Going To Alabama IX

We may get to Alabama eventually, but for today we just stayed put at Tom Sawyer RV Park. The weather map looked like it was going to rain buckets and we don’t like to travel in weather like that.

I made breakfast at home, but when lunch time rolled around, we decided to go to a place we passed on the way to the campground. Willie Mae’s Rib Haus in West Memphis:

Willie Mae's Rib Haus

For as long as I have known FabGrandpa, when we have traveled, we have eaten at the local places whenever possible. He’ll look at me and say “are you scared” and I’ll reply “no!”  This place was by far nowhere near the finest or the cleanest of places we’ve been, but oh! my! gosh! was it ever delicious!

He had a pork shoulder barbecue sandwich–it so big there was no way he could pick it up to eat it.  I had a barbecue rib plate.  Both of our selections came with two sides–a choice of fries, baked beans, or slaw. We also ordered one fried catfish fillet to share. Needless to say, I’m NOT cooking dinner tonight. Lunch was enough for the rest of the day.  The bill came to just under $17.  If you ever find yourself in West Memphis, Arkansas,  take yourself there for lunch. It’s right on Hwy 70 west of downtown.

Going To Alabama VI

Leaving Oklahoma

While we were getting ready to leave the KOA in Sallisaw this morning, our neighbor on the next sit struck up a conversation with FabGrandpa. The guy asked where we were headed, and FG said “Memphis.”  The neighbor guy told us about a campground right on the river in West Memphis, saying it was a very nice park and he recommended it. So, I called Tom Sawyer RV Park and made a reservation. I was excited about it all day! Imagine having the Mississippi River in your back yard!

The Ozarks in Arkansas

The scenery changed again as we crossed into Arkansas. From the gently rolling hills of Oklahoma, it transitioned into hazy mountains off in the distance.

More trees and vegetation

In some places the vegetation looked more like our home state of Georgia, with oaks and pines along the sides of the highway.

Electric lines coming from the power plant

No more wind farms here–they use steam power to generate their electricity here.

lots of water here

That’s probably because there is a lot more water here than we have seen in days. The farther east you go, the more water there is. We crossed several lakes and rivers today.

I-40 in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock was nothing like Oklahoma City! This is the extent of the traffic we saw there today.


Part of my job in the truck is to keep the driver entertained, comfortable, and happy. Looks like I accomplished that today!

flat again

Once we got past Little Rock, the landscape became mostly flat farm land again. Looks like they grow a lot of corn, soybeans, cotton, and sorghum around here.

messing with the camera

After days in the truck, you do get a little bored from time to time. Here, I was messing with different settings on the camera to come up with this interesting photo of the road ahead.

Those guys have a trailer like ours!

Those people passed up flying! The trailer was swaying side to side like crazy. I know they must have been going about 85 miles an hour. We try to keep it under 65. That trailer is just like ours.

The entrance to Tom Sawyer RV Park

We got off I-40 at exit 271, and took US 70 east to S 8th Street in West Memphis. This is the entrance road to Tom Sawyer RV Park.

our site at Tom Sawyer

out the kitchen window

They aren’t kidding about being right on the river! this is looking out my kitchen window! This is so great!

The sites along the river have level concrete pads–full hook ups and free laundry facilities for $33 per night. We’re staying 3 nights here.They do Good Sam discounts, too.

Night on the river

I took my camera and tri-pod to the river bank and sat on the bench there. This is view of where I-40 crossed over the Mississippi about 12 miles away. While this is not a very clear shot, I think it is pretty dang good for the cheap camera I have.

The Jayco

And here is our trailer, all set up, on the Mississippi River in Arkansas. I love this life!