Gluten Free Raspberry Trifle

Glutino Yellow Cake Mix

Glutino Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix

I was having company over for dinner today, and I wanted to make a really nice dessert. This one is gluten free, and has reduced sugar content as well. It turned out really pretty, and everyone loved it. I used a Glutino Gluten Free Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix, and Sugar Free Jell-O White Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix, so it was so easy to make you wouldn’t believe it. So, here is the how to:

Gluten Free Raspberry Trifle Recipe

1 box Glutino Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix

1 stick of butter, softened (1/2 cup)

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup milk or water

Follow the directions on the box to make the Glutino Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix. It will make one layer. I baked mine in an 8″ X 8″ baking pan. When the cake is done, remove it from the pan and let it cool completely. 

Glutino Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix

Glutino Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix

2 boxes Jell-O Sugar Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix

4 cups 2% milk

Prepare the pudding mix according to the directions on the box. Cover and refrigerate until ready to assemble the trifle.

2 pints whipping cream

1 tsp vanilla

1/3 cup Splenda

Place a metal or glass mixing bowl in the freezer for five minutes. Take the bowl out of the freezer, and pour in both pints of whipping cream. Add in vanilla and Splenda, and beat on high with a whisk until the whipping cream holds its shape and is about doubled in volume. 

2 pints of fresh raspberries

To assemble the trifle, cube the cake, and place half of it in the bottom of a trifle bowl or large casserole dish. Spread half of the pudding on top of the cake cubes. Layer half of the raspberries on top of the pudding. Spread half of the whipped cream on top of the raspberries. Repeat the layers with the remaining ingredients. Save five or six raspberries to garnish the top. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until dessert time. 

raspberry trifle

Gluten Free Raspberry Trifle

This Gluten Free Raspberry Trifle is a great dessert to serve at a party or family gathering. It is so simple to make, yet looks so pretty and elegant. It tastes delicious, too. 




Wildlife Children’s Dish Sets From Lassig Are So Cute!

I received product from HABA for this review.

Lassig wildlife dish sets for children at Haba

Parker loved his new dishes.

When I received this cutie cute dish set from Lassig distributed by HABA, I really considered for just a minute keeping it for myself. They are that cute! But when Parker came to visit last weekend, I gave it to him, and he really loved them.

Lassig Little Fox dishes from Habausa

Parker eating his lunch on his new Little Fox Dishes from Lassig.

His Mom brought him a lunch from a fast food place in town, so we put his chicken tenders and french fries on his new Little Tree Fox plate for him to eat. The food that he had refused just minutes before was suddenly so delicious! LOL. 

Lunch was served on Lassig Little Fox dishes for children

Lunch was served on Lassig Little Fox dishes for children

Parker liked the Little Fox dishes because they had “dogs” on them. But Mommy and I liked that the cup, plate and bowl had a rubber like pad on the bottom that kept it from moving around on the table. This helped prevent spills, I am sure. 

Lassig Little Fox Chidrens Dishes available at Habausa

The cup, plate and bowl have a non-slip bottom!

These Children’s Dish Sets by Lassig are available at HABA USA, and retail for $28.99. They encourage independence and promote healthy eating. The brightly colored and virtually unbreakable dishes come in a set includes tray with four compartments, bowl, mug, and spoon.  Available in 10 different cheerful designs: Elephant, Turtle, Birdie, Tiger, Giraffe, Rhino, Starlight Magento, Starlight Olive, Fawn and Fox. They are dishwasher safe and suitable for 12 months+. Parker turned 3 years old in January, and he absolutely loved them. Here are a couple of the other designs:

Little Birdie Children's Dish set by Lassig

Little Birdie Children’s Dish set by Lassig


Little Tree Fawn Children’s Dish Set by Lassig.


Flower Power: How Flowers Can Improve Your Mood

Flowers are one of things that make life worth living. A beautiful flower reminds us of the fragility and beauty of life. One minute it is here in all its lush color and prettiness, then soon enough it wilts. But don’t worry: you can just go out and pick some more!

It is well known that green plants and shrubs can improve air quality in your home or workplace, but did you know that flowers have some remarkable stress-busting qualities?

Flowers can improve your mood in the morning

flowers can improve your mood

Photo from ai3310X used under Creative Commons license

Are you a morning person? There are a heck of a lot of people who would answer no to this question, including me. The problem is that for most of us we have to try and feel positive in the morning, whether that’s for work, school, or family commitments. That’s life! Recent research from Harvard has shown that flowers can improve your mood in the morning, increasing energy and positivity. Participants of the behavioral study reported being much happier after looking at flowers in the morning, particularly if they were in the kitchen. These happy feelings tend to be transferred to others around us when we venture out into the world. 

