I Made It

Turqoise and copper necklace

In the winter of 2008-2009, I was making jewelry. This turquoise and copper necklace is one of my favorite pieces that I made back then.

My necklace

I don’t wear much jewelry, but I do wear this necklace occasionally. I like having jewelry, just don’t wear it much.

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Tada! Nana’s Wire Wrapped Jewelry Is On Etsy!

Nana and Poppa in 1992

The last time we visited with my mother and father in law, Nana asked me to take some of the wire wrapped jewelry she makes home with me and put it for sale in my shop. It only took me three months, but I finally got time yesterday to take pictures of each individual piece, measure them, and write a description so that I could upload them to my Etsy shop.  Yes, it is a time consuming process, but something I feel honored to be able to do for my in-laws. They have been wonderful to me over the 18 years that FabGrandpa and I have been married, so it is nice to be able to do something nice for them.

Nana at home in April 2010

Nana and Poppa both make jewelry. They used to go all over in their motorhome, doing craft shows and selling their beautiful pieces. They haven’t been able to travel in a number of years, so they haven’t had anywhere to sell what they make.

Poppa relaxing in his chair April 2010

I only have the first 10 pieces listed so far, but more are coming, just as soon as I have a minute to get them posted. Yesterday when I was taking pictures, the battery died in my camera. It is charging right now, and later today I am going outside for another photo session.

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New Stuff In The Shop

This is not as easy as it looks! I spent a good part of yesterday getting things ready to put in the shop. I think I like making things better than doing the work part of uploading them. It wouldn’t be so hard to do if the internet service I had was better, but the whole day yesterday was cloudy, rainy, overcast; and when the weather is like that the satellite internet just doesn’t work well. Don’t get it if you were thinking you wanted it!

So, I have put some little business card wallets I make with the pattern I got from Kekalou;

some more of the little quilted zipper bags:

and some jewelry I made last winter:

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Thanks for taking a look!

One More Thing From Our Visit With Geogypsy

A while back, Gaelyn wrote about getting a deal on a pair of cut glass earrings. I admired them when she posted a picture of them on her blog.

When we were up there visiting last week, she gave them to me. I have to say, I adore them. They are clip ons, perfect for me because my ears aren’t pierced. My maternal grandmother was from Austria, so I like to think that maybe someone I am related to had a hand in making them, and somehow they made their way to me after all these years.

You just never know. Thank you so much, Gaelyn!

This Whole Thing Makes Me Sad

When FabGrandpa and I first got together, we lived together first. We had both been married twice before and while we knew we wanted to be together, we were scared to take that final plunge so soon. We did plan to get married but had not set a date yet.

Then, when he had been living with me for about six months, he and his daughter were in a bad auto accident. He had a broken hip, five broken ribs, two ruptured discs in his neck and a concussion. He was in the hospital for thirteen days, nine of it in intensive care.

The day before the doctors let him go home, he had a very serious talk with me. He was worried that I would not want him to come home to my house to recuperate. I thought it was odd of him to even ask, because I loved him and couldn’t imagine him not coming home there. I told him he could, but that we needed to get married. The day that the wreck happened, the people at the hospital wouldn’t allow me to go in to see him in the emergency room because I was not his wife!!! So, as soon as he was able to stand up without support, we got married. Our first rings were gold bands we bought at Wal-Mart.

He was not able to return to work for almost two years. One day while I was at work in Atlanta, the attorney called me and said he had a check for us from the other guy’s insurance company. I went to pick it up. It was a large check, the largest one I have ever held in my hands! When I got home, I gave it to FabGrandpa, because it was his money and the check was made out to him.

The next day, when he picked me up from the park and ride lot, he gave me these wedding rings, and every penny of the rest of the check. To me, it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Even though we both considered the money to belong to us both, he made that elegant gesture of giving me everything he had. And that is what makes it so sad for me to know that I have lost one of those precious diamonds. It is worth the world to me.

Jewelry Making Class

Lynda and I went to our wire wrapping class on Saturday. The lady who taught the class makes some really pretty stuff, but she does not allow you to take pictures. I was going to show some of the process of making the bracelets we made, but she told me to “put away my camera”.
I can show the finished product:

I made the bracelet on the right with silver and gold wire in the class. I came home and made the one on the left with silver and copper wire. I definitely need some practice but they are ok for a beginner.

Here is what the clasp looks like. The one I made in class looks a whole lot better than the one I made at home later. Again, it just needs some practice.

These bracelets are 7 and a half inches long. I think I need to make mine 8 inches to fit my “plus size” wrist.

Then, today, I used a different pattern but the same concept to make this bracelet for FabGrandpa. I used a piece of sterling silver patterned wire and gold wire in it. This was really hard to make because it was hard to keep all the wires together and to keep them from bunching up while I was making the binding wraps. I got really frustrated with it and walked away from it three times before I was able to finish it. I like the way the clasp on this one looks.

Here is the front of his bracelet. I can see the mistakes in it, and my father in law probably will too, but then again, it does look pretty good for a beginner, and FabGrandpa liked it.

So, tell me what you think. Will I be able to master this?