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  1. Elaine says

    Think again, for all those tests here in Gwinnett county, count on about double to triple $350.00. Doctors no longer have any lab work in-house. You have to go to a lab or the hospital. I believe you got an outstanding deal!
    Now, watch your blood sugar ALL this week and weekend as we go out next Tuesday to Dwezill!


  2. diane says

    I found this post interesting because I have never been able to understand the health insurance schemes in America. We have been hearing on the news about the cotroversy over a health care scheme. We have private health care cover wich is expensive $290 AU a month but we don't pay anthing for hospital and extras.
    Everybody is covered by the federal Governments Medicare scheme there is a small tax for that but it means everyone can afford to visit a doctor. Some doctors only charge the scheduled fee and so it is free for the patient. Other doctors add on about 10 dollars so that's all it costs. Although specialists can charge more, however if you are on a pension its all free.

  3. Judy and Emma says

    Karen, I'm happy you have found a doctor you are comfortable with and can afford. I'm fortunate to have full coverage until 65. I haven't had to use it yet other than bi-yearly physicals, but you never know. Sounds like you made a good diagnosis to go gluten free. Take care of yourself….

  4. Gaelyn says

    Wow Karen, I'm impressed. You really got lucky finding a good doctor. It's been so long since I've had a true physical I can't remember. The sad part of having no health insurance and being poor, but not poor enough for assistance. I just have to hope for the best. Sounds like you'll have many healthy years to come if you listen to your own body.

  5. Susan Adcox says

    I'm so upset with our system of paying for health care. My husband and I both recently had colonoscopies, for which the charge was listed as $1,878. The medical facility had negotiated with the insurance company and arrived at a price of $525. Those who do not have insurance are charged the full price. If they can't pay it, it eventually comes back to us, the taxpayers.

    Here's another conundrum: my husband has one insurance policy. I have two. I'm on his insurance and I have a policy of my own. I had to pay more out-of-pocket for my colonoscopy than he did for his because I have two insurance policies. I've been told by several medical accountants that I would be better off if I dropped my own coverage. How does that make sense? How can two insurance policies be worse than one?

    I am praying that we get a national health plan soon. We heard a statistic the other day that medical insurance companies pay out around 74% of their monies in claims, which means they are keeping around 26% in administrative costs. No wonder, with such a convoluted system! Our governmental systems, such as Social Security, run on just a few percentage points.

    Sorry to get on my soapbox, but your post touched a nerve. I hope your test results are good!

  6. Ginger says

    Karen, I really LIKE your doctor. I'm sure that while he was gently chastising you for your delay in getting to the doctor, he was keenly aware of our country's health insurance crisis. You have just defined why I work at a very low paying job – making less than I made when I was 19 years old (almost 31 years ago). It's because I have good insurance coverage. It's because I have a chance to carry that coverage indefinitely after 10 years of service (I've currently put in 10 months). It's because, for me and my family, coverage only costs $367 per month vs. $900+ dollars per month for just me and one of my daughters at my last job.
    I wish you great health and non-tender ta-tas after the mammogram. I've had two now and neither were as uncomfortable as I expected. In fact, they weren't bad at all. 🙂

  7. Sallie (FullTime-Life) says

    Karen, I'm catching up but hoping you see this comment. It's wonderful that you found a doctor who appreciates your pro-active stance in taking care of your own health and congratulations that you are doing such a good job at that.

    But oh my God our health care system is such a mess. Why should you not be able to go to a doctor when you need to? In every other developed country in the world you would.

    When I saw those old people (who are on social security and medicare) lobbying their congresspeople to vote against health care reform, it made me embarrassed to be a white-haired old lady. I couldn't believe the "I've got mine, you can't have your's attitude" of so many senior citizens.

    I don't know if the new legislation will help you and so many others who need it (we have a son who was laid off and he and his wife and child right now are totally without insurance). I hope they accomplished something.

    Anyway — I'm really glad you found that good doctor.


  8. Karen says

    Sallie and all: This post is sort of rant against our health care system as it is today. Yes, I should be able to go to the doctor when I need to, and not have to worry about taking medications that I don't have a prescription for because I can't afford to go to the doctor. Everyone in this country should be able to.

    And yes, there are so many older people on Social Security who are ranting against any changes, because they sit around all day looking at CNN. they think that everything they hear on TV is true that if the health care bill passes that they are in effect being issued a death warrant. I have had harsh words with my own mother because she uses that same old crap argument "Why should "I" have to pay higher taxes to make sure "they" (the people who don't have insurance) get health care.

    She said to me "I worked hard all my life to get what I have now" and I replied to her "I worked hard all MY life too, and it got me laid off after 20 years with no health insurance. I deserve to have affordable health care too!" And she had no reply to that.

    I also told her that there are millions of people in this country who work as hard or harder than she ever did, and still have no health insurance and can not afford to pay for their care.

    If other countries can provide health care for their citizens, this one should be able to come up with a plan too. It is the right thing to do!

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