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  1. Been back only a week and already a local. I'm rather envious of all that catfish. Yet the ribs sounded good too. How come no pic of those?
    What's up with the crockpot of boiled peanuts? A southern thing?
    Glad you found such a great place so close by.

  2. Oh Karen — we just got back from dinner and still one look at that catfish and I am sooo droooling. Save me some (I wish). Your camera does take great pix of food!
    That's the kind of restaurant we love to find when we travel; if we were there, we'd definitely be in the next booth. Too great that it's so close to home!! It's going to be a great Winter .

  3. I would die for some good boiled peanuts. When Bill caught his BIG Salmon I went looking for grits in East Wenatchee, WA and couldn't find any. I went to 4 grocery stores. Good hometown cooking and friendly people it doesn't get any better. Enjoy your stay there.

  4. Sounds like you are settling in well and what a boon to find such a good place to eat. Hope they cater for gluten free customers too. I have never eaten catfish but I'm about to eat prawn risotto cooked by my darling BB.

  5. Boiled peanuts are so definitely a southern thing that I am surprised the flags down here don't have a peanut floating in salt water.

    This place sounds too great.

    "Sweet Home Alabama".


  6. Oh yum! That sounds as good as having fish and chips out on Vancouver Island.

    I was not aware that you could get sweetened iced tea in the USA. You casn't get the unsweetened here. I meant to pick up some at the grocery store but did not get any. 🙁

  7. Mom and Pop restaurants are the best! My husband and I avoid the chains whenever we can. We've had some mediocre meals, but we've had some excellent ones as well, and we're supporting small business instead of McFood.

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