Fabgrandpa's Surgery: Endarterectomy For an Ulcerated Carotid Artery

one week after carotid artery surgery

Fabgrandpa with our daughter, Emily, one week after his surgery.

So, after going to doctors since September 3, 2014, the vascular surgeon we saw at the end of March performed an endarterectomy .  Endarterectomy is is the general term for the surgical removal of plaque from an artery that has become narrowed or blocked. Normally, they don’t do surgery until the artery is blocked 90%.

Fabgrandpa with Becky three weeks after surgery.

Fabgrandpa with Becky three weeks after surgery.

Fabgrandpa’s artery was only about 65% blocked, but it had ulcerated. This means that part of the plaque had broken loose, and left a hole where it had been. Blood could pool in the hole, and form a clot. If that happened, and the clot then broke loose from the hole, it could cause a massive stroke.  Dr. Whitney said that the risks of NOT having the surgery were greater than the risk of having the surgery.

April 2 was surgery day. We arrived at the hospital around 12:30 and checked in. They took Fabgrandpa back to prep him for surgery, and then Becky and I were allowed to sit with him until they took him back to the operating room.

Prepped and ready to go

Prepped and ready to go

They took him back to begin surgery around 2:00 p.m. They kept Becky and me informed about the progress of the surgery every hour or so. The surgery took about four hours to complete.  When it was over, Dr. Whitney talked to us and explained what he did. He had to cut out a section of the artery, and replace it with a synthetic artery made of bovine pericardium tissue. The incision in Fabgrandpa’s neck was about 8″ to 10″ long.

carotid ulcer

This is the carotid ulcer that was removed. That hole is pretty big

That hole in the lining of the carotid artery was the culprit. If it had not been removed, Fabgrandpa would still be at risk of a massive stroke. He spent one night in the hospital, then was released to come home. The discharge instructions included no lifting over five pounds for two weeks; wear the support hose until the follow up with Dr. Whitney; and no driving until after the follow up.

Fabgrandpa has recuperated very well, and is doing fine. We went to a concert in Atlanta over the past weekend. While he was tired out after more than he normally would be, he was a happy man to still be here to see his favorite band perform.

Today, we had the three week follow up with the doctor. Dr. Whitney said he is doing excellent, and said that Fabgrandpa should be the “Poster Boy” for this type of surgery. We go back in six weeks for the last follow up.

We still haven’t found the reason for Fabgrandpa being off balance, but we are thankful that we kept looking for a reason, and that the doctors found this problem and were able to correct it. I hope that it means a healthier husband for me, and many more years for him to be around.

I will repeat what I have been saying for the last few posts about this: Don’t Ignore The Symptoms When You Are Just A Little “Off”. Your doctor may not find the cause for your symptom immediately, but they may just accidently find something that will save your life.


Because Your Mother is Precious

fresh flowers logo

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it and you want to do something special for her. You need more than just one day. Every day would not be enough to pay tribute to this amazing woman. As you begin planning for her special day, show her your love through your thoughtfulness. Your actions, your caring, and your presence in her life will mean more to her than anything you could ever buy. That doesn’t mean you can’t pamper her with gifts. You only have one mother. Let her know that you won’t ever forget her.fresh flowers logo2

Make it All About Her

On Mother’s Day, clear the calendar. You need to give your mother your undivided attention. This day is not about what you would like to do. Pleasing your mother needs to be your top priority. Tell her to get ready, arrive at her doorstep, and put the day in her hands. Take her to brunch, go for a drive, or watch a show. Your mother needs to pick her pleasure. You are simply along for the ride.

Make a Smile Bloom on her Face

Shop online today for your Mothers Day flowers from Fresh Flowers and you can watch her smile blossom when her bouquet arrives. Whether you are spending the day with your mother or live to far away, flowers always show how much you care. They will give her a splash of color and make her think of you every time she looks at her cheerful arrangement.

Give Her a Family Day

We get so caught up in our busy lives that we hardly spend any time together anymore. Bring your mother home for the day, prepare a special meal, and give her a chance to enjoy time with your family. She wants to be a part of your life. You have been her universe. Make sure she knows that she is the sun.

Go on a Trip

Whether it’s for a day or a week, your mother will love to get away with you. It’s time to let go of your regular routine and cares for a while. Go out and make some memories with that amazing woman who brought you into this world. She gave you the gift of life. This is your chance to let her know how much she matters to you.

