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  1. Pat says

    How sad! I am so sorry to hear of Newt's tragic and untimely death. She looks adorable. We also had a dog (great dane), named Newt after Sir Isaac Newton, who died in a tragic accident when he was 4 months old

  2. Sarah says

    Awww what a cutie pie. How could someone do that to a pupppy? I bet she gave Jim (fab grandpa lots of entertaiment and not so boring days.
    Lovely story xx

  3. Kim says

    I can't believe how evil people are! UGH! I have 2 doggie's and if anyone did that to my dogs I would be fuming. With that sad, what a cutie pie and a great gift for FabGrandpa. Love your blog by the way!

  4. LakeConroePenny,TX says

    LceeL, I hope that place is not so special. It needs to be a boring, terrible place where they get re-poisoned every day.
    Karen, I am so sorry for you and FabGrandpa to lose your little best friend that way. How could any one do that, is beyond me.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Linda's Place says

    yes, I would have to say that if you poison a dog, you have poisoned God, cause we all know that dog spelled backwards is God 😉 sorry to hear about this…I never knew you had that dog :/

  6. Mevely317 says

    I soooo "ditto" Lceel's comment, Karen! I hope you and your hubby feel some measure of comfort knowing that Newt enjoyed his brief life being totally and unconditionally loved.
    There's a line I love from the old movie, "Other Side of the Mountain" that goes, "How lucky I am, to have known someone and something that makes saying 'goodbye' so da** awful."

  7. Sally in WA says

    I have to agree with many of the comments. I just cannot understand the reasoning why someone would poison an animal. They need to poison themselves and put themselves out of misery rather than inflicting such a deed on a poor pup.

    I'm glad you and FabGrandpa got to enjoy the time you had with Newt. He was a cutie.

  8. Talina says

    Who would do such an awful thing? That makes me so mad! My kitty was poisoned when I was a kid. So cruel!

    It's cute that your doggie liked beer though!

  9. diane says

    A happy/sad story. How awful to lose her like that.But she has left you with happy memories. As you can see we are back from our trip up north. We saw many gorges and fabulous rock formations. You would have loved it there.

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