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  1. Here Here! I agree!

    My pet peeve is when they change a label! I scan the store shelf for my old familiar products, and vwa-la … they don't carry it any more. Well, they do, but they changed the label. Why slow me down & irritate me? Grrrr. Leave new labels for changes to the product.

  2. Two of my least favorite words are "new, improved"! It usually means they messed up something I liked. I have had to change away from many favorite products after they "improved" them in a way that made them useless to me. I hope Ziploc comes to its senses soon.

  3. LOL! Pretty bad when we have to start measuring the packaging. Yet I've been known to because of the tight places. I agree that "new and improved" is usually not.

  4. Does it have to be about a product? If not, then it's people who don't pickup their pet's pooh. Especially when someone has graciously provided the convenient little pooh baggies. I always pickup my dogs' pooh. And often, I'm picking up other dogs' pooh, too. Thanks for letting me vent!

  5. Ginger: NO, it does not have to be about a product–it can be about anything. And I agree with you–that is another one of my big pet peeves (HA! a pun!)–PEOPLE who do not clean up after their pets! I get so tired of stepping in dog pooh.

  6. inconsiderate drivers. those that speed up so they might gain a second or two of drive time. almost running into you in the process. then they flip you off. sigh. tis the season.

  7. I think they change the packaging to keep us looking and guessing about what's new inside, only nothing is new inside!

    My pet peeve this week – as it is almost every week – is squirrels! They are eating me out of house and home! I even get safflower seeds for my birdies because squirrels aren't supposed to like them. Pooh! The squirrels love them, and they keep the feeders busy so the birds barely have a chance. I want a gun! :o) Becky G.

  8. I wish they would go back to basic toothpaste. Everytime I run out and look for the one I like there is another new one on the shelf. Who needs 10 types of Ceest ???? :>(

  9. My pet peeve this week is mud. There has been rain and snow at Anahuac NWR near Houston this week, and I feel like my site is in the middle of the Labraya Mud Pits! It's a new site and the gravel/coleechee(sp) hasn't settled yet. That stuff sticks to your shoes and you can't get it off. My rugs are a mess! Can't wait til the refuge moves one of the FEMA trailers so I can have a paved site……….

  10. Marilyn: AMEN!!! I never know which one to buy. It should not be so hard to pick a toothpaste.

    Judy: oh, girl, I truly do understand. Here, it is sand, but big grainy sand. I have to sweep three times a day if we go outside at all.

  11. I hate when they change just one ingredient in something or the source of the ingredient and make my reliable foods no longer GF. Ticks me off!

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