2015 Holiday Gift Guide: CDN Bluetooth Thermometer/Timer for Remote Control & Monitoring

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CDN Bluetooth Dual Probe Thermometer

CDN Bluetooth Dual Probe Thermometer

Here’s another gift idea for the tech savy cook on your list: The CDN Dual Probe Thermometer.
CDN’s new Bluetooth Dual Probe Thermometer & Timer (BT482) links to mobile iOS and Android devices via an exclusive CDN app, for remote control and monitoring of cooking times, temperatures and more.  It can store cooking history, images and personal notes that can be shared through social media or email. It features two stainless steel waterproof probes, and a new anticipation feature that predicts when food will be done. Here is a full list of features:

  • Measurement Range:
    -40 to +482°F/-40 to +250°C;
    10 timers count 24 hours by min/sec
  • Remote monitoring through iOS & Android mobile devices
  • Dual waterproof 304 stainless steel probes
  • 3.875″/9.8 cm probes (heat resistant up to 482°F/200°C; rubber grip at the bend up to 500°F/260°C)
  • 39″/1 m high heat sensor cable (heat resistant up to 716°F/380°C – excluding jack)
  • Preprogrammed & programmable
  • Meat/taste
  • Dual function
  • Dual progress display
  • Target range indication
  • Cooking history with graphic chart, image and personal notes
  • Social network and email sharing
  • Temperature alert
  • Distinct selectable alerts
  • Pre-alert by time or temperature
  • Anticipation time estimate
  • Up to 10 timers
  • Counts down
  • Stop & restart
  • Last count recall
  • ABS plastic
  • On/off button
  • Battery status
  • 2-way mounting: magnet/stand
  • Compatibility: iOS 7.1 or above; Android OS 4.3 or above; and Bluetooth® 4.0 capable (Bluetooth®Smart Ready)
  • 2 1.5V AAA IEC LR03 Alkaline (included)

The CDN Dual Probe Bluetooth Thermometer/Timer is available for purchase at KitchenCapers.com and retails for $69.99. It is also available at Amazon.com.


2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Zoko Triple Pop Maker

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This post is sponsored by Zoku.

Triple Pop Maker from Zoku

Triple Pop Maker from Zoku

Zoku started with a seemingly simple idea: What if we could freeze popcicles faster? After months of research, testing, and prototypes, their Quick Pop Maker was born. They knew they were on to something and soon, Williams-Sonoma agreed, picking them up for their holiday season.

The Triple Pop Maker comes in several colors

The Triple Pop Maker comes in several colors

Now, Moms everywhere are loving the quickness and ease of using Zoku products to make quick frozen treats for themselves and their kids. Know what goes into the frozen pops you serve your kids!

Zoku Triple Pop Maker

Zoku Triple Pop Maker

To use the Zoku Triple Pop Maker: Make sure the molds are COMPLETELY DRY and place the Quick Pop Maker in the freezer for 24 hours. Make sure the freezer temperature is set to 0°F. (-18°C) or less. Place the Quick  Pop Maker  LEVEL AND UPRIGHT IN YOUR FREEZER.  After the Pop Maker has been in the freezer for 24 hours, it is ready to use. You can find recipes on the Zoku website, or make up your own. Either way, you’ll be enjoying delicious frozen treats in just a few minutes!

The Zoku is available to purchase at Zokuhome.com and retails for $49.99. It is also available at Amazon.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Tenba Camera Bag +Giveaway

xmas_gift 125logo_new This post is sponsored by Tenba.

The Switch 10 Camera Bag

The Switch 10 Camera Bag

Are you a photographer, or want to be one? Do you have a nice camera but nothing to carry it in? Or, do you want a better, newer bag that will also have room for your tablet and other gear? Then this is the bag for you, or for that person on your gift list.

The Tenba Switch Camera Bag

The Tenba Switch Camera Bag

The Tenba Switch Camera Bag comes in several sizes to accommodate whatever camera you have. The Switch 7, Switch 8, and Switch 10. I received a Switch 10 Bag. I love that it has so much room, AND that I can also carry my iPad in a pocket on the outside. I only have to carry one bag with me and still take all the things I need. This camera bag even has removable straps on the bottom for attaching your folded tripod!

