Sign Of A Scam!

I am always so excited when I get money in the mail! So today, when I went to the mailbox, and found this:

I was all, “Oh, I wonder who this is from?”   It didn’t take long for me to find out that it was a check from Truecredit for Transunion Bank for my cash back rewards from my credit card. Except that I don’t have a credit card that gives me cash back.

The so called check.

As you can see, I was so annoyed by this that I tore the whole thing up and threw it away. And then, I thought, I need to let the world know about this. So I sat there and put it all back together just so I could show you what these bastards are trying to do!  What if your grandmother got this, or your little sister? And what if they just signed the back of that check and cashed it? Well, if they did:

You get charged $159.99 a YEAR! for this service!!!

In the small print on the inside of the letter, it tells you that by signing the back of that check and depositing or cashing it, you are authorizing “Great Fun Club” to charge your credit card $159.99 a year for whatever the heck they do. But, if you sign the check,  you have given your consent for the charge, so you have no recourse. Be careful! Don’t do it! That measely $8.25 they give you as a cash back reward is part of the scam! How many people will just sign on the line and make that deposit?

The real reason they send this crap out.

And even though they tell you to read carefully before signing, how many people really will do that. Are they counting on people being busy and just trying to hurry up and get things done?

Vacation I: Signs Of Imperial Beach, California

While Imperial Beach, California is a great vacation destination, the main reason we go there is because it is where FabGrandpa grew up. His Dad was in the Navy and was stationed in the San Diego area for many years. One of the things I love about going there is that while we are driving down I-5 to Palm Avenue, there is a subtle transformation going on over there on FabGrandpa’s face. The closer we get, the happier he seems to become. By the time we see this sign, he is grinning from ear to ear. I can almost see his brain whirling with memories.

He is always shocked at first to see how much the area has grown and changed since he was a kid here.

He has a running narrative about how that place used to be a Piggly Wiggly store, and that place over there was where they went to the movies, and how it is hard to remember exactly where such and such was. But, it is still Palm Avenue, and Lydia’s Mexican Restaurant is still there.

The biggest grin of all is when we see this sign. It is the one where the road forks, and if you go to the right, you wind up in Coronado, and if you go to the left, you wind up on Seacoast Boulevard, at the beach. He loves this sign, because to him it means he is home.

I love to see this sign, because it means we are at our destination. We found this little motel the first time he brought me here in 1994. I do not know when it was built, but it was not there when FabGrandpa was growing up here. It was built on the beach where he used to play with his brothers and friends, about a hundred yards from the pier where they spent many days and nights fishing. It is the only motel in Imperial Beach that is right on the beach. We love it, and hope the new they build will be a place we love as much as we love this one.

This is the park at the entrance to the Imperial Beach Pier. I don’t know who designed it, but it always looks sort of like McDonald’s arches to me. There are several arches in different colors that light up at night. On warm nights we usually walk over to the pier and go all the way to the end. There are always a lot of people on the pier, fishing, strolling, walking, hanging out. It is the place to be in Imperial Beach.

Welcome home, FabGrandpa.

What They Do In Idaho…

This van drove through the RV park today. He said the donkey and the bull rode all the way from Idaho in there with him. All I can say, is, Idaho must be really weird.


Nothing To Do

Since I have nothing to do, I have little or nothing to write about. We did go to Wickenburg and eat lunch with some friends last week on Friday.

yes, that is me on the left in the pink sweatshirt. My hair is getting longer. I want it long enough to wear it in a ponytail. Next to me is a new friend, Berta, Gaelyn, the Geogypsy. On the other side of the table is FabGrandpa, Jim and Bev of YmeIsay fame. Food was delish as usual and company was most fun!

We drove over to the gas station to get some propane, and passed by a dairy farm. The dairies here in the desert look a little different from the ones we saw in Pennsylvania, though. They have fans for the cows.

I know they must get a lot of rain here sometimes, because we see these signs everywhere:

It Must Be A Sign

On my walk today, I saw lots of signs. This one told me the road ahead would be rough. I didn’t care because I was walking. And I had good shoes.

I didn’t know there was rabbits out here! But apparently there are, because he left his tracks behind:

Here a sign that there a LOT of water here just a little while ago:

This sign cracks me up:

Because this is McVay Road:

And this is 61st Street:

And then I saw a sign that it was getting late, and I had to hurry home to make dinner:

It Must Be A Sign

You’ll have to click on the picture to get the full effect of this–it’s a real gas!