Campground Review: Mission RV Park, Russellville, Arkansas

Mission RV Park

We stopped for the night at Mission RV Park in Russellville, Arkansas. It was a very short drive off exit 78 on I-40. The campground is run by the owners, who live on the property. They have quite a few permanent residents here, but they don’t allow residents to accumulate a lot of junk on their sites, so the campground looks very nice.

The entrance road to Mission RV Park in Russellville

The campground has 45 RV sites, with about a third of them being pull through. The sites that back up to the lake are for campers who stay for more than one night. Rates for a 30 amp site are $27 per night plus tax, making it $29.43 for up to four people on the site.

Our site was quite level on the pad

The site we stayed on had a concrete pad that was very level, but but the concrete pad was very short and probably wouldn’t accommodate a longer RV. While the site itself is long enough for larger RVs, it gets out of level off of the concrete pad.

View of Lake Dardanelle from the activity building

While there is a view of Lake Dardanelle from the campground, there is no boat access or easy fishing access from the campsites. There is a Corp of Engineers boat ramp nearby.

The laundry room

The laundry room has two washers and two dryers, and an iron and ironing board for use by campers. The showers are also in this building.

The ladies shower room

You are only two miles from Arkansas Nuclear One, a power generation plant on Lake Dardanelle, and they even tell you that on their website:

Arkansas Nuclear One

What they don’t tell you about is the train tracks that run along side of the campground. The trains run on a very regular schedule and can be quite loud as they rumble by. I would however, recommend this park to anyone who is traveling thru the area on I-40.

Roadtrip: Georgia to Arizona, 2nd Day

We woke up earlier than we wanted to this morning, thanks to the camper next door cranking up his muffler needing truck and letting it run for 10 minutes before roaring off down the road somewhere around 6:15 a.m. After spending an hour or so drinking coffee and reading emails and news, we got on the  road pretty early.

I saw this cute little doggie just sitting in clover on the side of the road when we stopped for fuel,. He just looked so happy sitting there:

Rover in Clover

We stopped for breakfast in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Olive Branch, Mississippi. I cooked up some sausage, eggs, and toast before getting on the road again. It wasn’t long before we crossed the state line into Tennessee:

Welcome to Tennessee

And then just a few short miles later we crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas:

Welcome to Arkansas

I love bridges! I especially love this bridge and always take as many pictures of it as I can while we are crossing over it.

Mississippi River Bridge on I-55

So far, we are getting really good mileage with the rig–13.8 miles per gallon. We stopped for fuel at Flying J in Russellville, Arkansas, where diesel fuel was $4.039 per gallon. That is lower than it was in Georgia, where we saw it for $4.219 per gallon on I-20 last week.

We stopped for the night at Mission RV Park in Russellville, Arkansas. Tomorrow, we’ll go half way to Shamrock, Texas, wherever that might be.

Monday Mingle Vlog Hop

Sunset over the MIssissippi River

Here I am again, with a vlog playing along with Jennifer from Eighty MPH Mom in her Monday Mingle. She asked these three questions:

1. Have your kids brought home any colds/flus from school yet to share with the family? If you don’t have kids, have you been sick recently?
2. What is something that you are obsessive about at home (cleaning, order, etc.)?
3. What is the best Halloween costume YOU have ever worn?

I tried to stay on target with my answers this week, even writing down the questions before I started. I really hope you enjoy this week’s hop, and join in if  you want! If you have never done a vlog before, it is not that hard! I only had to start over six times!

Gathering Up Some Southern To Take To Arizona

Today was a little more laid back than the last few days for us. We slept in, then piddled around the house for a couple of hours before setting out to look for a place to get some breakfast. We wound up back at the Cracker Barrel, where we always know we’ll get a good meal.

After breakfast we went over and picked up the new tire for the trailer, went to the post office to mail off a couple of packages, then the car wash to spray that Mississippi River mud off of the truck. The last stop was the local independent grocery store.

I picked up a 15 pound box of catfish fillets, 2 bags of frozen okra, 2 bags of frozen butter peas, 1 bag of frozen field peas, and 2 bags of a fish fry breading made of corn meal and some spices. My tiny RV freezer is crammed full of good southern food!

catfish fillets, okra

My freezer is stuffed with southern goodness!

Because you know they don’t sell okra or catfish in Utah.


Seeing The Sights In West Memphis

So if you’ve ever been to West Memphis, Arkansas, you know there isn’t much there. Today, we left home around 10:00 A.M. and were gone all day long, though. The first stop was the tire store, to order a new tire for the trailer. We have to pick it up tomorrow. Next was breakfast at Cracker Barrel. While we were eating, I got on the Map app on my Droid to find the closest Ford dealer. It just happened to be less than half a mile away.

