Aurora Holiday Gift Ideas

I received product from Aurora World aurora world plush

Aurora World has been in business since 1981, making some of the cutest plush and gift products on a global basis. Aurora sells an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults. The company sells its product lines via a wide variety of retailers including major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores and top gift chains, as well as hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores and gift/stationary stores worldwide.The company has won many awards in their industry, including Toby Awards, Tillywig Top Fun Awards, and Creative Child Toy of the Year Award in 2015. 

plush toy mermaid

Marianna 10″ Mermaid Plush

  One of the toys I like the best is the is the Marianna 10″ Mermaid Plush. It was just so cute, and my neighbor’s daughter loved it when I gave it to her for her birthday:

Aurora World Plush Mermaid

Gracie and her Mermaid Plush Doll at her birthday party.

Here are some of the many toys that Aurora World makes. There are affiliate links to purchase them from Amazon.


All of these plush toys are so cute, it is hard to pick just one. I love that little wolf! Which one is your favorite?




Schleich Dinosaurs: Great Toys for Kids


I received a set of these cute dinosaurs from Schleich. They are made of durable hard plastic, so they are almost indestructable. I am sure my grandson is going to love playing with them. Schleich Toy animals are so fun!

Schleich toys

The Schleich Dinosaur Set comes with a puzzle.

Schleich has a big variety of animal toys, not just dinosaurs. Their farm animals look a lot like the ones I remember playing with when I was a little girl. The cows, horses, ducks, sheep and other animals are so realistic looking, and so fun to play with. 


So cute! Chicks

So cute! Chicks





A Dairy Cow

A Dairy Cow


A cute baby lamb.

A cute baby lamb.

Get a whole Farm Set for hours of play time! 

Which Schleich Toy Animals are your favorites?

Butterball® Turkey Talk Line® Now Has Texting!

With the big turkey day just a few days away, many Thanksgiving cooks are wondering just how to get that turkey from the freezer to the table, without messing up. The turkey experts at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line are here to help, just in time! And while you can still call them on the phone and talk turkey, you can also send them a text this year. I think it is a FABULOUS idea, because if you just talk to someone and take notes, you might leave out or forget something really important. But, if you have a texted reply, you have the information right in your phone, in the kitchen, right where you need it. The number to call or text is 844-877-3456. 

I interviewed Butterball Master Chef, Anthony Seta the other day about the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. Watch the video to see what he has to say! 

Master Chef Anthony (Tony) Seta is one of only 65 of the certified Master Chefs by the American Culinary Federation. The title is the highest level of certification a chef can receive.

Master Chef Tony graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in culinary arts. Chef Tony gained a strong foundation in culinary sales from his experiences as Chef Instructor & Director of Continuing Education at the Culinary Institute of America, heading R&D departments for large restaurant chains, and as a consultant for prominent food manufacturers. He is well known throughout the foodservice industry and has a lot of love for turkey.

Master Chef Tony has 25 years of experience in successfully developing creative and signature turkey items for restaurant chains and food manufacturers. He applies his expert knowledge of ethnic cuisines and current culinary trends to recipe and formula development with a primary focus on flavor. A culinary pioneer, he is especially known for reinventing old favorites like tasty barbecue sauces and other signature dishes. In fact, Chef Tony’s big ideas have been behind many of the restaurant franchises nationwide such as Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Olive Garden Italian Restaurants and Perkins restaurants, as well as many other quick serve, family and casual dining restaurants.

With one in 4 first time cooks saying they’d text the Butterball®Turkey Talk-Line® for cooking help, it only makes sense that Talk-Line experts will expand their support by offering for the first time the ability to text your cooking questions.  The Talk-Line experts are making themselves available 24/7 the week before Thanksgiving.

What would you ask the Butterball Turkey Talk Line? Will you be calling them at 

Slimsation Dark Indigo Pants For Women: Comfort and Style From Day to Night!