Flowers increase productivity

flowers increase productivity

Photo from KevinGessner used under Creative Commons License


Exposure to flowers in the workplace has been shown to reduce negativity at work and improve memory. A bunch of flowers can also improve creativity. Studies suggest that both men and women working in an office demonstrated more innovative thinking and originality than workers in flower free environments. One of the secrets to productivity is getting a good night’s sleep, and flowers can help with this too. Putting lavender in your pillow is a tried and tested way to improve your zzzzz…..

Flowers can help with anxiety disorders 

flowers can help with anxiety disorders

Photo from PRMF used under Creative Commons license

Having flowers around promotes relaxation and lowers blood pressure, which is the key to dealing with a range of anxiety disorders. Smelling the scent of your favorite flower is an instant way to feel less anxious. Many people recommend taking a good long sniff before an exam or job interview. Watering your flowers also gives you an excuse to take a break from whatever you’re doing, and research suggests regular breaks are vital for mental well being, especially if you lead a very busy life. 

Is your life lacking color? Make room for flowers in your day and you may just see some radical improvements! Why not take a look at some online buyer guides and get your flowers delivered? Then you don’t have to worry about borrowing them from your neighbor’s garden or the local park…



5 Signature Pieces to Make Your Living Room Pop

Interior designer Tony Fornabaio says “The best interiors make your heart pound.” And he’s right. Think about it for a minute. How many times have you walked into a space and thought, wow-? If you’ve stopped in your tracks and admired the design of a space, then some part of you understands what power interior design has over our daily lives.

interior design

Making your living room pop (photo courtesy of

Having a room to call your own gives you the chance to create a space devoted to your personal stylings. As someone who flourishes in environments of color and who becomes impassioned by talk of consumerism, politics and art, Pop Art is your friend. An art movement that took root during the 1950s and ‘60s, Pop Art sought to blur the lines between “high art and low culture.” Artists of the movement made prints, paintings and sculptures of mundane objects and fashionable celebrities. A prime example of this would be Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans or Roy Lichtenstein’s M-Maybe. Instead of depicting a moral tale or historical moment, pop artists took the commonplace and made it into something bigger. They made it art.

Now here’s your chance to turn your living room into a livable work of art outfitted with furnishings that tell your guests exactly what you think. So put on a Lou Reed record and buckle up, you’re going to learn about five pieces that will make your space pop!


The White Box: Your Living Room

We all need a place to sit, to rest our heads and to feel snug. We don’t have to be limited in our choices. Color and texture goes a long way. Every living room comes equipped with the same fixtures: the couch, coffee table, table lamp and chair. The walls are painted white, and all of the furniture frames the TV. Who wants this kind of living room? Roy Lichtenstein said that “Pop Art looks into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself.” If you want to feel like you are living an authentic life, then design your space authentically. Fill it with things that are the physical manifestations of your thoughts.


The Sofa

Pop Art often uses bright, bold colors to help its audience identify the space and theme of the work. Why not do this with our furniture? The Gus Modern Switch Sofa comes complete with reversible seat and back cushions with two select patterns: striped and gridded. The modern-designed sofa lets users mix and match patterns all while warming the living room with its laurentian citrine color.

The Pillow

No sofa is complete without throw pillows. Functional and beautifying, throw pillows let you rest your head in style. To complement the sofa, get throw pillows that are patterned and solid. Houzz suggests mixing and matching prints of opposite colors. This will really make the room come alive.

The Lamp

A funky lamp can really change up a space. The Dioscuri table lamp designed by Artemide is a spherical orb reminiscent of a comic book character’s thought bubble. This minimalist table lamp emits a soft glow, it’s rounded, bright white design adds a stark contrast to the other colors of the room.

The Rug

You want a cushy rug to sink your feet into after a long day. The Sepia rug, designed by Mat-The-Basics features a multi-colored wavy line pattern that looks eerily similar to an abstract painting you would find hanging in your local art museum. With Pop Art having been partly inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement, you’re showing your appreciation for the art world and its politics one furnishing at a time.