Bokos Sandals For Men and Women

I received product for review
bokos logo

I had never heard of Bokos Sandals before, but when I saw them on the website, I could hardly wait to get my feet in them. They are so comfortable that I wear them all the time. Here are some of the things I like about Bokos:

Bokos come in both Men’s and Women’s Sizes:

Bokos come in both Men’s and Women’s sizes, with a variety of colors for both. Mine are Lavendar, and Fabgrandpa’s are Grey.

Bokos sandals Mens and Womens sizes available

Mens and Womens sizes available

Bokos are Durable:

They’re are made in all one piece, which gives them superior strength and durability. They can hold up to normal wear, but also to more rigorous activity.

Bokos are Anti-Slip:

Because they are made of rubber, they have that stick-to-it-ness so that they prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. This makes them an excellent choice for us older folks, but they are cool enough that younger folks like them, too.

Bokos are Easy To Clean:

Since they are made of a non-porous rubber material, it helps block out dirt and keep your sandals clean. When they do get dirty, just hose them off with soap and water.

Fabgrandpa and I have both been happy with our Bokos Sandals. They are comfortable, lightweight, and just in case it gets cold out, they stretch a bit so you can wear a pair of sock with them (I know, you should NEVER do that).

Bokos Men's Grey Sandals

Bokos Men’s Grey Sandals

Men’s Sandals come in Black, Grey, Military Green, Navy Blue, Flame, and Lime.

Women's Bokos Lavendar Sandals

Women’s Bokos Lavendar Sandals

Women’s Sandals come in Black, Dark Pink, Melon, Carolina Blue, Green Apple, and Lavendar.

Shop Bokos online. All sandals are $18. Use code “BOKOS” for free shipping on purchase of three or more pairs.

Cheesey Raspberry Gluten Free Muffin Recipe with Fromager d’Affinois Saint Angel Cheese

I received samples of cheeses from Fromager d’Affinois
FDA New Logo

Fromagerie Guilloteau , one of France’s finest specialty cheese producers,  announced in January that it recently re-designed and introduced a new label for its top-selling cheese line – Fromager d’Affinois – to the consumer market. The company, renowned for having pioneered the use of ultrafiltration in cheesemaking, an ingenious process which retains a higher concentration of nutrients and ensures creamier and richer cheeses, has made Fromagerie Guilloteau one of the most-desired cheese brands in Europe, America, and beyond.


delicious cheeses from Fromager d’Affinois

I had never tried any of the cheeses from the Fromager d’Affinois line and was interested to find out how they tasted different from the American made cheeses I am accustomed to. Lucky me, they sent me some of their cheeses to try.

The first French cheese that I tried was the Saint Angel. This cheese is soft and mild, and has a sweet creamy flavor. I left it on the counter for about a half hour, and when I opened the package it was very soft and spreadable. The color is more of a light yellow than the cream cheese we know in the United States, but it has a similar, but sweeter and milder, taste.

Now, if I was going to be serving the muffins I made for a dessert or with coffee I would have served the cheese on the side to spread a little luscious flavor on them. However, I was getting ready for a weekend trip, and trying to make up some gluten free snacks to take along on the road. I decided to incorporate the cheese into the muffin batter, and the outcome was delicious.

Cheesey Raspberry Gluten Free Muffins Recipe

Cheesey Raspberry Gluten Free Muffins

Cheesey Raspberry Gluten Free Muffin Recipe

1 & 1/4 cup of your favorite gluten free baking mix

1/3 cup Fromager d’Affinois Saint Angel Triple Cream Cheese at room temp

1 egg

1/4 cup light brown sugar or 1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup milk or water

1/2 cup fresh raspberries

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp lemon extract

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp lemon zest

Put the baking mix and the cheese in a medium mixing bowl. Work the cheese into the mix with a fork. Add all the other ingredients, and stir together. Line a six cup muffin pan with cupcake liners. Spoon the batter into the cups. Bake in preheated 350° oven for 19-21 minutes. Remove from oven, and let cool.

Cedar Lane Natural Foods Review

I received coupons to try Cedar Lane products. logo

Cedar Lane Natural Foods has been in business for more than 30 years. They have created a wide variety of delicious foods using only the best ingredients.

I had been asked to review the breakfast products in their line, but I was not able to find them in any of the grocery stores in my area. The breakfast selections include Green Chile, Cheese & Ranchero Sauce Egg White Omelette; Garden Vegetable & Mozzarella Egg White Omelette; Uncured Turkey Bacon Egg White Omelette; Spinache and Mushroom Egg White Omelette; Spinache and Roasted Tomato Egg White Frittata; and Roasted Chile and Cheese Egg White Frittata. All of the breakfast products look like they would be very tasty.


