Tomorrow We Get Our BiPap Machines

Back in November, I wrote about Fabgrandpa and I going for sleep studies.  That started a round of about a hundred doctor visits for us that included me going to a cardiologist. The cardiologist did a gazillion tests, and found nothing wrong with my heart. That is a relief, but it didn’t tell me why my feet and legs swelled up and were so painful. She referred me for a sleep study to check for sleep apnea

sleep study

All wired up for a sleep study for sleep apnea

After I went for the sleep study, I had an appointment with a lung doctor, Dr. Reid. He said my sleep study showed that I stopped breathing 29 times in an hour. That is enough to be labeled as “Severe Sleep Apnea”. The next step was to go back to the sleep center for another sleep study. This time, they put one less wire on me. This test was to determine the settings for my BIPAP machine. I still didn’t feel like I slept at all, but they were able to get the settings and send them to my doctor. Dr. Reid then sent a prescription order to a home health supply place in Carrollton. We finally got the call from them last week that our machines were ready to pick up. We go in the morning to get them. 


BIPAP Machine

In between times of the sleep studies, I also went to my endocrinologist, D. Vavrik. I showed him pictures of my legs and feet, and he said “I don’t do feet and legs, if it happens again, go to your primary care doctor.” Well, then. My A1C was too high, at 8.9. This is not a good trend for me. We talked about my blood sugar numbers when fasting, and how much insulin I was taking. He raised my insulin dosage to 35 units at meals for the short acting Novalin R, and 3o twice a day for the long acting Novalin N. So far, those increased dosages have been keeping my fasting blood sugar under 125, which I can live with for the moment. 

Fabgrandpa has also done the sleep studies, on the same nights as I went. His test results showed that he stopped breathing 66 times in an hour, which is more than once a minute. It made me wonder when he DID breathe. So Dr. Reid has also ordered him a BIPAP machine. I am really hoping that these machine make a difference in our sleeping, and therefore, in the way we feel during the day. Because, I am sleeping all day most days in my chair. I have no energy, no get up and go. If I do something like to to the grocery store, I wind up not being able to do anything for two or three days after. I still have to go and do it, though. 

On Tuesday, I am going to a pain management clinic. I went to my primary care doctor over a year ago, and asked to be referred to a pain management doctor, but none of the ones in our area would accept me as a patient because my pain does not originate in my back. They know how to treat back pain. They don’t, however, know how to treat chronic pain caused by a 12 inch surgical scar and lack of core muscle. My primary care doctor finally found a pain group that would accept me and I am hoping that they can at least prescribe a new pain reliever that will help me feel better. We’ll see. 

So, that is where we stand as far as health issues go. I have no heart disease, no congestive heart failure, no vascular disease. I DO have sleep apnea, chronic pain, and high blood sugar with type 2 diabetes. I hope that the coming year doesn’t bring any more issues for me. I also hope that whatever happens in Washington, D.C. doesn’t effect my health insurance. I have Medicare and a MAPD plan through Humana. It isn’t the best ever, but it is insurance. Have you been for your yearly checkups yet? What do you think is going to happen with the state of healthcare in the United States? Let’s get the discussion going. 

Stay Safe When Driving In Winter Storms

Even if you are the best driver on earth, things can happen that are out of your control. A flat tire, skidding off an icy road, getting stuck in snow drifts. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe when winter storms are forecast. 

stay safe on winter roads

Driving in snow

A Phone Charger 

If you have to travel on icy roads during winter storms, keep an extra phone charger in your car. If you do happen to skid off the road, you will need to be able to let people know where you are. If your phone goes dead, you won’t have to worry about what to do next if you have an extra charger in your glove box. 

A Blanket

If you get stuck on snow covered roads, you’ll need a way to stay warm. Keep a blanket or two in your trunk. You and your children will stay warm under them while you wait for help. 

Snacks and Water

Put a case of water and some of your favorite snacks in your winter travel kit in your trunk. If you are in a cold car, you’ll use energy just staying warm. Things like nuts, pretzels, trail mix, peanut butter and crackers, and dried fruit will satisfy your hunger and give you energy while you wait for help. 


Having a flashlight in your car is only common sense. You can check out the condition of your car or the road, your location, signal for help, or use it to find other things in your car. Be sure to put one in your winter travel kit. 

Toilet Paper, Tissues, or Wipes

I think this item is self explanatory. If you have it in your car and don’t need it, great! If you need and don’t have it, you are really in trouble! Get a roll of toilet paper, a box of tissues, or some wipes in your car right now!

