This Week’s Specials at Fabgrandma’s Herb Shop Nature’s Sunshine

I have been a member of Nature’s Sunshine and have used their products for almost 20 years!  These six products are the Weekly Specials from now until March 28, 2016.  You can save up to 18% on them. And, if you spend $40 on products, you can get a free one year membership that lets you order your products at up to 33% off! What a great deal!

natures sunshine psyllium hulls


Psyllium Hulls capsules are a convenient way to add essential fiber to the daily diet. Psyllium hulls supply one of the highest levels of soluble fiber known, helping to maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range and supporting cardiovascular health.







Nature's Sunshine Noni Juice



Nature’s Noni Juice comes from the heralded noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia), which has been studied for decades for its many health benefits. Its unique phytonutrients nourish the body’s cells, organs and tissues while they reduce free radical damage. Noni fruit juice has a special, tropical taste. It supports the digestive, immune, glandular and structural systems as well as the female reproductive system. It may also promote a general feeling of well-being.




Nature's Sunshine Krill Oil



Krill Oil with Vitamin K2 provides an excellent source of EPA and DHA, essential omega-3 fatty acids. The body needs these nutrients for a variety of functions like cardiovascular support, brain function, joint and skin support and even the support of already-normal-range cholesterol levels. Krill also contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant carotenoid that gives it a natural orange color. Vitamin K2 is added for its support of the cardiovascular system and bone health.




Nature's Sunshine HSN-W



HSN-W is a favorite among women as it provides herbs that help support the structural system, specifically those that may help in the maintenance of hair, skin and nails. Dulse and horsetail naturally contain silicon, which works with calcium to support strength and flexibility in body tissues.





Red Mandarin




Red Mandarin essential oil (15 ml)
This sweet, tangy, warm scent is known to invoke tranquility to body and soul. Its scent is reminiscent of orange blossoms or a freshly peeled tangerine.




Nature's Sunshine Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil




Sweet Marjoram essential oil (15 ml)
Marjoram has an herbaceous and spicy aroma that has a calming effect on body and mind.





You can become a member of Nature’s Sunshine! It’s easy to do. Just purchase $40 worth of product and receive a one year membership for free!

Membership Benefits:

  • Purchase products at Member (wholesale) cost and save up to 33% off Retail cost.
  • Receive rebates of up to 20% on your own purchases.
    • 10% on orders between 100-499 QV (Qualifying Volume)
    • 15% on orders between 500-999 QV

$130 order = 130 QV (approx.)

  • Choose from over 500 quality products and more than 475 unique herbal formulas.
  • You can purchase as little or as much as you like each month.
  • Free health education.

Steps to Becoming a Member

  1. Add $40 or more of products to your Cart. (Member cost)
  2. Continue to Checkout
  3. Click the “Sign up” button in the “Become a Member” box.
  4. Complete the Checkout process.

I Am A Natures Sunshine Distributor

Fabgrandma's Herb Shop

Fabgrandma’s Herb Shop

I have been using Nature’s Sunshine products for nearly 25 years, and have sold them on and off as a distributor for almost 20 years. I have been happy with their products, and would like to share them with you all now. I finally decided to create an online store, and will be talking about one product per week here at

Fenugreek & Thyme

Fenugreek & Thyme

I am going to start off with the product that Fabgrandpa and I use the most. It is an herbal combination of Fenugreek & Thyme. It has many uses, but what we use it for is those awful sinus headaches and the stuffy nose that accompanies them. I am NOT a doctor, and I am NOT prescribing any medicinal or herbal remedies. All I am doing is sharing what works for us.

Fenugreek & Thyme benefits by supporting the respiratory system, keeping mucus thin, and soothing respiratory tissues. It contains mucilaginous compounds, which are gel-like substances known for their ability to help soothe tissues.  Thyme is known to support immune system and respiratory health, especially in the bronchial region and throat. The ingredients are simply Fenugreek seeds and Thyme leaves. The recommended use for Fenugreek & Thyme is 2 capsules with a meal twice a day.

I can say that I have used this product many many times to clear up nasal congestion and the headaches associated with it. It retails for $17.80 for a bottle of 100 capsules.

Become A Member:

If you would like to join Nature’s Sunshine so that you can save 33% on your product purchases, it is really easy to do. The membership costs $40, and is good for one year from date of purchase. Your membership lets you purchase products for member’s cost, and save a ton of money!

Steps to Becoming a Member

  1. Add $40 or more of products to your Cart. (Member cost)
  2. Continue to Checkout
  3. Click the “Sign up” button in the “Become a Member” box.
  4. Complete the Checkout process.

If you would like to place an order for any Nature’s Sunshine product, or become a member, just click over to my online store.