The FabGrandaughter’s Birthday

Sarah’s birthday was yesterday. She was nine years old. It is really hard to believe she is that old! She was born in Guam, while her dad was stationed there with the Air Force. She has traveled to more places than I have in her short little life. She now lives in Tacoma, Washington, and I rarely get to see her. The picture below was taken last July when she flew from Washington State to Washington, D.C. to visit with her father, brother, and step-mother. She is holding a picture of Seth, my son, when he was about the same age as she is now.
When I talked to her on the phone last night, she sounded so grown up! She’s all into Hannah Montana and Bratz. She’s making all A’s in school, and says her favorite subject is reading. She has a new baby sister who just turned one year old in November, and her mother is expecting another baby in May. I asked if she got a lot of gifts for her birthday, and she said her “real Dad” sent her a bunch of presents, but she was only opening one a day until they are all opened up. She said the fun lasts longer that way.

The picture below was taken last summer, too, at her Dad’s house. That is him and FabGrandpa there with her. They all look so happy together!

I asked her if she knows I love her and miss her. She said, “Yes, because you write that on every card you send me.”

Ten Years

Ten years ago on October 13, 1996, my grandson Michael was born. He celebrated his birthday this year in England with his Dad and step-mom, and six of his friends. I have never spent a birthday with him, because he has always been far away, but I try to call and talk to him each year on the day of his birthday.

When I spoke to him, he asked me if I would send him a map of Maryland, because he is moving there in January and wants to see what it looks like. So, since I AM the Fab Grandma, I drove up to the Maryland Welcome Center today and picked up a map and a ton of brochures to send him. He will read about the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the beach at Ocean City, and the ponies at Assateague Island. I hope I can take him to see those ponies next summer. Since I do not have a recent picture of him, I have posted the “self-portrait” he did for me when he was six.

Spencer’s mom, Emily, sent me this photo of him sliding at the fair. He always looks so full of energy When he started to school this year, he was getting in trouble a lot for kicking other students and taking away their toys. He has been doing a lot better lately. Emily says he only had one frowny face last week. He is learing Spanish in pre-K! Wow, they start foreign languages earlier and earlier now. I think we didn’t have a foreign language class until 10th grade when I was in school.

I have not heard from Sarah or her mother lately, but her mom is pregnant and having some difficulties, so it may be a while before I get any new pics. So, here is an old one: