This Grandma Will Cut You! Cricut You, That Is.

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cricut iron ons

The Princess Amelia T-Shirt

A couple of years ago, I won a Cricut Explore ™ in an online giveaway. I sat in my closet in the box it came in for over a year. Then last summer, my daughter, Emily came over and we played around with the Cricut again, trying to make some things for her scrapbooking. It took us a couple of days to figure it out, but we finally got two scrapbook pages out of the machine, and then it sat around in my craft room for another few months. This month, I finally got around to playing with the Cricut again, and I wanted to show you what I have made with it so far. 

The photo above is a glitter iron on. It took me a couple of tries to get it right, because you have to remember to check a box to “mirror” for iron ons. Here is Amelia showing off her new T-shrit made for her by me:

Such a little ham! But cute as can be.

Such a little ham! But cute as can be.

And one more:

Amelia in her glitter princess t-shirt

Amelia in her glitter princess t-shirt

Owen's Helicopter T-shirt.

Owen’s Helicopter T-shirt.

Next, I made Owen a T-shirt with a iron on helicopter. That boy is obsessed with helicopters. Well, with anything with a blade, like fans. He is not as into the photo taking as his little sister, so his Mummy had to catch him on the run to get this photo for meYou can tell he did not want his picture taken. That big foot didn’t hide that helicopter though! Thanks for taking the picture for me, Sarah. 

The last thing I did was a Peppa Pig iron on for Parker. At three, he is in LOVE with Peppa Pig. I searched the internet for a free SVG file, to no avail. I had to pay for the file on Etsy, just in case you see and go trying to find a file to use for yourself. And if you do buy this particular file on Etsy, note that once you click to check the box to mirror the first cut, it shows all the rest of the cuts as checked to mirro as well. Only they don’t. You have to “cancel the cut” in between each piece, then “go” again to cut the next piece, check the “mirror” box, and cut. And do it all over again for each of the 8 screens. I WAS a pain in the rear, but I finally got through it before I used up all my vinyl with wasted cuts. This iron on has about a hundred gazillion teeny tiny pieces, so a pair of tweezers was a really handy piece of equipment. It turned out really great and I am so proud of it! 

My finished Peppa Pig iron on for Parker

My finished Peppa Pig iron on for Parker

I haven’t seen Parker since I finished this, so he doesn’t have it yet. Therefore, I have no picture of it with him wearing it. I’ll come back later when I get a pic and update here. I also made a pair of shorts with some Peppa Pig fabric I found in a fabric selling group on Facebook. I thought I had a boys shorts pattern, but I did not. I DID have a pattern for a pair of pajamas that included a short version so I used that, and the slash pocket piece from a different pattern, to make these shorts with side pockets. Because, you know, boys need pockets for all their stuff. 

The new outfit I made for Parker.

The new outfit I made for Parker.

I can’t wait to see his face when I give it to him! 

What have you made this week? Do you have a Cricut? What do you use it for? Did you work on any sewing or crafting projects? I’d love to hear about them. 

My Etsy Shop Sale

I have closed my Etsy shop, and moved my store to my website. You can click here to find it. I have more new items coming.

I have had an etsy shop for a while now. When I moved my blog to WordPress last year, I tried having my own shop here, but it proved to be a big ol pain in the sit down place, so I moved it back over to etsy. It is easy peasy to list things for sale there, even special orders when people ask me to make things for them. It is also easy for people to pay me using paypal or their credit card. So, that is why I am still using my etsy shop.

I have just created a 10% off coupon for my readers to use, so if you have had your eye on something over there, now is the time. The coupon will be good thru the end of January for my Snow Days Sale. When you place your order, enter the coupon code snowdaysale to get your 10% discount. Here are a couple of the cute things I have for sale over there:

Everything in the shop is on sale, not just the ones pictured here. Hurry on over there and get your Fab goodies now!

What Goes Around…

When my daughters were young, I was their Girl Scout leader for more than eight years. We did lots of things in Girl Scout Troop 147–we camped, we went on lots of out of town trips, we sold cookies, we sang songs. But one of the most important things we did was community service projects.

Girl Scout Troop 147 in Savannah, maybe 1988? 89?
(Jimell is back row, far right)

We visited the local nursing home to play bingo with the residents once a month. We made tray decorations for Meals On Wheels. We collected food for the needy and helped deliver the boxes when the girls were older. For the girls in our troop, the community service projects were a very important part of being Girl Scouts.