Keep Your Car Clean

While washing your car in freezing temperatures may seem crazy, there are good reasons to keep it washed during winter. Check out this blog post from Reedman Toll Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram about washing your car in winter. 

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5 Tips for Managing Overly Emotive Children

Teaching children to control their emotions is a challenge to many parents. The truth is that most parents are also learning to control their own emotions, especially when kids misbehave. You cannot shield your children from negative emotions but you can teach them how to react and deal with such emotions. If you have an overly emotive child, you can manage him or her in the following ways:

Empathize with Your Child’s Emotions

Empathy helps your overly emotive child understand that he or she is not a bad person for having bad emotions or getting upset. Let your child know that you understand his or her emotions. Children feel safe enough to express their emotions instead of suppressing them when their parents are compassionate. Allowing your children to express their emotions does not mean that you allow bad behavior. It means that you understand that they have limited capacity to control their emotions at their age and make the right choices.

Model Emotional Management

Your child will learn to control his or her emotions by observing your behavior. You cannot throw a tantrum every time your child misbehaves and neither can you respond to his or her yelling with yelling. If your child upsets you, take some moments to calm yourself down before addressing the misconduct. You can walk out of the room and return after a few minutes if your child is old enough.

Prioritize Guided Behavior

Most parents punish their children whenever they act out in anger. Time outs and spanking will not help your overly emotive child control his or her emotions. Your priority should be guiding your child into the right behavior. If you must punish your child, which is necessary for some situations, help them understand that you are punishing them for bad behavior and not bad emotions. Otherwise, your child will suppress emotions to avoid punishment and eventually lash out when he or she can no longer hold the emotions.

Establish a Deep Connection

Children lash out at times when they need attention from their parents. When you soothe your child, he or she will learn to soothe bad emotions. Try reconnecting with your child by spending more time with them if you notice that their emotions are getting out of hand. Show them appreciation and love even when their emotions are upsetting. They will cooperate instead of misbehaving when they feel loved. A nurturing connection works for older children as well.

Get Help

Sometimes the only way to help an overly emotive child is to get medical help. If you have tried everything but nothing seems to work, allow a professional to assist your child. Getting professional help is particularly important for parents who have problems controlling their own emotions. The issues causing unregulated emotions in your child may be beyond your control. A professional counselor or psychiatrist will identify the root causes and give you direction on how to manage your child’s behavior.

Parents have a critical role to play in helping their children accept and manage their emotions. Parents should help their children understand their reaction to their emotions is a choice and guide them in making the right choices. In addition, parents should establish a deep connection and create an atmosphere where children feel safe to express their emotions.

January Is National Soup Month. Stock Your Kitchen For Making Homemade Soups

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January is National Soup Month, and I can certainly understand why. There is nothing better to me than a big pot of soup cooking on the stove, and a pan of cornbread baking in the oven. They make for a delicious combination for feeding the bellies, and the souls, of your family and friends. 

Soups can be simple, such as Split Pea Soup, or complicated, like a Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup. No matter how complicated, you wont go wrong with soup for dinner. You can use a large saucepan for some soups, but for others, you may need a stock pot. I have several pots that I use when making soups. One is a 3.5 quart cast aluminum stockpot from Neoflam. I love it because it is a heavy pan that is so pretty! 


My medium sized soup pot is really a 5.5 qt. stainless steel dutch oven that came with a set of pots and pans that Fabgrandpa and I bought a few years ago. It is stainless steel, and a fairly heavy weight pot. I like the heavier pots because they distribute the heat more evenly to help prevent burns. Trust me, soups DO burn, and it is not pretty when they do. If you don’t already have a dutch oven, here is a pretty good one:

The last soup pot that I have is a 16 qt. stainless steel stock pot. It is a huge pot, but sometimes you need a huge pot. I made gumbo for a dinner party for 20 people using that pot. Again, it is a good, thick stainless steel. 


When your soup is done, you can serve it up right away in pretty bowls or cute mugs, ladle it into a thermos for work or school lunches, or throw it in the freezer for future meals. Oh my gosh, have you ever seen a cute ladle? Serving your home made soup with a dino ladle would make even the pickiest eater pick up his spoon


I have lots of recipes for soups, stews, and chili (which I always include in with soups) recipes, and cook at least one pot a week in Winter. Today I am making my mother’s recipe for home made vegetable soup. I’ll be using the bone from the ham we had for Christmas to add flavor. It is one of my all time favorite soups, and I will be sharing the recipe tomorrow. Do you like soups? What is your favorite soup? 


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