SodaStream Petition To Add The Cannonball and The Belly Flop to the Olympic Diving Lineup

This post is sponsored by SodaStream. 

This is such a fun petition that I wanted to share it with you all! 


SodaStream, the world’s No. 1 sparkling water brand and the self-proclaimed “Official Sponsor of Bubbles,” announced today its petition that asks the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to add “The Bellyflop” and “The Cannonball” to the Rio 2016 diving lineup with what is certainly last minute timing.

SodaStream’s petition seeks the official addition of these dive events—to add underrepresented “bubble-centric” sports to the Games. Ignoring the usual process required for adopting new sports (this year’s new sports include kitesurfing and golf and were announced by the IOC, like, ages ago), SodaStream is proposing The Belly Flop and The Cannonball only days before the Rio 2016 Summer Games begin. According to SodaStream, signatures are needed immediately to make the Olympics “tons more bubbly.”

“Diving in the Summer Games is super hard. Some of those divers have been training for years. They use these really high diving boards, and yet they make as few bubbles as possible!” marveled an astonished Emma Froelich-Shea, VP of Marketing for SodaStream USA. “At SodaStream, we try to put as many bubbles in the water as we can, and we make bubbles easy for everyone. Why shouldn’t Olympic diving be as easy as turning plain water into sparkling water with SodaStream? Plus, we’ve got a guy in our finance department who could totally take the Gold in Cannonball.”

People who want to support The Cannonball and The Bellyflop should go to the SodaStream petition, where they can make their voices heard while they’re automatically entered to win one of five SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundles in a random drawing. The SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundle includes a SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker and Sparkling Drink Mixes in Orange Mango and Berry Mix flavors. The Rio Bubble Bundle has a retail value of $112.99.

rio bunde


Acknowledging that “our guy in Finance” does not an Olympic team make, SodaStream is holding its own virtual team trials via social media. Hopeful contestants need only upload a photo or video of their best Cannonball and/or Bellyflop to the SodaStreamUSA Facebook page for a chance to win the Gold Medal prize of $2,016 for each category.SodaStream’s expert judges will choose one Gold Medalist in the Cannonball category and one in the Bellyflop category based on “panache, bubbles and splash.” Videos or photos must be posted before midnight Pacific on August 21, 2016, the last day of the 2016 Summer Games.

Like the petition signers, Cannonballers and Bellyfloppers over 18 will also be entered into a drawing to win one of the five SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundles. Entrants who take all three actions—signing the petition and uploading both a Cannonball and a Bellyflop—triple their chances of winning in the random drawing.

“At SodaStream, our job is to put more life into everyone’s water and more water into everyone’s life,” summarized Froelich-Shea. “We’re sure this campaign will help the IOC see the bubbly light. Also, what’s with those tiny towels they give their divers to use? We’ve got these huge beach towels that are way better.”

The SodaStream Rio Bubble Bundle (without the towel, that is) is also available at

Pictures and videos submitted to the SodastreamUSA Facebook page are considered SodaStream property and are subject to SodaStream USA’s social media terms and conditions. Videos that appear unsafe or encourage unsafe behavior from others will be deleted, and those entrants will be excluded from the random drawing and grand prize competition.

 About SodaStream

SodaStream is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Sparkling Water Makers, which enable consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavored sparkling water in seconds. By making ordinary water more exciting and fun to drink, SodaStream helps consumers drink more water. Sparkling Water Makers offer a highly differentiated and innovative solution to consumers of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks. The products promote health and wellness, are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and are customizable and fun to use. Products are available at more than 70,000 retail stores across 45 countries. To learn more about how SodaStream makes water exciting and follow SodaStream on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, visit



A Wall Mural Adds Big Style To Any Room

This post is brought to you by Pixers Wall Murals

When Fabgrandpa and I moved into our house four years ago, our budget was very tight. We had been through a short season for us as far as work was concerned, and our savings was almost non-existent due to my prolonged stay in the hospital. So, once we bought furniture and the basics that we needed there was not much left for decor type things. Most of the things we hung on the walls were handmade, or “framed” with fabric. I loved those things so much when they were put up but over the years, the love has worn off. It is time to redo some areas of the house–freshen them up and bring them into 2016. 

pixer wall murals

Just imagine having this moon and ocean mural in your bedroom!

The bathroom is one of the areas I need to still do something with. I did get it painted, and had new fixtures installed. We took out that ugly shower door, and replaced it with a new, modern looking shower curtain rod, and a funky shower curtain in yellow, gray, and white. But, there are still no pictures on the wall, or other items that would give it a finished look. 

One of the things I have been thinking about for the bathroom is a wall mural. It would make a big impact with one piece of art, and tie everything together in there. A mural can convey warmth or whimsy; elegance or casual atmosphere; a back to nature look, or exciting architecture. One that I found is the Herbal Soap, which would fit great in a bathroom, and would convey my love of nature.

pixer wall mural

Herbs and bar soap mural for the bathroom.