Last year, I joined Facebook, and have connected with many people I have known over the years through there. Many of my former Girl Scouts have “friended” me on Facebook, and I have been very proud to see how they have grown and matured. One of them, Jimell, is a stay at home mom to four beautiful children. Her son, Coby, thought up a neat community service project of his own.

Coby is making bookmarks to sell in his mom’s Etsy store. The money he makes on them is going to be spent buying books for his school library. I think it is a very good thing for him to do on his own. What a good kid!

Jimell says:

….”Coby just turned 8 in May and is going into the 3rd grade. He loves making crafts with me and has made bookmarks for his classmates and other friends and has always had fun creating new designs. He was brainstorming last week and asked if he could make some to sell on my Etsy shop. He thought of the idea of selling them to buy new books for his school library since they were doing a ‘bookraiser’ this last school year. I told him I thought it was a great idea and I would help him get the word out if he made the ‘Marks’ as he calls them. He made me agree on one condition…he got to read the books first before he took them to Mrs. Rachel (the librarian)”….

and here is what Coby says:

…”Hi, my name is Coby and I am 8 years old. I am in the 3rd grade. I love to make crafts like my mom. I love to read. I want to get my school some new books for the library. I came up with the idea to make book marks and sell them on my mom’s shop to raise money to buy new books. I make all my book marks myself but my mom lets me use her stuff.

Please buy a book mark from me. They are good for your Bible or a gift. Buy a bunch! I can make any color you want, just tell me. Thank you…”

(Coby with the first book he bought for his school.)

If you would like to purchase one of Coby’s bookmarks, to help buy books for his school, click here. New books for kids are always a good idea.

Going to Quartzsite

Some years ago when I first met my mother and father in-law, they went “out west” every year for a few months in the winter. They were the first ones who told me about Quartzsite, and all the fun they had out there, camping in the desert with their friends, and going to the gem and mineral shows, and the flea markets. I was hooked! Yes, Poppa, it’s y’alls fault!

So, on Friday, I got to go there myself for the first time. I was like a kid on sugar filled kool-aid, I was that excited.

We saw this 1963 Cushman motorcycle at the flea market there. FabGrandpa told me all about how his dad used to work on them at his second job, after he got off work at the Navy.

Wow, it still works, and had the original paint, and they only want $4,000.00 for it. What a great deal.

The flea market had lots of neat stuff. I bought some vintage skeleton keys, and here is what I did with them:

(Click on the pictures to go to my Etsy store)

But the best part was going to the bead and rock stores. Lynda and I had such a good time in there. I bought a bunch of stuff, so did she, and we have been spending all our free time in the cargo trailer, I mean Girlie Playhouse, making stuff:

This one is made with polished rocks and glass beads. I have put a lot of new things up in my Etsy store today, go take a look.

We only went for a few hours, but we have plans to go back soon. My head is spinning with ideas for new stuff.

And The Winner Is…

Back on December 18th, I announced my Etsy store opening, and offered a contest to win a “Wait Book” in the color of your choice. I put all the names of people who entered the contest in a paper bag and drew one name out. And the winner is:

Christine of Chris’s Coop! Whooooo Hoooo! Yay Christine! So, Christine, you can email me at FabGrandma at gmail dot com and we can discuss which color you want from the choices I have available.

Y’all stay tuned, I have more stuff to put up for sale in the coming week. I am having so much fun making things to stock my store with!

The Girls Workshop

(Lynda at her jewelry workbench)

Lynda and Charlie have a cargo trailer that they pull behind their motor home. While they are traveling, they drive their car up into the trailer, and pack up their crafting tools. When they park somewhere, the car comes out, and they set up Lynda’s workshop, where she makes jewelry out of silverware and wire wrapping. She’s pretty good at it. Charlie makes fountains and other stuff.

(My sewing table)

Today, we got to work, well, they did mostly, of setting up the workshop. They let me put up my sewing machine and sewing stuff on the other wall. I am so excited about this set-up! Now, Lynda and I can sit out there, in our girlie play-house, and make our crafty stuff, and just have a good old time!

After we got it all set up, I made another Wait Book. This one has is made from a Noah’s Ark print fabric with solid brown. It’ll be for sale in my Etsy store .