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  1. LindaSue says

    Oh, aren't you a happy camper. Got a new toy to play with. What a beauty too. And the pics are great. I know you are going to have so much fun.

    I got a new toy last night too. A Blackberry Storm2. Supposed to be the latest and greatest of the Blackberry's. I can take pic, do video's, unlimited text and internet, and with a usb cable I can hook it to my computer and it will give me internet thru my computer. No air card or anything like that. So now as soon as I can figure it all out ( you have to read the instructions ) I can play to my hearts content.

    So we both got new toys. Hurray!

    Can't wait to hear hubby is going back to Birmingham so I can come up and get to meet you.

    Take care. It really looks like a beautiful place to spend the winter. Later

  2. Ms. Fiddlesticks says

    Coolpix looks like a terrific camera.

    I have cousins in Tuscaloosa and my great aunt lived in Centreville. All family came from Alabama. I love Ala. jokes. Small world.

    The picture of the night-time landscape was terrific. The after dark looks like dusk. Fun camera.

    my word verification was "nicties"
    not neckties, LOL.

  3. Jo says

    Isn't that wonderful, Karen? Congratulations. To have a new camera AND that it takes photos of FOOD. Oh wow, a blogger's delight. THanks for this lovely post. (((Hugs)))

  4. sallie (fullTime-Life) says

    great Karen. Your pictures have always been so good, I can hardly see how they can improve , but nice to have one that is more reliable. That's almost kinda scary that it knew when your hubby blinked.

  5. Christine says

    Very, very nice and smart too!!!! I did not know that you could get smart cameras. You are going to have fun.

  6. Gaelyn says

    How funny the camera knew he blinked. Those night shots came out excellent. Never heard of a food setting. LOL What fun to have a new toy.
    I think I want LindaSue's new Blackberry toy.

  7. Cheryl Ann says

    I have a little Nikon Coolpix, but it is several years old. I just keep it in my purse and take whatever whenever. I does a really good job, too! I especially enjoy it for pics of the grandson! Have fun and enjoy your new camera!

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