I’m Still Recouperating

I am one of those people who Must. Be. Doing. Something. all the time! Right now, I can not do anything, and that is driving me crazy. I want to sew, but I can’t sit at the sewing machine for very long at a time. I also can’t lift the mattress on the bed to get the sewing machine out. And if I could do either of those things, I can’t bend over to pick up things when I drop them, and I drop things a lot when I am sewing. So, I just sit here, bored to tears.

One of the things I CAN do is look at fabric online. I have found the cutest fabrics this week! Just look:

This one is called Jack and Jenny by Laurie Wisbrun. How freaking cute!

Jack and Jenny in Petal

Jack and Jenny

Jack and Jenny Wellies

I could have so much fun with that fabric. I can see a baby quilt, diaper bag, curtains for baby’s room. Maybe some curtains for a sewing room, or a quilt for a teenage girl. So many ideas pop into my head when I see this cuteness!

And look at this set by Riley Blake called Seaside: I am thinking a quilt for my guest room at the new house, so my visitors can sleep relaxed by the ocean colors:

Seaside Main

Seaside Bikini

Seaside Trunks

Seaside Chair


What would you make with these fabrics? What fabrics have you found this summer that have you wanting to sew?



Sewing Projects: A New Bag For Donna


I posted this pic on Facebook for Donna to pic a fabric

I was getting ready to cut up some of those girlie girl fabrics I got at the Quilt Expo when I got a message from a friend, Froggi Donna, asking me if I had time to make her a tote bag before her hubby goes in for some surgery. I had made her a bag some time ago, but it is too small to hold all her electronic gadgets.

This is the front of the bag. It has one pocket with a flap, and 8 pockets inside.

We chatted back and forth on Facebook, with me posting pictures of fabrics I have on hand in the colors she wanted, and she decided on which ones to use. Then I set to work, to get this knocked out before Fabgrandpa and I go to Cherokee, North Carolina on a short road trip, and before her husband, Stu, has his surgery appointment.

One end of the zipper has a key ring attached.

I worked all day today, because we’re leaving tomorrow. I was almost finished but then the zipper didn’t work right, so I had to get out my trusty friend, Seam Ripper, to take the top part off and start over. I finally got it done around 9:00 p.m.

This bag is bigger than the last one. It measures 11" top to bottom.

A bag like this one costs $35 and that includes shipping. If you’d like one, email me or use my contact form and we can talk about colors

Before I started on this bag, I cut out four or five projects using those girlie fabrics, so stay tuned next week to see what I am making. I am so excited to see the finished projects myself. And, they WILL be for sale….

My Fabric Haul From The Quilt Expo

On Friday, my sister-in-law, Jody, and I went to the Quilt Expo in Duluth, Georgia. We were a little disappointed with the show because we thought there would be more fabric vendors there. Also, they did not allow you to take pictures inside the building So, while there were some very lovely quilts that inspired me to no end, I have no pictures of them to keep me inspired. Way to go, Quilt Expo!

There were lots of vendors there, selling everything imaginable for sewing, from sewing machines to pins and needles to cutting mats to trims and sequins, but not much in the way of fabric. There was even someone there selling shoes. SHOES! I was a little perplexed by that one.

Even though the fabric vendors were lacking, that didn’t stop me from buying as much as I could from the ones who were there. See:

I liked this combination of oranges and greens

This was just too cute to pass up

This is a girlie combo of pinks and greens

From Laura Dunn's new collection. It looks way better than this in person.

Moda charm pack-42 5" squares of different fabrics. I can see a quilt out of this soon.

I love this picture


Sew Serendipity Bags

Out of everything I bought, I think I love this Sew Serendipity Bags pattern book by Kay Whitt the best. I also bought fabric to make one of the ruffled purses shown on the cover of the book. I can hardly wait to sew it up!


A Nice Weekend At Payne Lake Campground

This weekend was so nice! I saw the first sign of spring, daffodils!  There they were, blooming on the bank by the spillway:

Other signs of spring: Lots of campers in the campground, fishermen in boats on the lake, and teenagers wading in the creek:

And the redbud trees budding:

We spent some time checking all the electric hookups and water faucets to make sure they all worked, because the turkey hunting season starts next weekend, and that means the campground is sure to be filled up.  We picked up trash, cleaned out fire pits, and just made sure everything looks good.

I have been doing a lot of product reviews over the past couple of months, trying new gluten free things. This morning I cooked us some organic chicken sausage that was really yum! Tomorrow I’ll be trying out some sweet Italian sausage from the same company for dinner.

And as if I didn’t have enough to do, I have joined a group of writers doing a Write For Ten project. We are given a topic each day, and strive to write for ten minutes on that topic. You can see my efforts here. I’m learning that it is sometimes difficult to write for ten minutes, and sometimes my fingers just fly over the keys.

