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  1. Dimple says

    Interesting rock formations in the foreground. The whole picture is fabulous when enlarged! I've never been there, thanks for sharing.

  2. diane says

    I love gorges. The steep cliff walls and the green water is just lovely. I was lucky to see some in north Australia recently.

  3. FlipFlop Mom says

    ah… I've missed you my friend.. and your cheery blog.. I have been such a poor blogger lately… but I WANT to change that.. so I will!!!
    Thanks for your kind words about dropping my daughter off at college.. it's been a little hard… but I need to put my wants on the back burner.. so she doesn't know I'm sad… so she can focus on her!!

  4. Patty says

    Beautiful photo. My husband has been to this area and has ranted to me about how much he loved it for many years. It is his dream to take me there someday.

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