Using Technological Innovations To Your Advantage

It’s no secret that the modern world is full of a diverse array of innovation. From computers to smartphones, smart cars to thermostats which are connected to the web via the IoT (Internet of Things)…heck even engineering supplements to improve the ultimate machine, the human brain, it truly is a “brave new world”.

Remaining secure in this brave new world can be accomplished through available upgrades. Consider smart-home technology, as an example. From solar panels to garage doors, internal thermostats, and more, wireless internet technology is making the future a reality.

Did you forget to close the garage? Just pull out your smartphone and swipe your finger across the screen; they’ve got an app for that. Likewise, you can also control the temperature of your home remotely. Turn off maintenance systems while away to save utility costs, then turn them on as you’re coming home so the house is nice and toasty (or refreshingly cool) when you arrive.

The Solar Angle

Today, solar panels are less expensive than they’ve ever been before. In fact, though current estimates put the average cost of solar technology at about seventy cents per Watt, by the end of 2017 that number is supposed to be down to thirty-six cents per Watt.

Just to put that in perspective, a 3.1 kWh solar system currently increases property value as much as $18,000, or more. 3.1 kWh is 3,100 Watts per hour, or 3,100 multiplied by .36, for a total of $1,116. Certainly, by the end of 2017, the value added by making the solar switch probably won’t be so great. Still, right now there’s a sixteen-fold increase on such an investment.

Now, with solar technology, you’re going to need a charge controller, an energy sink (think: car battery), and a power inverter to convert the energy in the sink to regular home use. It’s conceivable that you could properly accommodate a 3.1 kWh system for under three thousand dollars.

So, if you go that route, and refrain from installation, you’re looking at a $5,000-or-less investment that raises the value of your property as much as $18,000. That’s more than threefold.

For the elderly individual looking to maximize profits from selling a home, or to ensure it has the greatest value before it is turned over to other members of the family, going the solar route has financial advantages to recommend it.

Keeping Safe

You’ll likely be able to increase the value of your solar panel system based on the property’s needs. The more solar energy you buy, the greater your property’s value. It becomes sustainable at that point. You don’t need grid power.

But there are aspects of grid living which shouldn’t be entirely avoided; like emergency services. The fact is, there is a high statistical likelihood that eventually you’re going to need some help from the cops, or the fire department, or a local hospital.

One of the best ways to ensure you can be served by all three, and without getting a “life alert” or some other unhandy device, is through a good fire alarm system. It’s more than just a smoke detector.

Many agencies today have noticed there’s a crossover between fire alarm services, and burglar alarm services. Securing your home is the ultimate goal of both, so why not consolidate service offerings?

It’s easy enough to have both installed in one fell swoop; and getting appraisals should be cost-free, as a general rule. According to Alpha Fire Alarm Systems, who offer security camera system installation in NJ, “we can provide you with a free estimate and no-cost risk assessment at your business or home.” Now is the time to use technological innovations to your advantage. What types of technology do you use in your home?

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