Another incredible feature of this bag is that you can get different outside flaps that change the look of the bag. If you want a red bag one day, and a purple one the next, you can do that with JUST ONE BAG! Here are the colors available to purchase:

Color choices for the

Color choices for the “Switch” flap on the Tenba Switch Bag.

The inside of the bag is spacious, so you can put a full size DSLR camera and a couple of lenses in it. It is padded, and has nice padded separations to keep your camera equipment in good shape.

The inside of the bag is padded.

The inside of the bag is padded.

There are removable straps on the bottom that slide through loops, that let you carry your folded tripod with you.

The removable tripod straps.

The removable tripod straps.

Here is a picture of Fabgrandpa modeling the bag. It really is a great size for your camera gear and other things you may need on a photo shoot.

Fabgrandpa with the Tenba Switch 10 Camera bag.

Fabgrandpa with the Tenba Switch 10 Camera bag.

Specifications of the Tenba Switch 10:
Catalog #   633-303
Weight       1.6 lbs(0.7 kg)
Exterior Dimensions 12W X 9.5H X 5.5D in. (30 X 24 X 14 cm)
Interior Dimensions 11.5W X 8.75H X 4D in. (29 X 22 X 10 cm)
Laptop Compartment 11.25W X 7.75H X 0.5D in. (29W X 20H X 1D cm)
Fits iPad® or similar tablet up to 10 inches

Features of the Tenba Switch 10:

Tenba’s unique Switch removable covers let you change the color and look of the bag to match your personal style.

Silent, magnetic closure means no loud velcro noises when opening the flap. Secondary snap closure provides extra security and is still super quiet.

Quick Access™ zipper lets you securely swap out cameras and lenses without opening the front flap and exposing an entire camera system to prying eyes in unfamiliar or dangerous locations.

Front flap extends over the bag to provide excellent weatherproof coverage at the corners, and small weather flaps fold down for additional protection.

Included WeatherWrap rain cover is removable and reversible, with silver on one side to reflect the heat, and black on the other side for a bit more stealth and subtlety.

Neoprene interior pocket for lens caps or filters.

Stretchy mesh pockets provide quick access storage on the outside of the bag.

MOLLE-compatible side loops to attach accessory pouches.

Zippered front accessory pocket has stretchy neoprene pockets inside, plus a metal key clip and D-ring to securely attach card wallets and other tools.

Full-length zippered front pocket.

Shoulder strap made with seatbelt-grade webbing and includes integrated, non-slip shoulder pad.

Protective, EVA foam dividers can be repositioned in any configuration.

Padded interior protects a mirrorless camera with 3-4 lenses, plus flash and accessories.

Tenba’s exclusive heavy-duty body armor base panel is water and abrasion resistant. This protects the bag if you have to put it down on a wet and/or dirty surface, and is easy to wipe clean.

Exterior: Lightweight 420 denier jacquard nylon with a durable water repellant coating.

Interior: Soft, brushed tricot and ripstop nylon.

Hardware: YKK zippers and snaps, contoured zipper pulls.

BUY IT: Find one of 240 dealers around the United States; and online at many locations including Amazon.com.

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win the Tenba Switch Bag of their choice of size, whether you choose the Switch 7, Switch 8, or Switch 10, with a Red Switch Flap. To enter, use the Giveaway Tools form below.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Merrithew Pilates and Mind-Body Exercise Equipment + Get Early Access To Black Friday Deals!

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This post is sponsored by Merrithew.

Are you ready for Black Friday? Merrithew’s Black Friday Deals are going to be great, and you can sign up to get them early by email! They carry exercise brands STOTT PILATES®ZEN•GA™CORE™, and TOTAL BARRE™, and will have over 300 products up to 50% off plus free shipping on orders over $99! What better time to get ready for the new year, and the new exercise routine that you have planned for yourself? (read all the way to the bottom for a giveaway!)

