy quilts for me to make. As a matter of fact, if I had not already started the one for Seth, I would never have made a second one after Becca’s was finished. I would have used a different pattern. However, I have met the challenges these two quilts have presented me, and am very proud of the results.

Now, I am piecing the back, so this quilt will be very interesting on both sides. Can’t wait to get it done and show you!

To see all the beautiful quilts in the this Blogger’s Quilt Festival, click on the banner below.

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Judy’s Quilt Is Finished

Here I am sewing the binding on


I finished up the binding this morning at 9:37 a.m., then took the quilt outside to take some pictures:

Finished! T-shirt quilt


Blowing in the breeze

closeup showing that mitered corner over there

close up showing quilting detail

Love this quilt!


If you want to see it on the owner’s bed, check this link.