The Bathroom Remodel Is Almost Finished

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Just to remind you of what it looked like

Just to remind you of what it looked like “before”.

After three going on 4 years of living in our house, I finally decided I could not take another minute of the ugly that was my bathroom. It had an outdated gold framed shower door, holes in the walls, that hideous wallpaper strip, and grout coming out of the tile floor. So, we hired our handy man to do his magic, and here is what it looks like now:


The “After” Bathroom photo: : LOVE it.

We started out with a paint that didn’t actually work for us. It left streaks, roller marks, and places not covered after three coats of paint in two day. (and yes, my handman has painted for us before, so we know he does a good job. It was the paint.) So, back to the store for a different brand, and a bucket of Kilz to cover the previous paint that didn’t work out. This set us back three days in getting the project done, and add $$ to the total price of the finished project. But, as usual, good things come to those who wait, and the finished (or almost finished) room is so pretty.

The second paint we used turned out great!

The second paint we used turned out great!

We wound up using Glidden Matte Latex paint in Orion Gray and Spirited Yellow. At first I felt like the yellow stripe was too wide, but as time goes on, it looks just about right to me. I decided to use the stripe to add some spark to what would have been otherwise dark room.

The new towel holders from unhinge.

The new towel holders from unhinge.

I had received all the fixtures to use in the bathroom redo from unhinge  back in June. They give the bathroom a more modern look, and absolutely look so much better than the old cheapies we bought to get by with. They sent me two of the towel rings, a towel bar, a toilet paper holder, and a robe hook, all from the Austin Collection. I also received two grab bars to help make our bathroom a little safer for us.

The stencil for the yellow stripe.

The stencil for the yellow stripe.

The next thing I need to do is stencil the yellow stripe. I got this stencil at Joann Fabrics. It’s a bit wider than my stripe, but I think it will work, and be very pretty. I have some white paint, and a stencil brush, so I’m ready to go when I get the time.

Here is the stencil next to the yellow stripe.

Here is the stencil next to the yellow stripe.

So, what do you think of my updated bathroom? Do you like that stencil, or would you have picked something else, like a butterfly or a vine?

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  1. I think it looks fabulous. I would have never thought to paint the border and use it as a stripe. I recently painted my bathroom black with a zebra border and I love it.

    • I decided to paint the border because it would have been so time consuming to remove it. Also, we would have had to do more preparation to the wall before it could be painted, or it would have stuck out and looked horrible. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

  2. Painting the border is brilliant. I love the combination of yellow and gray together!

  3. Such a dramatic difference! I am loving dark colors right now and think it looks great.

  4. OMG this is so exciting, I’ve been enjoying this process. Love the stencil!


  5. What a transformation! I would love to redo our bathroom, but have no idea what I want the finished product to look like yet.

  6. It looks SO much better now. I love it!

  7. What a great update that is! It’s definitely looking much more modern!

  8. It looks really nice! My husband wants to re-do our whole house, but it’s going to take a long time.

  9. It looks beautiful! There is something so fun and invigorating about redoing an area of your home!

  10. I’m into light colors. But the dark looks nice with the yellow.

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