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  1. Sandra says

    I need something like that. I bought some plastic drawers but they sit on my dining room chair and it feels cluttered. I really need a junk drawer!

  2. Judy and Emma says

    Hey Linda, How's your battle with the Chinese Ladybugs going? I just landed in Luling, TX, for the night, and those little buggers are hovering around the rig. I hope to "get out of Dodge" before they find any openings!

  3. Gaelyn says

    That's perfect and cute. I like the idea of using a small photo album for bussiness cards. I have a huge stack.
    Glad Fabgrandpa is feeling better.

  4. Jo says

    What a neat idea. I wonder why I related to the stack of "stuff" on the desk (also been there for "6 years"!) Glad Fabgrandpa is feeling better.

  5. Susan Adcox says

    I also fight the clutter battle, even though I live in a big house. The counter by the back door is where all the clutter lands. I clear it off constantly, and I have a big catch-all bowl where I put the odds and ends. When the kids leave their sunglasses or the grandkids forget a small toy, they go into the catch-all bowl. Everyone learns to check it periodically for lost belongings!

  6. Linda's Place says

    Hey Judy, that is so funny that you called Karen, Linda because I'm sure that our Mother has called each of us by the other's name….at least I have heard her call me: Di-aKar-aPres -aBob-I mean Linda LOL

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