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  1. HighPlainsCamp says

    Here Here! I agree!

    My pet peeve is when they change a label! I scan the store shelf for my old familiar products, and vwa-la … they don't carry it any more. Well, they do, but they changed the label. Why slow me down & irritate me? Grrrr. Leave new labels for changes to the product.

  2. Linda says

    Two of my least favorite words are "new, improved"! It usually means they messed up something I liked. I have had to change away from many favorite products after they "improved" them in a way that made them useless to me. I hope Ziploc comes to its senses soon.

  3. Gaelyn says

    LOL! Pretty bad when we have to start measuring the packaging. Yet I've been known to because of the tight places. I agree that "new and improved" is usually not.

  4. Ginger says

    Does it have to be about a product? If not, then it's people who don't pickup their pet's pooh. Especially when someone has graciously provided the convenient little pooh baggies. I always pickup my dogs' pooh. And often, I'm picking up other dogs' pooh, too. Thanks for letting me vent!

  5. Karen says

    Ginger: NO, it does not have to be about a product–it can be about anything. And I agree with you–that is another one of my big pet peeves (HA! a pun!)–PEOPLE who do not clean up after their pets! I get so tired of stepping in dog pooh.

  6. Devi says

    inconsiderate drivers. those that speed up so they might gain a second or two of drive time. almost running into you in the process. then they flip you off. sigh. tis the season.

  7. Life At Camellia Cottage says

    I think they change the packaging to keep us looking and guessing about what's new inside, only nothing is new inside!

    My pet peeve this week – as it is almost every week – is squirrels! They are eating me out of house and home! I even get safflower seeds for my birdies because squirrels aren't supposed to like them. Pooh! The squirrels love them, and they keep the feeders busy so the birds barely have a chance. I want a gun! :o) Becky G.

  8. Marilyn says

    I wish they would go back to basic toothpaste. Everytime I run out and look for the one I like there is another new one on the shelf. Who needs 10 types of Ceest ???? :>(

  9. Judy and Emma says

    My pet peeve this week is mud. There has been rain and snow at Anahuac NWR near Houston this week, and I feel like my site is in the middle of the Labraya Mud Pits! It's a new site and the gravel/coleechee(sp) hasn't settled yet. That stuff sticks to your shoes and you can't get it off. My rugs are a mess! Can't wait til the refuge moves one of the FEMA trailers so I can have a paved site……….

  10. Karen says

    Marilyn: AMEN!!! I never know which one to buy. It should not be so hard to pick a toothpaste.

    Judy: oh, girl, I truly do understand. Here, it is sand, but big grainy sand. I have to sweep three times a day if we go outside at all.

  11. lupingirl says

    I hate when they change just one ingredient in something or the source of the ingredient and make my reliable foods no longer GF. Ticks me off!

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