18 Easter Recipes To Get Your Holiday Meal Started

If you are like me, you procrastinate to the very last minute when it comes to planning The Big Meal for a holiday. I always mean to have a plan at least two weeks ahead of time, but it just never happens. So, to help all you who are like me, here is my list of 18 easy Easter Recipes to get  you started.

easter recipe roundup collage

One of the things I love about Easter is the good food served at the celebration. My mother always had lots of desserts, and I try to have at least two when I make a holiday meal. I especially love this gluten free lemon cake:

Gluten Free Lemon Cloud Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Lemon Cloud Cake

Gluten Free Lemon Cloud Cake

1 box of your favorite gluten free yellow cake mix (I used Betty Crocker but any gluten free yellow cake mix will do.

2/3 cup lemon juice

3 eggs

1 stick of butter or margarine

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon lemon extract

1/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup gluten free flour (any kind you have on hand)

1 16 oz jar of Lemon Curd or make your own

1 pint heavy cream

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/4 cup sugar

Make the cake according to directions on the back of the box, except substitute the 1/3 cup lemon juice for part of the water, and add 1/4 cup sugar. Spray two 8″ or 9″ cake pans with olive oil spray, then coat the pans with gluten free flour. Divide the cake batter evenly between the two pans. Bake in a 350° oven for 25-35 minutes. Let the cake layers cool completely.

Pour the heavy cream into a large mixing bowl. Add the vanilla and sugar. Beat on high speed with an electric mixer until the cream is thickened.

Place one cake layer on a cake plate, top down. Spread 1/2 of the lemon curd on the layer, then spread half of the whipped cream over the lemon curd. Place the second layer top up on top on the first layer. Spread with the rest of the lemon curd and whipped cream. Refrigerate until serving.

Here are some more yumalicious Easter recipes from my friends around the internetz including appetizers, entrees, sides, and more desserts:

Click on the photo captions to visit the website and get the recipe:



Brazi Bites Gluten Free Cheese Bread

If you are like me and have been eating gluten free for years, then you may just be as excited as I am about this new product. These little dough balls are ready to bake for a delicious hot bread for snacking, or as a bread roll for dinner, or any time in between.

Brazi Bites logo BestFabgrandpa and I received a bag of each variety of Brazi Bites, and that night we baked some of them up for our afternoon snack. They disappeared very quickly, and left us wanting more. It took some real will power to not just go back in the kitchen and put the rest of them in the oven that day.

Brazi Bites come in three varieties: Fire Roasted Jalapeño, Original, and Bacon

Three delicious flavors!

Three delicious flavors!

All of the ingredients in Brazi Bites are naturally gluten free, and are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about getting “glutened”. They take only 20 minutes to cook up, so they are the perfect hot snack to serve when you have company drop in.

Perfectly bite sized bits of yum!

Perfectly bite sized bits of yum!

The business of bites began when Brazilian native Junea Rocha moved to the US in 2005 to be with her husband Cameron. Junea really missed the cheese bread she enjoyed throughout her life in Brazil. Once a secret family recipe was secured from her mother, she and Cameron got to baking. After much trial and error, researching and accessing the best ingredients, the couple finally made a perfect batch; in fact they were so perfect that they ate them all before they could even cool!

While they are not yet available in every market area (and sadly they are NOT available in my area, boo hoo!), you can find out if they are available in your area here.  Brazi Bites can be on your table tonight. And, if there is no retail outlet for them near you, you can print off the information sheet for your local grocery manager so they can get them from natural foods distributors throughout the U.S. I’m taking the sheets to the stores near me so hopefully I can have some Brazi Bites again soon.


Gift Idea For Dad or Grad: ShaveTech Travel Shaver



Got a young man graduating this year? Or need a gift for Dad for Father’s Day? Any man who has ever tried to get a good, close shave while traveling knows just how frustrating the endeavor can be. With the new Shave Tech, those guys who will be traveling for a graduation trip,on a business trip, or on a vacation will love this little shaver. It has a sleek, lightweight design, and uses a USB port for charging. That will save a lot of frustration because he won’t have to look for an electrical outlet to plug in.

