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  1. Gaelyn says

    Zion really is a gorgeous park. Did you take the shuttle up canyon? Quite a bit of southern Utah and northern Arizona are parks. I believe "they" pick the uninhabitable landscapes for parks many times. So lucky to see the Mt goats.

  2. LindaSue says

    Pictures are great. I am jealous as my daughter lives in Utah. I did get to go out there last Nov for a week or two and got to see a little of that area.

    Got my box of stuff today from Bob's Red Mill Barn. Not gluten free but some shortbread cookie mix, bran muffin mix and buttermilk biscuit mix. Looks really good. Took a week to get here in SE Ala. It sure looks pretty though. Ordered a little over 30 bucks worth and it was a little over 20 for shipping. A little expensive so will let you know how it is. The barn and company are in Oregon so if you ever get up that way you will have to check it out.

    Keep on bloggin gal cause I sure enjoy it and you keep me enthusiastic about workcamping stuff. We are thinking in another year or two maybe we can do something similar. I am not getting any younger and want to have some fun before it is too late.

    Later Linda

  3. LindaSue says

    I had to write again. Took out the bags and looked. Made me hungry to look at them. They really do look pretty. Just spent another hour looking at all the stuff on the web side. Also did a store locater search and there is a store less than 20 miles from me that carries his products. Hope to go tomorrow and check it out. Will let you know. I bet you have someplace close that carries his stuff too. Check out the site and see. Let me know what you find.

    Later gal Keep on keepin on.

  4. LindaSue says

    Forgot to tell you. I got turned down by the food blogroll. That is ok My blog doesn't have 50 % food posting and that is what you have to have to get accepted. Will have to do better. Maybe with this Red Mill stuff it will get me motivated. Later

  5. Christine says

    It is true that the camera can never do justice to what the eye can see but I think you did a pretty darn good job. You pictures sure do make me want to visit the park. I love that type of landscape.

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