Here is a look at a few of the products they carry:


Mini Hand Weights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Mini Hand Weights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Compact and portable weights to keep you toned without adding bulk these mini-hand weights from MERRITHEW come in 4 weights and color options. Super cushy and durable these small hand weights are great for toning the arms and increasing the intensity of your workout and challenge stabilization and mobility of the arms, shoulders while imporving stamina and endurance. Retail $26.99

-Available in 4 weights/colors
-DVD workouts available **


Mini Dumbells Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Soft Dumbells Photography © Merrithew Corporation

MERRITHEW’s soft dumbbells can increase intensity and tone in a workout. These dumbbells are softer on your hands while still providing the same workout benefits of traditional dumbbells. They are perfectly portable and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises to sculpt strong, healthy muscles without building bulk. Retail $23.99

-Available in 3 weights/colors
-DVD workouts available


Total Body Massage Stick Photography Merrithew Corporation

Total Body Massage Stick Photography© Merrithew Corporation


Enjoy daily stress relief and self-myofascial release with the 18″ Total Body Massage Stick – a compact massager designed to alleviate tension, minimize stiffness and perform targeted massage for large muscle groups. Complement your stretching routine with self-massage to relieve trigger points and loosen muscle knots from fascia buildup. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide. Retail $19.99

Perform targeted massaging of large muscle groups
Release built-up tension and minimize stiffness
Increase circulation
Perfect for stretching warm-up or cool-down
Optimal for self-myofascial release (SMR) and physical therapy


Dynamic Armchair Pilates Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Flex Band Photography © Merrithew Corporation

This energizing workout allows you to boost core muscle strength – while exercising from the comfort of your armchair. Ideal for adults of any age, these exercises will help you improve mobility and endurance, and strengthen the torso muscles, arms and legs. Features 26 exercises in a 30 minute workout that you can customize to your liking. Retail $16.95


Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Handweights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Handweights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

This workout uses soft, light weights to help mobilize the body. First while seated in a chair, then while supported in a standing position. The exercises focus on core strength and stability, mobilizing the joints and improving postural alignment, keeping you active and fit. Includes 54 exercises in a 40 minute workout that you can customize to your liking. Retail $16.95


Flex Bands Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Flex Bands Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Flex-Bands™ are simple but extremely effective at working the entire body. Add to conditioning exercises – think chest presses, rows, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and squats – to create a full-body workout that challenges every major muscle group, while boosting stamina, flexibility, and range of motion. Flex-Bands also offers a more dynamic challenge than traditional weights. Unlike weights, where gravity can diminish resistance, these bands provide constant resistance throughout movements, so you have to work harder. Lightweight and portable, simulate Pilates Reformer exercises with Flex-Bands wherever a workout is required! Can be incorporated into exercises for all users regardless of fitness level or ability. Retail $9.99

-Available in 3 tensions, 5 colours and Latex versions

BUY IT: You can purchase these exercise aids at Merrithew.com.

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win a Merrithew prize pack! The prize pack includes:

MERRITHEW™ Softdumbells
MERRITHEW™ Flex-Band™ Regular Strength
DVD – Armchair Pilates with Handweights
DVD – Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Flex-Band™
Approx. $50 value

Use the Giveaway Tools form to enter the giveaway!

**Content © Merrithew Corporation, used with permission.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Ted’s Montana Grill

This post is brought to you by Ted’s Montana Grill
teds montana grill

If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who live in or near a city where there is a Ted’s Montana Grill, then you may already know how good the food is. Fabgrandpa and I have been to Ted’s several times now, and I can tell you first hand that no matter how many times you go, the food is going to be good each time. And, whether you take your family or friends out to dinner, or send them a gift card, Ted’s Montana Grill is an excellent choice for gifting during the holidays.

During our last visit to Ted’s, we started our meal with Bison Nachos. These were on the Starters menu. We ordered them to share among the three of us at the table, but the plate is big enough to order as your meal. The Bison Nachos are a combination of bison chili, pepper jack cheese, and fresh toppings over tortilla chips.

Bison Nachos

Bison Nachos

Fabgrandpa chose the meatloaf, again. He loves Ted’s Bison Meatloaf. His meal came with mashed potatoes, an individual Squash Casserole, and a roll. As with most other items on the menu, you can choose beef if you prefer.

