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  1. Linda's Place says

    my Seester, I thought about you today while I was at the ACE show in ATL…I passed by the booth that had Stick Em, glue mouse & rat traps…I even got a little grey mouse pin. I'm going to wear that on my Halloween costume next week 😉

  2. Gaelyn says

    It is amazing how we can live in such a small place and accumulate so much stuff. I'm starting on that job tomorrow. I'll be the garbage cans have been very full with everyone moving out.

    Sure hope that snow doesn't stick.

    Safe journey.

  3. Susan says

    I need to start on that cleaning this weekend. Unfortunately, have not reached the "toss it now" mentality yet, otherwise I would be doing it today. 😉 Hate those mousers.

  4. Judy and Emma says

    I took out the passenger's seat in my motorhome when I hit the road and replaced it with six drawers. They have been calling my name for over three years for me to go through them. 😉 Maybe I'll do that while I'm here in New Mexico!

    Safe travels………

  5. LindaSue says

    Love the as is photo's. I really like your floor plan. Just to be nosy. What brand and what is the length? You can email me offline with the info.

    I love that you have the end kitchen model. We are looking like I said earlier at trading in the little rig next year to get a travel trailer so we can maybe work camp or volunteer soon. I have looked for years and I really like the end kitchen. The extra cabinets and more room are what I need.

    Great job and it all looks great. Later Linda

  6. Ms. Fiddlesticks says

    You did a grand job. I wondered about critters getting in, I guess it is just like any other space. I always wonder if smaller would make me keep it clutter-free, probably not. Have a safe trip. Keep in touch.

  7. Sallie (FullTime-Life) says

    Just wondered if you have some extra time to drop by Fern Ridge Lake here in Oregon — we have three weeks before we leave and I need help with that darn cleanup chore ;>)). Especially the office drawer. Seriously, you're a great role model; thanks for the honest sharing. I WILL get it done too. (I second the comment above that it's amazing — and a little scary — how much we as RVers can accumulate in such a small space.)

  8. Marilyn says

    For your business cards try office depot for a holder. I have 2 one for people we meet and 1 for businesses. On the people we meet I date it and where we meet and a little about them. Helps my senior moments.

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