Sewing Again

Y’all must think I spend all my time sewing, and you might just be right. I love to sew. But last week I also spent a lot of time on the phone, trying to get my computer straightened out. And one whole day was spent going to Tuscaloosa to get a back-up device “just in case” the computer crashed before I could get it fixed. So between doing all that, and the regular day to day stuff, like cooking and washing the dishes and stuff like that, I was getting anxious to get back to the machine.

I made that little business card wallet up there in the picture. It is so cute! It holds several business cards, a drivers license, and a couple of credit cards and fits in your pocket.

I had an order for a couple of aprons from the guy at the taxidermy shop down the road. He asked for a couple that a man wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. This one shows his favorite sports team, The Crimson Tide. Whoooo! Roll Tide!

My pajamas finally just fell apart. You know how when you get something like that that is co comfy you wear them all the time? Well, when they came apart at the seams, I tried to remember when I bought them, and it was back in 2005!! No wonder! So I ordered some brown and blue floral print flannel and made myself a new pair. They are so soft! I might just order some more.

Then, I found this pattern for a little wallet with a zipper pocket on the back. It has three credit card slots, a place for paper money, and that zip pocket for change. I’m still trying to decide if I like this or not. What do you think?

And then I made some more of those business card wallets. I’m going to put some in my shop in a day or two, so keep an eye open for that if you want to buy one. These first ones will be a little cheaper because they aren’t perfect, but when I get them right, they will be $7.00 each plus shipping.

We have to go to Birmingham on Wednesday for Fabgrandpa’s pre-op blood work. He’s having cataract surgery on March 12. We were afraid that they wouldn’t get him an appointment in time because we have to leave here April 12 headed back to the Grand Canyon. But, they called on Friday and said someone cancelled! Yay for us!