I received product in exchange for this post.
slimsation dark indigo pants

When I put on these dark indigo pants by Slimsation, I feel pretty. I used to wear jeans every day. Those jeans were just regular denim jeans, and most often when I put them on, I was getting ready to go to work outside. They were just another pair of pants. These Dark Indigo Pants by Slimsation are different. They are a step above a regular pair of jeans. They look good just lying on the bed, waiting to be put on. I love the feel of the fabric, so smooth and soft to the touch. I also love that they never seem to wrinkle or sag, and they hold the crease in the legs all day long, without ever having to iron them. 

Slimsation pants

Dark Indigo Pants by Slimsation

(I wish I could wear those red shoes!) See how nice the Slimsation Dark Indigo Pants look in this photo from their website? They look just as nice on me:


Here I am wearing my Dark Indigo Pants from Slimsation

The Dark Indigo Pants from Slimsation come in women’s sizes up to 24W, and have a contoured waistband for tummy control. The four season, wrinkle resistant stretch fabric is a rayon, spandex, nylon blend that feels so soft! Sleek and chic – this feminine silhouette features a full, relaxed leg fit. You can make any woman on your shopping list happy with a gift of these attractive pants. You can purchase these on the Slimsation website for $73.00; buy them on, or find a store near you using their locator

New Family Games From Gigamic

I received product from Gigamic in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links in this post.
logoIf your family loves to play games, Gigamic has the games for you! Gigamic has games brain games for every member of the family. They have been in business in France since 1991, when they published Quarto. Gigamic now has 3o games in their line-up, and sells their games in more than 50 countries worldwide. The rules of the games are translated into 30 different languages!

The signatures of a Gigamic product are a short explanation and fast playing time, designed for the needs of today’s time-sensitive and budget-conscious working families while providing an engaging and entertaining challenge.

I received two games from Gigamic, Gloobz and El Capitan. I sent the El Capitan game to my autistic grandson in England, because it is a memory game with a pirate theme to it. He was born on Talk Like a Pirate Day, and has always loved anything that has to do with Pirates.

gigamic games

El Capitan Game from Gigamic

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of him with the game, but I know that he loves it. To play El Capitan, you memorize your cards. After the players have memorized their cards, one player flips a card. Each player then tries to be the first to place a matching card from his memorized cards on the one that was flipped. The Pirate with the most money at the end of the game wins. El Capitan is fast paced, and is good a learning tool for memorization. El Capitan is recommended for players age 6 and up, and from 2 to 6 can play at one time. Recommended for memory, reactivity, and ambiance.

To buy El Capitan, click here.

The second game I received was Gloobz. This is a fun and fast paced game, too. The game contains a deck of 56 Gloobz cards, 3 white Gloobz figurines, 3 paint pot figurines, 1 multicolored MegaGloobz figurine, and 6 score tracker cards. 

gigamic games

Cotents of the Gloobz game

To set up the game you put all the figurines in a circle big enough to contain the deck of cards, and a discard pile. The number of points needed to win the game depends on the number of players. If you have 2 o 3 players, the first person to get to a score of 36 wins. For 4 or 5 players, the first person to get to 24 points wins, and for 6 players, the first person to get to 18 points wins. 

gigamic games

Playing is fast paced in Gloobz

To play, the youngest player pulls a card from the deck and turns it over. Each player then tries to pick up the correct figurines according to what is shown on the card. For each correct figurine picked up, you score one point. For each incorrect figurine picked up, you lose one point. It is a really fun game to play, especially when you have everyone grabbing for the same figurines! Gloobz is recommended for ages 6 and over. From 2 to 6 players can play at one time. The average games takes about 20 minutes to play. 

One player calls out “More Gloobz” or “Less Gloobz” before flipping a card. Players scramble to grab the correct pieces in order to score points. When the MegaGloobz or Magnifying Glass appear, the rules change!

To buy Gloobz, click here.

WIN IT! One winner will win their choice of El Capitan or Gloobz from Gigamic Games. Use the Giveaway Tools entry form to enter. Good Luck!

