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  1. Kristi says

    Dear Fab Grandma – First off, I am new to this stuff so I hope I do this to form. I found your blog via RV There Yet. Second, you are not alone with your hair story…last year while in Phoenix I went to gal that was retired and got my “poodle” cut. And by that I mean…Note to self. If you walk in and see a dog grooming station next to the beauty chair beware! I wore a hat for three weeks till I got home. Then I had to give my regular haircut lady a $10 tip for correcting everything. So I know your pain and I cried a little too! Also, we are owners of an RV park in Withrop, WA and are always on the look-out for workampers. If you think you might like to head out our way let us know. Thanks for a great story!
    Kristi Brookshire, Silverline Resort,, 509-996-2448

  2. Betty Jo says

    I’m not too good at interpreting dreams so will leave that to someone else. I just read someplace in a comment by you that you didn’t see a doctor about your gluten problem. I’m not going to either as I don’t have any insurance at the moment. I know, that I know, after reading about gluten problems in various blogs that it is “my” problem too and will simply change my eating habits to GF. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog and will come again. 🙂

  3. Betty Jo says

    I had to run right back over. My parents are no longer living but came from a small place called Riddleville, GA. Hardly a dot on the map. They moved to Florida after being married and I was born there. Yep, concerning the GF, I though my problems were just old age setting in! Thanks God that wasn’t a right way of thinking. Thanks for dropping by and please come again. BTW, I meant to say earlier, your 8th grade photo is adorable. Oh, and my camera is a Canon 20D, and I have three lense; Canon 300 telephoto, Sigma Macro, and Canon EFS 17-85 mm. Photography is my first love, well, right after my hubby. 🙂

  4. Linda Sewell says

    I don’t know a whole lot about dreams, but I would say that might be why Mama is so crabby, having to deal with all that dang furniture in her house and the part about Dick getting mad that someone else was going to do what he should be doing as her son, is probably an insight that he should be doing it, but doesn’t even bother to call her or go see her and he has more time off than me or Alan. He also has CRS disease (Can’t Remember Shit) Hmmmmm!

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