Spinach and Roasted Tomato Egg White Omelette

While I was disappointed that we were not able to try the egg white products, we did find a few of the dinner meals. We tried the Eggplant Parmesan, the Baked Stacked Eggplant, and the Roasted Chile Relleno.

Cedar Lane Eggplant Parmesan

Cedar Lane Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite meals. I have made it many times at home, and have ordered it at restaurants. This frozen vegetarian version of Eggplant Parmesan is very, very good. Fabgrandpa, who is not a gluten free guy, and who is kind of picky about frozen meals, loved this. We have purchased it several times already since we used the coupons we were given to try Cedar Lane’s products. It is easy to prepare, just six minutes in the microwave and it’s ready. You can serve it right in the paper bowl it comes it, so clean up is a breeze, too. The only thing about the product that would be a drawback to someone is that once it is cooked, it doesn’t look much like the picture on the box, but most frozen meals don’t:

Cedar Lane Eggplant Parmesan

Cedar Lane Eggplant Parmesan

The Chile Relleno was delicious. I loved it, and I usually don’t eat it even when we go out to a Mexican restaurant. There are several more varieties that we want to try. I am looking forward to trying some of the four varieties of Tamales; the Enchiladas, and the Lasagna. I keep looking for more of the varieties in the stores near me, but I live out in a very rural area where there is just not much variety available to purchase.

You can learn more about Cedar Lane Natural Foods on their website.  Follow on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Crepe Erase Review

CrepeEraseTrufirmLogo jpg

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Crepe Erase. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I-Crepe Erase 2 Step System

I-Crepe Erase 2 Step System

You may recall that I was asked to use the I-Crepe Erase 2 step system for two weeks to see what I thought of it. I have to be honest and tell you that I did miss a couple of days using it during my two week trial. My husband was having surgery, and I was just too tired at the end of the day to think. Even with missing two days, though, I do believe that this product has worked for me.

I-crepe erase 2 step system

Here are my before and after photos, after using the product for 2 weeks.

You can see a definite difference in the before and after photos. I do have some lines there that I don’t think anything will help, but I AM almost 63 years old.

Exfoliating Body Polish

It only takes a little bit of the Exfoliating Body Polish

Using the Crepe Erase™ system is quite easy. I keep the Exfoliating Body Polish in the shower. What you can’t see, because I didn’t take before pictures of my legs, is that it has helped me get rid of the winter “flakes” from dry skin there. I have just been squeezing a portion of the polish on my hand, about the size of a nickle, and using it to vigorously rub my neck, upper chest and chin, along with the “laugh lines” around my mouth.

Crepe Erase Exfoliating Body Polish

Exfoliating Body Polish

Then, with the little bit of polish left from that, I scrubbed my lower legs from the knees down. Not only does it exfoliate, it is invigorating in the shower as well.

Intensive Body Repair Treatment

Intensive Body Repair Treatment

When I get out of the shower, I use step 2, the Intensive Body Repair Treatment. It feels and looks much like the cold creme that my mother used back with I was a little girl, thick and white. I rub it in on my legs, then on my neck, chin and upper chest. Unlike the cold creme from the fifties, it is designed to stay on the skin. It does take a bit longer than lotion to rub into the skin, but the resulting soft feel of the skin is worth the extra few minutes.

More information about the I-Crepe Erase System:

·       Step 1 in the Crepe Erase™ system, is the Exfoliating Body Polish. A luxurious body polish containing TruFirm™, a breakthrough firming complex that helps rejuvenate aging, dry, crepey-looking skin on the neck, chest, legs, and arms. Gently exfoliates rough dead skin cells, to help reveal smoother, more resilient, younger-looking skin. Promotes healthy skin cell turnover and improves overall skin texture, while preparing your skin for Intensive Body Repair Treatment.

·       Step 2 in the Crepe Erase™ system is the Intensive Body Repair Treatment. An ultra-rich formula containing TruFirm™, our exclusive skin firming complex, infused with a rejuvenating blend of botanicals to visibly smooth, firm and tighten the look of aging dry, crepey, skin on the neck, chest, legs and arms. Nutrient rich, super-hydrating oils provide all-day moisture and protect the skin. With regular use, crinkly, crepey skin can appear smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking.

If you would like to purchase the I-Crepe Erase System, you can find it on the Crepe Erase website.

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