This afternoon, I did some more sewing: another tote bag in a gorgeous green and brown leaf print:

It has two pockets, one of them divided into sections with spaces for pens or pencils:

It is 18″ wide X 9 1/2″ tall, large enough to hold lots of goodies.  I’m going to be making some more this week, I hope. Only 5 more days until FabGrandpa has his eye surgery, and only two weeks before I see my grandchildren!

Did I Tell You That I Love Fabric?

Fabric in my linen closet

So, I guess you thought that since I live in a 34′ travel trailer that I would have nowhere to store a fabric stash? Dream on!  I could not live without fabric. Even if I don’t have time to sew for several months, I MUST have fabric with me at all times. I would probably perish from fabric withdrawal if I could not at least pet it once in a while. You know, take it all out, arrange it in different combinations, think about what I want to do with it EVENTUALLY, feel it. You know, all the things a real fabric-aholic does.

That photo up there? Is the fabric I have stored in my “linen closet”. The “linen closet” is two shelves in an overhead cabinet in the bedroom. My fabric takes up one shelf in there. Who needs towels anyway???  I also have a wicker trunk in the living area that doubles as a coffee table. It is full of fabric. And a two drawer Sterlite storage container. And a shopping bag in the wardrobe closet. But, with all that fabric on hand, I still didn’t have the exact piece that I needed to finish a couple of projects.

I bring this up because we had to go to Tuscaloosa for yet another medical thing for FabGrandpa today, and on the way home we stopped by the Carolina Lily Quilt Shop. And when I say we, I went in and bought stuff and he sat in the truck and slept off the anesthesia. I figured if he didn’t know what was going on it didn’t matter. Right? (Oh, and by the way, his colonoscopy turned out fine.)

I can’t tell you how much I spent, because I didn’t look at the bill, just handed over my debit card. That was a rather brave thing to do, but it was very necessary.

Charm packs and jellyroll

When I went in there today, I bought two charm packs and a jelly roll.  Charm packs are precut squares of a variety of fabrics that all coordinate. Same with the jelly roll, except that you get 40  precut strips. The ones I got today are the Birdie 5″ charm pack; the Animal Alphabet 5″ charm pack; and the Soiree’ 1 1/2″ strip jelly roll. Having the pieces precut saves a lot of time and makes making a quilt so much easier and faster.(plus, if I don’t actually use it for a while, I get to see so many fabrics all at one time!)

Background fabric for Sarah and Seth's Bethlehem Star quilt.

I got the background fabric to be able to finish Sarah and Seth’s quilt. I wanted a brown but could not find one that matched this very well. The green looks very nice with the other fabrics in the star.

Yellow for sashing for the charm pack I won.

Back during the summer I won a charm pack of precut 6″ squares in a giveaway. I have been wanting to do something with them, but needed sashing fabric. I got a nice yellow to tie them all together. Don’t know exactly what it is going to be yet, but at least now I can start seriously thinking about the possibilities.

I went in there to buy this.

And this is what I actually went in there to buy. I have all the pieces cut for the blocks, sashing, and border of the quilt for my bed. The only thing I needed to be able to get it sewn and ready for quilting was the backing. I found this deep brown that looks really good with the other fabrics. I’m thinking I am going to have it quilted with turquoise thread, so it will show up nicely on the back of the quilt.

So, now I am set to be able to complete several projects. Let it snow! See if I care!

Hurray! I Got Some Sewing Done Today

I have so many projects to get done that sometimes I don’t know where to begin. I made a rule for myself a couple of years ago that I have to finish one thing before I can start another, because I had gotten into the habit of not finishing things. I would make the quilt top, but not follow through with putting the layers together and quilting the project. Since I made that rule for myself, I have finished lots of things.

I DO still buy fabric, and cut things out before I finish the project at hand, but this just gives me something to pick up and sew.  Today, I finished sewing the star pieces together for the Star of Bethlehem quilt I am making for Seth and Sarah.

If that looks familiar, it may be because I am making one very similar to it for Becca and Ken. There is only one fabric that is different in the two quilts. These are king size, and I am sending them out to a long arm quilter to be quilted. My sewing machine won’t handle that big of a job.  Here is a photo of Becca’s quilt ready to go:

Yes, I was working on it in the maintenance shop. I had to clean of the work bench and tape some plastic on it to have a space big enough to work on. Sometimes I go to a quilt shop and use the tables in their back room. I have never been turned down for doing that, as long as they don’t have lessons going on at the time.

I had bought some yellow and purple fabric for the new baby’s quilt when a month or so ago:

But then this cute cute girlie girl fabric came in the mail last week:

So now our new little missy will be getting this purty fabric called “OH, Cherry, Oh” for her first quilt from her FabGrandma. I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, but I think I am going to let the fabric tell me what to do. I got what is called a “turnover”, which is a pack of 40 pre-cut triangles, and three 1 yard pieces. I love those pre-cuts–they make it so easy to get started doing something.