Traveling With Grandkids: Day Trip Ideas


One of the best things about being a grandparent is that you get to take them on all the fun car rides and can leave the boring stuff up to their mom and dad! If you’ve got a road trip planned with the little ones this summer, you might be looking for some tips on where to take them.

In this partnered post, the guys from Passsmart share some fun and family-friendly ideas for taking the grandkids away.

Beach drive

If you live near the coast, a day trip to the beach can be the perfect way to spend some quality time with the grandkids. We all know kids love building sandcastles and paddling in the sea, so they’ll spend all day there if you give them the chance! All you’ll need is some towels, buckets and spades and you’ve got yourself the perfect road trip destination!

Zoo trip

Drive down to a local zoo to visit the animals and enjoy watching the kids be amazed by all the different species! Zoos can be expensive but if you pack your own lunch you’ll be able to cut down on costs. Play some animal related in-car games on the way down there to get them even more excited. In the alphabet game for animals, for example, you start by saying, “I went to the zoo and I saw an anteater”, then the next person has to say, “I went to the zoo and I saw an anteater and a baboon” and so on, until someone forgets the sequence! On the way back you can play it again, but this time with animals which you really did see.

Road trip to the city

If the kids are a little older, you might want to take them on a trip to the city. There’s often so much to see and do in the city that you might struggle to fit it all into one day, but look for museums and local attractions which are usually quite affordable. Of course, your activities will depend on what city you’re visiting, but you can take a look at what’s on in the area online beforehand to plan your itinerary.

You might need to leave the car on the outskirts of the city to avoid traffic jams and high parking rates, but public transport links will usually get you right to where you want to be.

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