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I discovered the other day that my camera is not the only thing I lost on my last trip. I had a neat little manicure kit for more than 20 years, that just disappeared. It was leather, and had a little zipper closure, and loops inside to hold everything.  I have looked everywhere for it, and decided today that I would have to make a new case to hold all those little tools.

Manicure kit holder

I made up the pattern as I went along.  It is a little larger than I wanted it to be, but since this is the first attempt, that can be remedied in the future. I also poked a hole in one corner when I was turning it, so this one is mine forever.

See that little hole in the corner?

So, there ya have it–my first attempt at a manicure kit case. It’ll work for the purpose, and I can make alterations on the next one.

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I Made It

Turqoise and copper necklace

In the winter of 2008-2009, I was making jewelry. This turquoise and copper necklace is one of my favorite pieces that I made back then.

My necklace

I don’t wear much jewelry, but I do wear this necklace occasionally. I like having jewelry, just don’t wear it much.

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I Made It! Blog Party

Getting Ready


Lots of pockets inside

All done!

I make these tote bags to sell in my shop. Today, my niece, Stefanie, asked me to make one for her friend who is having a baby girl. I had this “Pack Your Bags” fabric in the cabinet, and I thought it would make a cute diaper bag for a baby girl. It has Eiffel Towers on it, and the words say: “love-hope-dream-wonder-travel”. I think it turned out pretty good.

Want your own bag? I sell them for $35 plus shipping. You can email me and I can let you know what fabrics I have on hand, or you can tell me what color you would like to have. They are pretty big, measuring about 18″ wide by 13″ tall, with pockets inside. One of my daughters uses hers for a knitting bag, one uses hers for a book bag for shcool (she’s a teacher), and one uses hers for a diaper bag. What would you use yours for?