Yesterday after we stopped for breakfast and fuel for the truck, the Check Engine light came on. Since it is a “new to us” truck, we weren’t sure what to think of that. I looked in the owners manual and found that it could be caused by poor quality fuel or by not replacing the gas cap correctly, among other things. But, to be on the safe side, we decided to have the truck looked at by the guys at the Ford service department.

beale street memphis tn

Sunset on Beale Street

Yes, it was Monday, and just like going to a doctor without an appointment on a Monday morning, going to the auto dealership for service on a Monday without an appointment meant a long wait. They did work us in, but we wound up being there until after 3:00 p.m. The service tech told us it could be that there was trash in the fuel, it could be that the gas cap was not replaced correctly, it could be ” a forced power shutdown due to a turbo malfunction. However, he could not duplicate the complaint”.  We decided to continue with our trip, and if the light comes on again, to take it to the next dealer down the road. If it does turn out to be a turbo malfunction, it IS covered under the extended warranty that we purchased, but the service tech didn’t really think it was that.

By the time we got home, we were hungry again. We had already made plans to go to The Kings Palace in Memphis for dinner, so we cleaned up a bit and took off to Beale Street. Dinner was delicious. We had crab cakes and gumbo as appetizers. The crab cakes did have bread crumbs in them, but I ate them anyway. Sometimes I just take the responsibility of that choice, knowing that it is going to make me feel like crap the next day. Those crab cakes were worth it to me.

After dinner, we strolled along Beale Street, stopping in at several clubs to listen to different bands. It was fun to hear all the sounds, see all the sights, and people watch. There were people of all ages, from the elderly woman with a walker to a little boy who looked about 3 years old. Everyone was enjoying the music. I loved seeing all the neon signs. I didn’t have my camera with me, just the Droid, so the pictures here are not that good.

blues on beals street

Inside Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street

Tomorrow we are going to just rest and relax.  Yeah, really. Right after we go get the new tire, go to the post office and the grocery store. Really.

Road Trip Time Again

As you may or may not know, Fabgrandpa and I live full time in an RV and work at the Grand Canyon during the season. It is time again for us to make our migration west for the job. We hooked up the trailer to our new truck for the first time today, and set out with a destination of Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis, Arkansas. It is right across the river from Memphis, Tennessee. We’ll be staying three nights here so that we can go down and do Beale Street again.

We LOVE the blues, and live blues is the best ever! Our first date way back in 1991 was at The Blues Harbor Club in Underground Atlanta. I think I fell in love that night, while having dinner and listening to the blues with my handsome guy.

FabGrandpa had a goal of leaving by 9:00 A.M, and we actually got on the road around 9:20. He is in his own little heaven driving the new truck. It has a  computerized diagnostic and information system on the dashboard, that figures the MPG automatically. I know this feature has been in vehicles for a long while now, but we have been driving a 1997 truck since 2001, so this is all new to him. For a guy who loves numbers, he is, well, orgasmic!

computerized diagnostic display panel f0rd f-250

FabGrandpa loves this!

Although we only drive about 55 mph while we are towing our trailer, we were making good time. However, the trailer seemed to be “wiggling” around back there, something it didn’t do when we towed it with the other truck. We pulled over to the side of the highway for a potty stop, and discovered that there had been a blowout on the trailer!

RV blow out

it was blown UP!

That tire was not only blown out, it was worn completely off the rim! So, from now on, if that trailer starts wiggling, we’re stopping to see what the problem is! We have talked about getting on of those tire pressure monitoring systems several times, but never acted on it. I think now is the time to just do it.

This is where I am so glad I have that Droid phone that I got back in November. It has the greatest Map app on it that functions as a GPS. It shows us as a little blue arrow on the road, and shows us moving along the road as we drive. When we pulled over and discovered the blowout, I had no idea where we were, except that we were on the entrance ramp to US Hwy 78 near Holly Springs, Mississippi. I looked back up the ramp, and there was an Exxon gas station over there.

I found the Exxon Station on the GPS app.

Instead of walking back up there in 86 degree heat, I opened the GPS app, went to the nearby places tab, touched “gas stations” and there was the name and phone number of that gas station. I touched the phone number, and the phone dialed the number. When someone answered the phone, I told them I was in the RV on the on ramp to Hwy 78 with a flat tire and needed someone to come and change the tire. They gave me the phone number for Ricky’s Towing Service. I called Ricky, and less than 10 minutes later, someone was there changing our tire. Incredible! Even more incredible when you consider that I had no idea where I was!

Ricky's towing service is great!

James from Ricky's Towing Service

James from Ricky’s Towing Service got the job done in just a little bit, charged us only $35, and had us back on the road in about forty minutes. We’re going to have to find a tire store in the morning, but I sure that Map app will find it with no trouble.

We finally got to Tom Sawyer about 4:45 P.M., and got the very last site with a concrete pad! At least that was good luck! There is only a small part of the park open right now, because the river flooded. They are working to get the sites that were flooded cleaned up and repaired.

It was still hot when we got here, so after we got set up, we went inside for some A/C and a cold beer!

New Grist Beer is gluten free and delicious

My gluten free New Grist Beer!

And just because the rig looks so good:

Jayco 32fks travel trailer

The new truck and the trailer look pretty good together.