Bison Meatloaf

Bison Meatloaf

My choice for lunch was the Ted’s Bacon Cheeseburger. I chose the bison version, and asked for avocado to be added. Oh, my! What a delicious choice! I asked for roasted asparagus instead of fries with it. Gluten free buns are available upon request at Ted’s.

Ted's Bacon Cheeseburger with avocado.  I ordered roasted asparagus instead of fries.

Ted’s Bacon Cheeseburger with avocado. I ordered roasted asparagus instead of fries.

I wanted a salad to go with my burger. There are several salad options on the menu. I chose the Wedge, which is made with a wedge of iceburg lettuce, bacon, and vine ripened tomatoes.

My Wedge salad.

My Wedge salad.

Finally, we ordered one slice of Wildberry Cheesecake to share. This cheesecake was so good! It had a berry sauce, and some whole blackberries as a garnish.

Wildberry Cheesecake

Wildberry Cheesecake

Inspired by the pioneer spirit of the American West, Ted¹s Montana Grill is committed to serving traditional, honest food accompanied with genuine hospitality. The menu is known for its modern interpretation of American classics using fresh, hand-prepared ingredients and sustainable practices. Selections feature timeless recipes made with the finest cuts of bison, including high quality, flavorful steaks and award-winning burgers amongst a variety of other unique entrées. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ted¹s Montana Grill was co-founded in 2002 by Ted Turner, the media entrepreneur, environmentalist and philanthropist, and award-winning restaurateur, George W. McKerrow with the mission of re-introducing the bison to America¹s table. The company was named one of 20 emerging restaurant chain brands by Nation’s Restaurant News in 2013 and earned TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2013, 2014 and 2015. To learn more or find a restaurant, visit tedsmontanagrill.com, likeTed’s Montana Grill on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

This year, Ted’s Montana Grill raised $303,303 through its partnership with No Kid Hungry, which is the equivalent of more than 3 million meals for children in need in America. Funds raised through the nonprofit’s Dine Out for No Kid Hungry initiative exceeded Ted’s Montana Grill’s 2015 fund-raising goal of $300,000.

Dine Out for No Kid Hungry is the largest opportunity for the restaurant industry to unite in support of ending childhood hunger in the U.S. Ted’s Montana Grill guests could participate in the Dine Out fund-raiser August 31- October 4 at all 45 locations. Patrons who donated $5 or more received a $5 gift card to use at Ted¹s Montana Grill in the future. For every dollar donated, No Kid Hungry can provide 10 nutritious meals to a child in need.

“We have passionately supported the No Kid Hungry mission for the past seven years,” said George McKerrow, CEO and co-founder of Ted’s Montana Grill. “Our goal is to use our platform in the food service industry to change the fact that 1 in 5 kids cannot count on their next meal. We’re grateful for our partnership with No Kid Hungry and will continue our commitment to making healthy meals accessible to children and students in our communities.”

Ted’s Montana Grill has partnered with No Kid Hungry since 2008, raising a total of $834,680 to date, or 8.3 million meals for kids.

Ted’s will be open for Thanksgiving Day. You can see the Thanksgiving menu here. The Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Feast includes side salad or cup of soup or chili, whole-roasted turkey and gravy with garlic mashed potatoes, herb dressing, buttered carrots, “Aunt Fannie’s“ squash casserole and cranberry sauce, and is served with their famous Apple Pecan Crisp. Take the whole family out for $25 a plate, and give Mom a break from cooking all day!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Artsy Clothing From Yizzam

xmas_gift 125I received a Tee Shirt from Yizzam. 




If you have an art lover in your circle of friends, you will be able to find the perfect gift for them at Yizzam.  This company has so many great works of art imprinted on clothing. Most all of the great artists are represented, including Van Gogh, Monet, Escher, and O’Keefe.


Van Gogh

Van Gogh “Irises”

You can get these wonderful prints on Classic Tee Shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Leggings, and more. They are available in kids size Small through adults size 4X.


Escher “Eight Heads”

You can also have your own art custom printed on shirts and leggings. What a great way to celebrate your artist friends creations! Prices range from $19.99 for kids Tees to $69.99 for Men’s hoodies, and can be purchased at Yizzam.com.

 Space Galaxy Cepheus Star Clouds Leggings

Space Galaxy Cepheus Star Clouds Leggings