April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Close to 43,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. It will cause over 8,000 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 43,250 newly diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in 5 years.

In case you didn’t know, April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Fabgrandpa is an Oral Cancer Survivor, since 2001. The treatment for this awful disease is surgery, radition, and or chemotherapy. Fabgrandpa had the surgery, and then 37 radiation treatments in 2001. Luckily he did not have to go through chemo. Not every patient with Oral Cancer is as  lucky as my husband is. Some of them die, some of them have disfiguring scars, and others lose the ability to eat using their mouth, and have to be fed through a tube for the rest of their lives.

The key to preventing a death, disfigurement, and a feeding tube is early detection of Oral Cancer. One of the easiest ways to find Oral Cancer is to just look in your mouth and nose. Ask your dentist to do a routine check for Oral Cancer when you go for your regular checkups.

Great Expressions Dental Centers in the Atlanta area will be offering free oral cancer screenings to the public throughout the entire month of April – Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Call them today to make an appointment for your free exam.

Here are ways to help prevent Oral Cancer:

  • Avoid smoking and any type of tobacco product. According to the National Cancer Institute, tobacco use is the leading cause of oral cancer. Tobacco includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and chewing tobacco. Not only can use of these products cause oral cancer in the mouth but also parts of the throat.
  • Limit alcohol use. Using alcohol is a large risk factor for oral cancer. The more alcoholic drinks consumed daily, the higher the risk of oral cancer. The risk is about twice as high in people who have three to four alcoholic drinks per day compared to those who don’t drink alcohol, according to the National Cancer Institute
  • Sun exposure. Repeated exposure to sunlight may increase the risk of lip cancer, which most often occurs on the lower lip. Applying chapstick with sunscreen everyday will help prevent sun damage and cancer.
  • Regular dentist visits and self-examinations. Scheduling your six month exams is a great way to keep a healthy mouth. The dentist is the first line of defense in identifying dental health problems that may be associated with oral cancer, so it’s important to meet with them regularly and ask for an oral cancer screening. In addition, be sure to take a few minutes each month for a self-exam to see if you can see or feel anything suspicious including lumps; bumps; tender areas; and any white, red or grey patches. If these symptoms are found, contact your dentist immediately.
  • Brushing and flossing daily. Brushing twice a day with a fluoride based toothpaste is critical in removing bacteria that causes cavities, gingivitis and bad breath. Flossing sometimes is easily forgotten, however, if you don’t floss, you will miss cleaning 35 percent of your tooth surfaces. Flossing in the evening will remove bacteria that like to feed on food particles throughout the day and prevent bad breath.
  • Spotting early and advanced indicators. Early indicators of oral cancer include: red or white discolorations of the soft tissues of the mouth, any sore that does not heal within 14 days and hoarseness which lasts for a prolonged period of time. Advanced indicators of oral cancer include: a sensation that something is stuck in your throat, numbness in the oral region, difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue, difficulty in swallowing, ear pain in one side only, or a lump that develops in the mouth or on the neck.

    The giveaway package--you'll get all of this!

    The giveaway package–you’ll get all of this!

To get more information about Oral Cancer, its symptoms, and treatments options, check out the Oral Cancer Foundation website.

In help you get a good start on oral health, GEDC is sponsoring a giveaway of a great package of dental products. One winner will receive a package containing a Great Expressions Dental Centers tote bag; a Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush; a Phillips Sonicare Air Floss; a travel bag with toothpaste, a toothbrush, a toothbrush holder, and floss; a Zoom Tooth Whitening Pen, a water bottle, and a lip balm.

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Invite Julius Jr. and The Power Rangers To Your Next Party

I received product for this post from Saban Brands

One way to have a unique theme for your next party is use the Power Rangers video invitation. The video below shows you how to make your own invitations. It’s easy, but you’ll just have to trust me on that because I did not make a video of my own. Besides, don’t you want to see your own video inviting your friends ?

Whether you are having a birthday party, a pizza party, an engagement party or any of many other types of parties, you can use the video invitation to start the excitement as soon as your guests receive their invitation.

You can get some of these great Julius Jr. Water Bottles, and decorate with your own drawing or with one of the printables you can download. See the links below to your activity sheets. here, and here and here.


Fabgrandpa love this water bottle. It fits the cup holder on his lawn tractor! He is waiting for Parker or Spencer to come over and color the sheet to put inside it for him.

I’m going to be mailing the other two water bottles to Amelia and Owen, so they can customize their own, and use some of the stickers we got in the box, too.

If you’re having a play date or crafting party, here are some kids activity sheets for you to download and print off, so you will have enough for each child to use.

Julius Jr. Activity Sheet 1

Julius Jr. Activity Sheet 2

Julius Jr. Activity Sheet 3

Julius Jr. Activity Sheet 4

What kind of party are you going to have? Are you going to make a video invitation?


Easter Sunday

My new Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

My new Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

To get ready to go to my Mama’s for Easter Sunday dinner, I got out my new Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer to make up a Coconut Cake. I decided to use 7 Minute Frosting on it. and was quite happy to discover that the metal mixing bowl that came with it doubled as a double boiler! How handy is that.

Although the gluten free cake was rather heavy,  I think the cake still tasted good. At least it was pretty:

2 Layer Gluten Free Coconut Cake

2 Layer Gluten Free Coconut Cake

I also made my yummy, yummy not good for you unhealthy but gluten free Banana Split Cake. It was a hit at the dessert table as usual.

