On The Road To Buying A House: Pre-Approval For A Mortgage Loan

Today we got the phone call we have been waiting for! The lender called to tell us that we are pre-approved for a loan, in the amount we were asking for. We have both been so anxious, and not sleeping well because of it, while we waited this out. Again, we know we are an exception to most rules because we have worked seasonal jobs for the last eleven years. We had to get our employer to state that we have a job to come back to in the spring. I can really understand a lender being cautious with lending to someone who works seasonal jobs, but they can see that we have paid our bills on time for more than eleven years. We may only work half a year, be we ARE responsible people.

So, the next step is to start looking at houses. We have an appointment with the real estate agent in the morning to look at one in Carrollton. We have looked at this house online, and it looks really good. Because we are buying with a VA guaranteed loan, everything in the house has to pass VA approval. This particular house meets with most of our criteria: A flat, ranch type house with at least two bathrooms, a carport, and a yard big enough to park our RV in AND in an area with no restrictions for doing so. We don’t especially want to be in a subdivision, but even though this one is, the houses aren’t jammed right up against each other.

I’ll be taking pictures of the houses we look at, and if they don’t meet our expectations, I’ll tell you why. Y’all keep your fingers crossed that this looking process doesn’t take forever.