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  1. LindaSue says

    Congrad on the new baby girl.

    Look at my blog creationsbylsm and I have a listing of some quilting blogs.

    I will have to email some great sites and blogs to check out.

    It sure is cold here tonight. You folk getting snow or ice yet? Let me know.


  2. Susan says

    Congrats! There are such cute girlie-girl clothes out there….boys only have jeans and tee shirts! (But boys love to camp! lol!) You'll love shopping and sewing for her.

  3. diane says

    Congrats on a baby girl soon. Actually ours is due in May too. It is a boy. I hope your's choose a sensible name ours is Fox! Can you believe it?

  4. Susan Adcox says

    Congratulations! I have five grandgirls and only two grandsons. I would love them no matter what the gender, but it is easier on me having five girls and two boys than it would be vice versa. Those two boys do rock the house!

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