You can order your mural in the size you need, to a maximum of 172.4″ X 115″. That’s huge, but I am sure that some rooms in other houses are big enough to carry it off. Once you decide on the mural you want, and the size you want, then you can decide if you want to add effects, such as black and white, or sepia. You can truly make your mural “yours” before ordering. 

The hardest part of buying one of these murals I’m sure will be deciding on which one. With hundreds from which to choose, for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, any room in your house. You can also chose from PixerStix, Vinyl, or Premium Vinyl materials; posters, prints, and more. You can even buy a gift card for someone you know who would like to have a mural! 


Be Smart When Shopping for Sewing Supplies

sewing supplies collage

Stores that sell fabrics and other sewing supplies are constantly trying to attract your business. This is good for you as a consumer. The fact that there is so much competition in this industry means that the prices will be very competitive. However, you still need to be cautious as you are shopping for your sewing supplies. Do not buy all of your supplies from the first store that you come across. That would be a mistake that could potentially cause you to pay much more money than you need to. You should spend some time carefully investigating the various stores that sell all of the items that you are interested in. Here are some tips that you can use when you need to buy some sewing supplies.

1. Find a store that offers frequent discounts.

There are sewing supply stores that frequently discount many of the items they have in stock. They might do this to clear out some of their older inventory. They also frequently mark down items as a way of attracting new customers to their store. Whatever the case may be, you need to make a point of finding out which sewing supply stores discount their inventory more than their competitors. Then you will need to check back with that store frequently to see if they have marked down any items that you need. You need to stay on top of things because the best items are sure to sell out shortly after they are discounted.

2. Search online to learn about the newest products.

Online articles are written by professionals and regular people on a wide variety of topics. The sewing supply industry is no exception. One of the best and easiest ways for you to get the most current info regarding the latest products that are related to sewing is to frequently read online articles. There are some outstanding sewing sites that have been around for a very long time. They have many knowledgeable contributors who are constantly writing posts about new and exciting products in the sewing industry. Suppliers like Paccana are constantly adding new items to their inventory. It is always helpful to stay updated about what these new items are. However, these sewing sites tend to vary greatly in terms of their quality. You need to find out which ones are the most popular. You should also make sure that you only read articles on sites that are updated regularly.

3. Talk to people who are knowledgeable about sewing supplies.

You might think that you know a lot about which sewing supplies are the best. However, there will always be someone out there who knows more than you or me. This is why we need to seek out these people in order to learn as much as we can. There is no shame in seeking guidance from people who have been buying sewing supplies and fabrics for longer than you have. Go to companies that need to purchase sewing supplies on a regular basis. Find out what their criteria is for the materials they purchase. Why do they choose certain brands over others? What type of results should you expect if you buy products made by a specific company? Get their reviews of as many different sewing supply companies as you can. The more research you do, the more money you can save on sewing supplies. 


Make Your Next Party A Candy Buffet With Celebration by Frey

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Celebration by Frey. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

Summer is always a fun time for a party. There are just so many things to celebrate, from birthdays, to 4th of July, to just being together as a family. The next time your family gets together, make the party memorable with a candy buffet. It’s so easy to do with Celebration by Frey.  

Celebration Frey Candy

A summer party is more fun with a candy buffet.

First, decide what will be the “base” of your buffet. Will it be cookies, to decorate with Sixlets and Crumbles? Or is it going to be ice cream sundaes with Sixlet sprinkles, Bubblegum balls, and Google Eyes? I decided to make a batch of Chocolate Devil’s Food Gluten Free Cupcakes, and let my guests decorate with their choice of frosting, whipped cream, and candies from the beautiful candy buffet, using an assortment of candies from Celebration by Frey. These candies are so versatile, you will keep going back to them time after time. 

Celebration Frey Candies

Celebration Frey Candies make great cupcake toppings.

Celebration by Frey candies can be found at major retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Party City and Michael’s. Celebration by Frey candies are  available in many different colors and formats including Gumballs, Sixlets, Pearls and Candy Crumble. They also have achieved a beautiful Shimmer finish on their products that sets them apart from the competition. Using Celebration by Frey products is the perfect way to enhance any party.

Celebration Frey Candies come in so many colors!

Celebration Frey Candies come in so many colors!

Great news! One lucky reader of will win a $50 prize pack of asssorted candies from Celebration by Frey! There is one mandatory entry: Visit the Celebration by Frey website and then leave a comment on this post. The giveaway is open to entrants who are 18+ in the US. Good luck! I hope you win! OH, don’t forget to scroll all the way down, to find the linky where you will have 24 more chances to win at 24 other blogs! 