I like it for myself, too for shaving legs and underarms. It is small enough to slip into a pants pocket, with all the shaving power of any electric razor. ShaveTech retails for $29.99 and is available for purchase online at ShaveTech, Amazon.com and other retailers in the United States and Canada.

Gulf County Florida: Win A Getaway!

This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have traveled through and stopped in many states, and many places. And many of those places are ones I would love to visit again. However, one place I want to go and spend extended time is Gulf County Florida. In northwest Florida, with the city of Port St. Joe and Cape San Blas included within the border of Gulf County, it is a quite, serene, pristine,  beautiful area. I love most that it is uncrowded and friendly.

I'd start out my visit in Port St. Joe, and visit the beach, the parks, and some of the many places to eat. Frank Pate Park is located in the heart of Port St. Joe, offering trails, playgrounds and picnic tables. I'd love to go down to the marina and charter a boat to go out scalloping or deep sea fishing. And did you know that once you get back to the dock with your catch, the local chefs will cook it up for you, and you can enjoy the freshest seafood ever, that you caught yourself? What an experience that would be!

The people in Port St. Joe love to celebrate, and they celebrate everything! On the first and third Saturday's of the month, there is the Salt Air Farmer's Market, where you can find fresh seasonal produce from local farmers, regional vegetables, fruit, Gulf seafood, meat, cheeses and breads. There are also hand made arts and crafts. There is the Tupelo Honey Festival, The Gaskin Park Catfish Tournament, The July 4th Fireworks, The Annual Florida Scallop and Music Festival, and more.

The Cape San Blas Lighthouse was built 165 years ago, with $8,000 appropriated by Congress. It was designed to guide vessels around the shoals running out from the Cape. The Lighthouse signal was the sole beacon and could be seen for 10 miles offshore. It was one of four lighthouses in a 90 mile span of coastline. This year the community will be relocating the lighthouse to BayPark in Historic Port St. Joe to protect and preserve its heritage.

Heading on over to Indian Pass, a place loaded with secluded, pet friendly beaches, good fishing, and many trails. It's a great place to go crabbing, and to build a bonfire on the beach. You can also get a permit to drive on the beach there. Indian Pass Campground offers a unique camping experience in a natural setting with waterfront cabins, RV sites and primitive campsites surrounding Indian Lagoon. Come visit GCFL

If you are visiting Gulf County Florida, there are so many things to do you may need a vacation from your vacation when you get home. There is saltwater fishing, whether it from the beach, a dock, or a charter boat to take you out to sea, you will have so much fun catching red snapper, grouper, redfish, speckled trout, king mackerel, and flounder. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the choices! The freshwater fishing is just as fun! You may catch largemouth bass, spotted bass, black crappie, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, and many more species. I can't wait to fry them up in a pan! If fishing is not your thing, then you can go snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle boating, shelling, hiking the trails, or horseback riding.  And, if you want a slower pace on a rainy day, try one of the hands on crafts shops for painting, pottery, and drawing classes.

Gulf County Florida is sponsoring a contest #GCFLnofilter, with great prizes like long weekend vacation packages to Gulf County, and more. Here's my selfie entry, and you can see it on Instagram here:

gulf county florida

To enter the contest

USING INSTAGRAM – Please take a "Selfie" of yourself doing something active you love outdoors! (I.E. hiking, biking, running, fishing, playing a sport, etc.) Make sure to put: In the caption, tag #GCFLnofilter and @gulfcountyfl and tell them what you’re doing!  For every entry GCFL receives, they'll donate $1 to Outdoor Nation, up to a total donation of $5,000!  Outdoor Nation believes in reconnecting kids and teens to the outdoors. That's it. Don't wait, go do it today!

What would your favorite thing to do at GCFL be?

Like GCFL on Facebook and salute real beauty!

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5 Reasons to Be Courteous, For Your Own Health

One lesson we are always taught from birth is being polite to those around us. Being polite isn’t just about saying please and thank you, it also includes the interactions we have with others and the environment around us. And here you thought an apple a day was the trick! Not only does courteousness create a better society to live in, it can also have positive impacts on your own health, keeping you out of the urgent care and enjoying your life.