I thought I got pictures of everyone who was there, but I didn’t. I missed a couple of people. Here are the ones I got:

Mama with her great grandson, Brayden.

Mama with her great grandson, Brayden.

Fabgrandpa, my niece Stefanie, and her husband, Adam.

Fabgrandpa, my niece Stefanie, and her husband, Adam.

My nephew, Corey, his wife Samantha, and their son, Brayden

My nephew, Corey, his wife Samantha, and their son, Brayden

My nephew, Cameron's brand new fiance' Tessa

My nephew, Cameron’s brand new fiance’ Tessa

I missed getting pics of my brother Richard and his wife, Donna; Cameron and his son Joshua, and Tessa’s daughter, Gracie; and nephew Cole and his girlfriend, Kelsy. Maybe next time I see them I will come away with photos of them.

What did you do to celebrate Easter?


1ST Annual Loomy Awards

loom boom

Do your kids make the rubber band bracelets that are so popular right now? If so, they can enter the 1ST Annual Loomy Awards, and win prizes for their artistic efforts. To find out more and enter the contest, just hop on over to the Loom Boom Facebook page, and like them. Then, look for the Loomy Awards Button. You’ll find all the information there for entering the contest.

The Loom Boom

The Loom Boom

So what is the Loom Boom? It is the very creative invention of Jake, a kid who loves to make the bracelets. He wanted something he could use to transport his many bracelets and the rubber bands he makes them with. His idea became the Loom Boom. Here are some quick facts about the Loom Boom:

  • Organize, display, transport and share your loom creations

  • Features bright colored tubes that can hold up to 40 bracelets

  • The tube is detachable from the base, giving you easy access to bracelets at the bottom

  • The base contains extra storage compartments for loom bands, charms, clips, and other spare parts

  • Available in a variety of color combinations

  • Can be purchased nationwide for $9.99 at Michael’s and Learning Express

The contest ends in 40 days from today, so go on over and get your bracelets entered, and get your friends and family to vote for it. Good Luck!

If you would like to win a Loom Boom for yourself, or to give as a gift to someone else, just enter using the Giveaway Tools form below:

V-Tech CareLine: Home Telephone Safety System For Seniors + Giveaway

V-Tech Home Safety Telephone System

V-Tech Home Safety Telephone System

Do you have an elderly mother or father living alone? Do they have a home safety system of some sort to keep them connected in case of an emergency? I worry a lot about my mother, who lives alone and is 86 years old. She doesn’t move as quickly as she used to, and has to use a walker to get around. Sometimes she can’t get to the telephone in time to answer it before the caller hangs up. With this V-Tech Home Careline Home Telephone Safety System, she would be able to carry the pendant in her pocket whenever she is away from the living room.

The Home Careline Home Telephone Safety System consists of one corded telephone, a wireless handset, and a wireless pendant. It is excellent for everyday communication with friends and family. With three devices, you have a variety of options on ways to communicate even in an emergency. And, with the pendant device, there are no monitoring fees, so you have control over your costs, too.

The portable safety pendant can be programed with any telephone number, so that you can be in direct contact with the emergency contact of your choice, whether it is the number for the EMT or your daughter, son, or a friend.  The entire system has big buttons and large displays, and speakerphones, making them ideal for use by seniors who have poor vision or hearing. The Voice Announce Caller ID tells you who is calling even if you can’t see the phone when it rings! I wish MY phone did that.

Buy It: The V-Tech CareLine Home Safety Telephone System with Safety Pendant SN6197 is available online for $119.

Win It: One Fabgrandma reader will win a V-Tech CareLine Home Safety Telephone System with Safety Pendant SN6197. To enter, use the Giveaway Tools form below:

18 Easter Recipes To Get Your Holiday Meal Started

If you are like me, you procrastinate to the very last minute when it comes to planning The Big Meal for a holiday. I always mean to have a plan at least two weeks ahead of time, but it just never happens. So, to help all you who are like me, here is my list of 18 easy Easter Recipes to get  you started.

easter recipe roundup collage

One of the things I love about Easter is the good food served at the celebration. My mother always had lots of desserts, and I try to have at least two when I make a holiday meal. I especially love this gluten free lemon cake:

Gluten Free Lemon Cloud Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Lemon Cloud Cake

Gluten Free Lemon Cloud Cake

1 box of your favorite gluten free yellow cake mix (I used Betty Crocker but any gluten free yellow cake mix will do.

2/3 cup lemon juice

3 eggs

1 stick of butter or margarine

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon lemon extract

1/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup gluten free flour (any kind you have on hand)

1 16 oz jar of Lemon Curd or make your own

1 pint heavy cream

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/4 cup sugar

Make the cake according to directions on the back of the box, except substitute the 1/3 cup lemon juice for part of the water, and add 1/4 cup sugar. Spray two 8″ or 9″ cake pans with olive oil spray, then coat the pans with gluten free flour. Divide the cake batter evenly between the two pans. Bake in a 350° oven for 25-35 minutes. Let the cake layers cool completely.

Pour the heavy cream into a large mixing bowl. Add the vanilla and sugar. Beat on high speed with an electric mixer until the cream is thickened.

Place one cake layer on a cake plate, top down. Spread 1/2 of the lemon curd on the layer, then spread half of the whipped cream over the lemon curd. Place the second layer top up on top on the first layer. Spread with the rest of the lemon curd and whipped cream. Refrigerate until serving.

Here are some more yumalicious Easter recipes from my friends around the internetz including appetizers, entrees, sides, and more desserts:

Click on the photo captions to visit the website and get the recipe:



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