The Art

One of the main focuses of Pop Art is its opposition to elitist art, or high art. Pop artists worked to make a piece that called attention to the ironic (re: Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans). Would anyone decorate their space with a soup can? Probably not, but because it’s been made into a painting, now it’s art. Fortunately, you don’t have to own a Warhol or Lichtenstein print to have a piece of Pop Art hanging on the wall. In fact, you can make your own. After you’ve finished, hang it in the living room where it would be most visible. It’s a conversation piece.

It’s your house. Fill it with things that make you happy.


Low Back Pain Clinical Trial Taking Applications Now!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link, I may be paid a commission for sending you to the website. Thank you for your support. 

My husband, Fabgrandpa, has suffered with low back pain for several  years. It seems that with each passing year, the pain in his lower back just gets worse. He has gotten to the point where he has to take medication every day, sometimes several times a day. The pain is making his life miserable. He is not able to do things he used to do, and doesn’t want to go places much, since the pain in his back makes walking difficult. This year, he has added going to a chiropractor every week to his regimen of things to do to help alleviate the pain. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I am going to check out this Low Back Pain Clinical Trial to see if he qualifies. I sure hope he does, and that it will help him get rid of the pain, and be able to resume a more normal life. 

If you are one of those people, who, like my husband, suffer from low back pain, then you really need to check into this Clinical Trial. You can fill out the questionaire at the link and see if you qualify. If you do qualify for the Low Back Pain Clinical Trial, you may receive no cost medication for your low back pain! What do you have to lose, except for that pain?

Low back pain is one of the most common types of pain in adults. Up to 80% of adults in the U.S. will experience back pain at some point in their lives. For some people, low back pain can last for months or years. The pain may not get better even with pain medication. Better treatment options are needed for people who suffer with low back pain. Right now, local doctors are looking for people who have low back pain to participate in local research studies.


Hamilton Beach Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven: The Only Toaster Oven with A Roll-Top Door!

I received an Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven from Hamilton Beach for this review. All opinions are my own. 


Hamilton Beach sent me this Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven in April, but things have been extra crazy around here, and the box just sat there by the front door since it arrived. I have tried to find time to at least open the box so many times! Today, I had company coming for dinner, and I was planning to make a Raspberry Trifle for dessert. I was cooking the meat outside on the grill, and the company was bringing the baked sweet potatoes, slaw and lima beans, so Igot the Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven out of the box, and used it to bake the cake. That way, I didn’t have to light up my big oven, and it wouldn’t be hot in the kitchen when company arrived. 

Easy Reach 4 slice toaster oven

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven With Roll Top Door

When I got the Easy Reach Toaster Oven out of the box, I couldn’t believe I waited so long! This toaster oven is smaller than the one I owned before, so it takes up way less space on my counter top. As a matter of fact, it takes up so much less space that I can now keep my Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer on the counter, too! This is the only toaster oven with a roll top door. Because it rolls up, instead of opening down, food can’t spill on it. Let me repeat that: Food. Can’t. Spill. On. It. Because food can’t spill on it, it is easier to clean up. Oh, AND, the roll top door comes off! You can take the door off, and wash it in the sink (not in the dishwasher). And, since you can take the door off, it is much easier to reach the inside which makes for easier cleaning there, too. 

Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven With Roll Top Door by Hamilton Beach

Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven With Roll Top Door by Hamilton Beach

Even though this oven is small, it is big enough to hold an 8″ X 8″ baking pan, or a 9″pizza. I baked the cake for my Raspberry Trifle in it today.

Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven With Roll Top Door

Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

The only thing I did not like was that it browned unevenly. I had to rotate the pan 180 degrees halfway through the baking time for it to brown fully on the top. 

Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven With Roll Top Door

Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster oven With Roll Top Door

Other than that, the cake was baked evenly done at the end. Although this photo looks like the cake burned a little  on the top, it did not. It was browned beautifully in real life. 

cake for raspberry trifle

Golden brown at the end of baking time.

Just look at how my Raspberry Trifle turned out!

raspberry trifle

Raspberry Trifle

Here are the features of the Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven With Roll Top Door from Hamilton Beach:

  • Unique roll-top door 
  • Easy access to food 
  • Easy access to countertop 
  • Easy to keep clean—food can’t spill on door
  • Fits 4 slices or a 9” pizza
  • Bake, broil and toast functions
  • Removable door for easy cleanup 
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff or optional stay on
  • Includes bake pan and rack with 2 positions
  • Front-access crumb tray slides out for easy cleanup
  • Dimensions (inches): 8.97 H x 16.12 W x 11.93 D

The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach 4 Slice Toaster Oven is available at for $34.99 and at