Higher Self-Esteem

Being polite to those around you can raise your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. Having a higher self-esteem can also fight off depression and anxiety. This is especially true for seniors. A recent study on people 60 and older found that those with higher self-esteem had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Raising self-esteem is one way to prevent health problems that may occur later in life.

Happier Friends

Being polite to friends and family can sometimes be a struggle. We are around these people more than anyone else and they usually see us at our worst. However, it’s important to make sure they see us at our best as well. Close friendships can improve self-confidence, lower stress, and boost your happiness. Not only that, close friendships can also help us avoid or quit unhealthy lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise or smoking.

Friendlier Co-Workers

Besides friends and family, we also spend a vast amount of our time surrounded by our co-workers. Being polite to co-workers not only creates a better work environment, it can also help you live longer. Tel Aviv University researchers studied the social interactions of workers and their colleagues over a 20 year period. They found that workers who felt no support from their colleagues were 2.4 times more likely to die than those with positive relationships.

A Cleaner World

Being polite isn’t just exclusive to other people. Being courteous also means helping out the environment. Throwing away your trash instead of littering can help save the economy $11.5 billion dollars every year. Simply throwing away one candy wrapper in the trashcan instead of on the ground saves 23 cents, and creates a cleaner world to live in.

A Healthier Home

If your mother always told you to remove your shoes when you entered the house, she wasn’t just trying to remind you about being polite, she was also trying to keep the house free of germs. A study at the University of Arizona found that the average shoe has 421,000 types of bacteria on the bottom. This includes bacteria known to cause meningitis, bloodstream infections, and respiratory tract infections.

Sometimes, we get so caught up on the things going on around us that we tend to forget the simple manners taught to us as children. However, you should remember that the next time you hold the door open for someone, you’re not only helping him or her, you’re helping your own health as well.

Omron Pain Relief ProTens Unit Review

I received product from Omron for reviewomron-electro-logo

So you sometimes have pain that needs a little extra attention. Pain that over the counter pain medications don’t completely relieve? I do, and so does my husband. We were asked to review the Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY unitOur experience with it was great.

Omron Pain Relief Pro

Omron Pain Relief Pro

I have used other TENS units before that I purchased at our local pharmacy. The one I tried just did not do anything. While I could feel a little bit of an electrical pulse while I was wearing it and it was turned on, it just did not help with any of the pain points I have. It was quickly shoved into the junk drawer and forgotten about. That is not the case with the Omron Pain Relief Pro unit we received.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The unit sends electrical pulses to the pads that are applied to your skin. These electrical pulses help block the pain message to the brain; increases endorphins, a natural pain reliever; and improves blood circulation in the area, all of which help reduce pain.

My husband tried it first, on his back near his shoulders. He has pain there quite frequently. We applied the pads, and he turned it on. He was amazed at the strength of the electrical pulses, and with the fact that they did not actually fell like electricity. He said it really felt like someone was massaging his back. The next day, he got the unit out and put it on again, because he said it did really help. When he uses something a second time, you can bet it works for him.

When it was my turn to try it, I was absolutely amazed at the way it felt. He put the setting on “Knead” and it really did feel like someone was standing behind me kneading my shoulders.

The new Pain Relief Pro includes five pre-set pain modes (arm, lower back, leg, foot and joint) and three massage modes (tap, knead, rub) to target the most common problem spots. Ten power levels of intensity allow users to create a personalized experience.

Comfortable in the hand, the device is about the size of a smartphone and features an easy-to-read LCD screen and intuitive navigation controls. Its portable size means you can use it anywhere in the comfort of your home, share it with others in the family, or even take it to work or use while traveling. A carrying pouch is included for easy storage.

BUY IT: You can purchase the Omron Pain Relief Pro at Amazon.com, at Target.

WIN IT: One winner will receive an Omron Pain Relief Pro TENS UNIT. Use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter.

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