My Etsy Shop Sale

I have closed my Etsy shop, and moved my store to my website. You can click here to find it. I have more new items coming.

I have had an etsy shop for a while now. When I moved my blog to WordPress last year, I tried having my own shop here, but it proved to be a big ol pain in the sit down place, so I moved it back over to etsy. It is easy peasy to list things for sale there, even special orders when people ask me to make things for them. It is also easy for people to pay me using paypal or their credit card. So, that is why I am still using my etsy shop.

I have just created a 10% off coupon for my readers to use, so if you have had your eye on something over there, now is the time. The coupon will be good thru the end of January for my Snow Days Sale. When you place your order, enter the coupon code snowdaysale to get your 10% discount. Here are a couple of the cute things I have for sale over there:

Everything in the shop is on sale, not just the ones pictured here. Hurry on over there and get your Fab goodies now!

I Made It

Turqoise and copper necklace

In the winter of 2008-2009, I was making jewelry. This turquoise and copper necklace is one of my favorite pieces that I made back then.

My necklace

I don’t wear much jewelry, but I do wear this necklace occasionally. I like having jewelry, just don’t wear it much.

To see other neat handmade items, check out the Everything Etsy “I Made It” blog party here:

Tada! Nana’s Wire Wrapped Jewelry Is On Etsy!

Nana and Poppa in 1992

The last time we visited with my mother and father in law, Nana asked me to take some of the wire wrapped jewelry she makes home with me and put it for sale in my shop. It only took me three months, but I finally got time yesterday to take pictures of each individual piece, measure them, and write a description so that I could upload them to my Etsy shop.  Yes, it is a time consuming process, but something I feel honored to be able to do for my in-laws. They have been wonderful to me over the 18 years that FabGrandpa and I have been married, so it is nice to be able to do something nice for them.

Nana at home in April 2010

Nana and Poppa both make jewelry. They used to go all over in their motorhome, doing craft shows and selling their beautiful pieces. They haven’t been able to travel in a number of years, so they haven’t had anywhere to sell what they make.

Poppa relaxing in his chair April 2010

I only have the first 10 pieces listed so far, but more are coming, just as soon as I have a minute to get them posted. Yesterday when I was taking pictures, the battery died in my camera. It is charging right now, and later today I am going outside for another photo session.

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Not Feeling Well

I haven’t been sick with a cold in I can’t remember when. Kidney stones, arthritis pain, that persistent lump in my arm? yeah, all those, and I can still function. But this head cold? has knocked me on my butt.

I slept most of the way home from Georgia on Sunday. Then, I slept the day away yesterday and today. I took some of that “effervescent cold relief” medicine. That stuff tastes horrible, and makes me sleep even more. So, all the news I want to tell you about will have to wait until I am feeling better. I have lots to tell about my vacation, about seeing my friends and family, about seeing my in-laws up in the north Georgia mountains. But for now, I can barely keep my eyes open.  I have so much to do: I have a mountain of laundry; need to go through cabinets and drawers; I need to start putting things away in preparation for going to Arizona in 13 days.

But the most important thing I need to do is make a page in my shop for my mother-in-law’s jewelry. That is coming soon, as soon as I can stay awake long enough to do it. She is very excited to have an outlet to sell the things she has made. Stay tuned, it is coming soon.

New Stuff In The Shop

This is not as easy as it looks! I spent a good part of yesterday getting things ready to put in the shop. I think I like making things better than doing the work part of uploading them. It wouldn’t be so hard to do if the internet service I had was better, but the whole day yesterday was cloudy, rainy, overcast; and when the weather is like that the satellite internet just doesn’t work well. Don’t get it if you were thinking you wanted it!

So, I have put some little business card wallets I make with the pattern I got from Kekalou;

some more of the little quilted zipper bags:

and some jewelry I made last winter:

I Made It Blog Party

Thanks for taking a look!

They Don’t Call Me The Fab Grandma For Nothing

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I am a Fab Grandma because I make things for my grandchildren and for myself. I make quilts, aprons, jewelry,dolls, home made soap, and other things. Here is a picture of a necklace I made last night.