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  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life) says

    I'm very glad that you're all better. Boy I bet you were glad to to see the end of *that* company! Looking foward to reading your catchup posts when youo have time. Take care of yourself first though.


  2. LindaSue says

    Lordy, that sucker was huge. Glad it is out though.

    So your summer is almost over. Know you will miss it. You all coming back to Georgia this time. If so give me a hollar and maybe I can make it over you way to say hello. Take care and keep us all posted.


  3. Karen says

    Sallie: thank you!

    Linda Sue: We are going to Alabama, south of Tucaloosa. That is another post I haven't had time to do! thanks for the reminder…

  4. Sandra says

    What beer are you able to drink?

    Glad you passed that stone. It's a pretty big one!

    I'm also interested in your recipe for GF meatloaf.

  5. diane says

    Well that stops you getting bored, keeps you on your toes and keeps you youmg. It is great that you have made so many friends and I guess you will be back next season. Ugh I can't believe you passed that huge rock, no wonder you were in pain.

  6. Judy and Emma says

    Linda, I know what you mean about either having nothing or too much to post. Glad you're feeling better. I look forward to your "catching up".

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