LuLaRoe: Comfort And Style For Any Size plus A Giveaway!

When you find a clothing line you can love because it makes you feel good to wear it, you have to tell everyone you know about it. That is how I feel about LulaRoe.  Back before I had my surgery in 2o12, I was a blue jeans wearing gal. I wore them all the time. Post surgery, I am not able to wear regular jeans, or any type of pants that are close fitted or that have a zipper closure.  It is just too uncomfortable for me. When I found LuLaRoe Teresa Hall, and discovered that I could wear their buttery soft leggings,  was just so happy.  Now I have so many choices of things to wear that I never miss my jeans at all. Just look. (Try not to pay attention to the big fat grandma, just the clothing.) 

This is me and my daughter, Emily, wearing Classic Tees from LuLaRoe. They come in sizes XXS thru 3XL, in a wide range of prints and solids. The prints change constantly, so if you see one you love in your size, you better grab it right then!

My daughter Emily and me, wearing Classic Tees from LuLaRoe

My daughter Emily and me, wearing Classic Tees from LuLaRoe

This outfit I am wearing is a red Classic Tee, A gray and black striped Cassie Skirt, and Tall & Curvy black leggings. 

Classic Tee, Cassie Skirt, TC Leggings

Classic Tee, Cassie Skirt, TC Leggings

I love to wear the LuLaRoe  Maxi Skirts in winter. They are so so comfortable, and keep my legs warm.

lularoe maxi skirt 3X

LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt 3X

I received a pair of stretch jeans for a review. The outfit is completed with a Classic Tee size 3X.

LuLaRoe Classic Tee

Another Classic Tee with stretch jeans.

As if you couldn’t tell, I love the Classic Tee from LulaRoe! It is just so comfortable, and covers my behind.

lularoe classic tee

Yet another Classic Tee with the stretch jeans.

I like that you can mix and match patterns with LuLaRoe fashions. Here I am wearing a Perfect Tee size 2X and an Azure Skirt size 2X. The Perfect Tee runs a bit big so you can size down if you wish. 

Lularoe Azure skirt

Perfect Tee size 2X and Azure Skirt size 2X

I’ve added a Lindsey Kimono in size L here. The Lindsey is just right for cool fall evenings. This color will work well with many of the pieces I already have too.

LuLaroe kimono

I’ve added a size L Lindsey Kimono to my outfit here.

I switched up my top to a red Classic Tee with the same Azure Skirt for a completely different look. 

lularoe azure skirt

I switched up my top to a red Classic Tee with the same Azure skirt.

Now I changed the bottom to a different Azure Skirt for a completely different look. I love how I can mix up the pieces I already own with new items I buy. 


And now I changed the bottom to a different Azure Skirt. New look, same pieces.

My new Carly Dress, size 3X. This is my new favorite piece. I wear it all the time. I am going to have get a couple more of them so I can switch out. This dress can be casual with sneakers, or dress it up with flats or heels, and a nice necklace. 

lularoe carly

My Carly Dress, size 3X

Grandma’s can so wear leggings. I have paired an orange Classic Tee size 3X with my favorite pair of Tall and Curvy Leggings. Every single time I wear this outfit, women stop me and tell me they love my “pants”. Every time!

lularoe leggings

Classic Tee and Tall and Curvy Leggings.

One last photo, just so you can see how much I love LulaRoe:


I love my LuLaRoe!

I want to thank my granddaughter, Sarah, for taking these photos for me. She is such a sweetheart!

You can buy LuLaRoe from a consultant. My consultant is Teresa Poor Hall. She has a VIP Group on Facebook and has pop up sales several times a week, either on her own site, or in multi-consultant groups. It is so easy to make a purchase. Just claim the piece you want, and then fill out a form giving her your email address. Teresa will then send you an invoice. Pay the invoice, and wait for your pretties to arrive in the mail. That’s it!


One lucky reader of can be the winner of a $25 LuLaCash Gift Certificate, which you can spend in Teresa’s online Facebook store. Use the Giveaway Tools form to enter.