An Electric Roaster Will Modernize Your Kitchen

We are living in the age of technology and computers, with computer chips and electric gadgets being incorporated into everything and anything.  It is no wonder that modern kitchens are equipped with high-tech accessories. With traditional pots and pans making use of gas flame and ovens, the trend is leaning these days more on electric cooking appliances. Let’s take a look at the features and specifications of good electric cookware.

You can find many different styles of electric roaster or cookware, and electric stoves on the market. Of course, all electric cookers do not display pre-programmed functions, but you can get some good features that you are not only helpful, but that you really want. Here are some of the electric cookware appliance  models available on the market today:

  • Indoor grills
  • Electric skillets
  • Multi cooker and steamer
  • Non-stick electric griddle
  • Non-stick oven roaster
  • Slow cooker
  • Electric kettle
  • Non-stick electric wok
  • Electric pressure cooker with programmable features

The purpose of the electric cooker is to make your cooking more enjoyable and pleasant for everyone who loves to cook, or beginners who are not kitchen savvy. You may be tempted to get all of these electric cookers, but before buying it, you should think about which ones you really need. Think about the things you cook all the time, and which of these appliances would be most helpful in your kitchen.

For example, if you would like sautéed food, you should have a non-stick electric fry pan or wok at home. How many people will you cook for? If you are cooking for one only, you should buy a small size cooker to fit the size of your dishes. An electric cooker can ignite your creativity in the kitchen, and serve as inspiration for creating exciting meals. There are so many different types of cookers on the market but you can check online catalogues on different websites. It is better to do some research on it t and pick the one that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Once you have made your purchase of an electric cooking appliance, make sure that you keep it in a safe place. When it is in use you should keep it on on a level countertop, where it can’t be accidently knocked off, or have the cord pulled on by your children or pets.  Although small kitchen electrics are safe to use on the kitchen counter, they do become very hot when in use and can cause burns or other injury.  

Before using your new electric cookware, you should read all the instructions given in the manual carefully. Sometimes, there are special instructions for first time use that need to be followed.  Read the manufacturer guide carefully and follow different recommendations until you are confident that you know how to use it. If there are any accessories included with your electric cookware, store them in a location so that you can easily find them if you are planning to use that appliance. Last but not least, make sure that you are enjoying cooking with your new electric cooker.


Quick Living Room Redecoration Ideas You Can Do now

The living room is one of the most used places in the house. It’s where we go for recreation; when meeting friends for a drink; when inviting someone over, etc. It reflects our changing tastes and our lifestyle. If yours is looking a bit drab or outdated, and you are wondering how to spice things up a bit, it might surprise you that a little change like removing some items, adding a touch of flowers, or even swapping out a sofa will make your living room come alive while personalizing it to your taste. Here are some more small updates you can apply right now.

Family in living room

Family in living room

Change up accent pillows.

Chairs and sofas are big, expensive items. They can also be the reason why living rooms get dated pretty fast. However, by changing up your accent pillows you can make a big difference in the room’s feel. From the color scheme to the overall look of your chair and sofa, you can change from reds/orange to grays/blue, from mod to floral. People may start asking if you got a new sofa!

Pare down furniture and knick knacks.

Start by de-cluttering. Remove things like that old shelf filled with books, movies, or CD’s you’re no longer using. Get rid of that coffee table that takes a lot of floor space. Make an inventory of everything in your living room and ask yourself if it’s something that needs to be in the room, if it truly works in the space, or if it’s something you actually use. If not, do away with it. Donate it, or have a yard sale! Creating a breathing space is often the best change you can do, especially in a small room.

Customize the lighting.

Lighting makes a lot of difference when changing a room’s theme. Select a new lampshade color that suits the look you want. Switch out a drab, tired lampshade for a more modern, patterned or boldly colored shade that can instantly update the look of your living room. We love the living room because it’s a place we can relax, which means no harsh lighting. Daytime lighting should be as natural as possible, so try increasing natural light by removing an obstacle that is blocking the light. This includes heavy window treatments, furniture in front of windows, or the draperies. In the evenings, the lighting should only be soft and warm. Lighting can be vastly improved by using lower watt bulbs, changing the lamps, or by installing a dimmer switch.

Add nature’s power.

Add a touch of mother nature in the form of indoor plants, terrariums, herb pots, or fresh flowers such as lilies. Greenery will instantly freshen up the space and is nice for your health as well. Vines, potted plants, and indoor trees can make a room feel more welcoming. 

Create an accent wall.

Perhaps you’re already happy with the basic color of your living room walls, but if it doesn’t match the space it can start to feel tired. Consider adding an accent wall. This is a great chance to use a bolder color choice or a wallpaper pattern that wouldn’t go with an entire room, but would be good in a small dose. I painted one wall in my beige living room a nice medium green, and it changed the entire room instantly. 
Changing up a living room doesn’t have to be expensive.  For a few dollars and a few hours of work, you can completely change the look and feel of your living room. Why not give it a try now?