As If I Needed A Reason To Sew

My granddaughter, Amelia

This morning my sister and my daughter in law issued a challenge of sorts:

Not being one to walk away from a challenge, I got to work right away, and this is what happened:

a cute ruffled handbag

It is not very big, just big enough for a not quite two year old girlie girl.

It's not much bigger than my droid

I am sure she is going to love it!

It’s National Craft Month. What are you making?

Bi-Focals For Amelia

Amelia in August of last year

Miss Amelia, my youngest granddaughter, started wearing glasses before she was a year old. She has lazy eye, or Amblyopia. I was surprised that she would keep the glasses on, but her Mummy, Sarah, says that it only took about two days for her to get used to wearing them, and now asks for them when she wakes up in the morning.

Amelia had an eye appointment yesterday, and was prescribed bi-focals! I had never heard of children wearing bi-focals, but apparently it is quite common.  She will get her new glasses, and if they don’t help her amblyopia in two months, she will have to have eye surgery.  I hope they help.

Running in Jan 2012, but without her glasses.


Oh, Now This Is Too Sweet!

I know I just made you look at Amelia yesterday, but OH. MY. Goodness! Look at this:

Miss Amelia turns 1 year old

If you think that is a good photo, just listen to this: My son made the #1, and my daughter in law and her friend took the photo in their garage, using a sheet as the backdrop. How smart is that? I think they did a fabulous job of it, and saved a ton of money too! Good job, Seth, Sarah, and Jennifer.

Happy Birthday To Me And Amelia

Today is my birthday, and while I have to work today, FabGrandpa and I will be going to Flagstaff on Wednesday and Thursday for our “weekend”. I know we’ll have some fun there, and I will buy me a birthday present. Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of my granddaughter, Amelia, who is turing 1year old today. Yes, she was born on my birthday last year!


look at her go!

Yes, she is wearing glasses now.

I could just eat these up!

Her first time walking–sorry about the sideways video!

Amelia In Her Curtain Dress

You remember I bought an antique curtain panel and made it into a dress for Amelia, my newest granddaughter?

Amelia's Dress

Well, look at this gorgeous photo I got today:

Amelia in her gorgeous dress

She is just so dang cute!

Amelia’s Dress Finished

I am so happy with how this turned out!

This has turned out to be a very satisfying project. That curtain panel really looks great in the finished product.

The pattern I used does not call for an overskirt, so when I cut the skirt, I cut it about 3 inches wider on each side than the underskirt, so that it would be “fluffy”.  I also cut it with the original hem at the bottom, and cut it 3 1/4 inches shorter than the underskirt, so that when I hemmed the underskirt, it is just the right length.

Here is the pattern I used, McCall’s 2053. I bought it in 1999, when Miss Sarah was born, and used it to make a dress for her, too.  Her’s was a baby plaid seersucker. It turned out just as cute. I made that hat for Sarah, too. I’m thinking this dress needs a more “baby bonnet”  looking hat, though.

McCall's 2053

I finished the back with baby snaps instead of a button, so that it will be easier on her mommy when she is dressing Amelia. Can’t wait to see the pictures, except that it is about the size to fit a 6-8 month old so I will have to wait. Sigh.

I’m sharing this on Everything Etsy’s “I Made It!” Blog Party