Aureus Shoes For Men: Fabgrandpa Loves Them

I received a pair of shoes for Fabgrandpa in exchange for review. 


Fabgrandpa has been looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for, probably, ever.  He needs a shoe that has good support, and that is comfortable. He wants shoes that also look good on his feet. When I received an email asking if I would like to review a pair of Aureus shoes, we looked at the website together, and decided to accept the offer. 

Aureus Fortis

Aureus Fortis

The shoes Fabgrandpa chose are the Aureus Fortis. They are crafted with genuine leather inside and out. The padded tongue and collar, and elastic laces make these shoes very comfortable. Fabgrandpa especially likes the elastic laces. He can slip these shoes on quickly and not have to bend over to tie them. With his vertigo, tying his shoes has been a real problem, so that is eliminated with these shoes.  AM-TECH® Sole Technology makes the sole impossible to separate, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort and lightweight. I like that they are made with an anti-slip soles so that slip and fall incidents are not likely to happen. 

The Fortis shoes by Aureus look good on Fabgrandpa's feet.

The Fortis shoes by Aureus look good on Fabgrandpa’s feet.

Aureus has several different styles and collections of men’s shoes, so you should be able to find just the right shoe for yourself, or for Dad or your husband for any occasion. Just look how good Fabgrandpa looks in his Fortis shoes:

fortis shoes from aureus

Fabgrandpa styling in his Fortis shoes by Aureus

About the brand:

The Aureus brand started out manufacturing gold shoes, and grew in name among industry professionals such as PGA-major winners Larry Mize, Scott Timpson, John Mahaffey, and legendary Raymond Floyd. In 2014, Aureus expanded to include casual and lifestyle footwear. The backbone of why the shoes are so popular is not only the look, or theprice point, but the overall comfort.

Each Aureus brand shoe provides the consumer the greatest possible comfort with the least amount of sole separation. The company only uses 100 percent genuine top grade leather for the shoe uppers and inner linings. Now there is no more “sole searching!” The Aureus brand is known for:

  • AM-TECH® Sole Technology by AUREUS® is a scientifically driven shoe soling construction that is extremely rare in the footwear industry. Its complexity and difficulty in perfecting during the manufacturing phase makes it state-of-the-art, and its outsole features are one of a kind.
  • AUREUS® uses 100% genuine nubuck leather for its upper and inner lining, making it 100% breathable. This gives our shoes a premium feel along with smoothness and durability. These shoes are beautiful on the outside and the inside.
  • All AUREUS footwear comes included with a reusable shoe tree. A shoe tree is used to maintain the original shape of the shoes and to limit the amount of wrinkles on the surface of the leather.

From wonderful wingtips to handsome every day shoes, Aureus is elevating mod mans’ style one colorful, comfortable step at a time. The new spring lineup introduces seven new brands and the classic brands include the Men’s Aureus Fortis which consistently ranks among one of the top comfort shoes and the Men’s Aureus Maximus Premium/Supreme.

Which style of Aureus shoes would you pick?

Shari’s Berries Hand Dipped Spring Cherries For Mother’s Day

shari berry

If you are still looking for an affordable gift for your Mom for Mother’s Day, then take a look at Shari’s Berries. They have quite a few selections available for any occasion in a range of prices starting at just $19.99. You can choose from cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, tea gift baskets, flowers, salted caramels, and much more. I tried the Hand Dipped Spring Cherries, and they were absolutely delicious. 

Hand Dipped Spring Cherries

Hand Dipped Spring Cherries

We received two boxes of ten hand dipped maraschino cherries. They were covered in white chocolate that was colored from plain white to various shades of pink. They were very pretty when plated, and were so juicy! Fabgrandpa and I shared them, eating just a few each night, and making them last for four days. They were just the right amount of YUM for after dinner. 

If you have never tried Shari’s Berries, you should seriously give them some consideration for gifts this spring, whether for Mother’s Day, for a Graduate, for Father’s Day, or even just for an “I love you” gift for any time.  The Chocolate Covered Strawberries are one of my favorite things that Shari’s sells. One or two of these luscious chocolate covered strawberries is all you need for a great dessert or treat. 

Shari's Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Shari’s Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There is still time to order a treat for your mother or for yourself for delivery before Mother’s Day. Get on over there and get some for your family

Gifts Your Grandchildren Will Love in 2016

It can be surprisingly difficult to find gifts for your grandchildren that they’ll actually like, and every grandparent has faced the struggle of hunting down the perfect present. If you’re searching for the right gift for your grandson or granddaughter, check out this list and find the gifts that will definitely whet their whistle, no matter the occasion.

Pay for a Club Membership

If your grandchild loves a certain sport, is an aspiring artist, or wants to hit the theater stage, why not provide them the money for a membership to their favorite activity? You can help pay for their intramural soccer team, purchase a month of horseback riding lessons, or sign them up for a summer class with the local theater crew. Buy them some art lessons so they can wield that paint brush like a pro, or get them a summer pass to a local zoo so they can take in all the animals whenever they want. Membership presents like this are gifts that keep on giving. As always, it’s necessary to check with their parents to make sure the gift is something that can actually be used.

High-Tech Items

From cool keychains that light-up or a new tablet where they can do all their research for school (and of course, play their favorite online games), choosing something high-tech is sure to go down well with your technologically-inclined grandkids. A lot of kids have been requesting these hover boards, and while these are a definite splurge, this futuristic technology is sure to have your grandchild’s jaw dropping when they unwrap their gift.

Gifts of Experience

Instead of buying them something material that they may tire of in a few weeks’ time, give your grandchild the gift of experience. Websites like have a variety of active options your little one is sure to enjoy. Maybe it’s a horse-back riding trip on the beach, or a kayaking adventure on the lake. Just type in your location and the website will filter your results to see what kind of experiences you could give your grandchild without having to travel too far. Everything from hot air balloon rides to a passenger seat ride in a racecar are up for grabs, and you can bet your grandchild is going to enjoy telling his or her friends about their amazing birthday gift from grandma and grandpa.

Take Them on a Trip

Want to really blow your grandchild’s mind? Take them on a fun trip to somewhere you know they would enjoy. Book an Airbnb so you can get a better feel of the area you’re visiting, or find a last-minute hotel on If you’re unsure where they’d want to go, write a list of options that are within budget, and tell them to select their favorite. They will love getting to feel like they are a part of the process and you’ll be assured that they will adore the destination. Taking your grandchild on a trip just for them is sure to create a memory that lasts a lifetime and make them feel special on their important day.

A Shopping Spree

Let’s be honest, finding clothing for our grandkids can be pretty much impossible. They have their own styles and more often than not just want to find clothing on their own. Make your gift to them two-fold: quality time with you, plus a new outfit of their choice. Pick them up and take them to the mall for an all-expenses paid shopping trip where they can put together an outfit they’ll love. Have lunch together, and spend the day perusing the shops of their choice. Getting an inside look at how they pick what they want might help you for future presents down the road, and you’ll get to partake in some valuable bonding time. If you live in a different area, you can sign them up for a fashion box that will deliver fun clothes right to their doorstep. There are companies out there for both boys and girls, and they’ll love showing off their new threads to all their friends at school.

Never worry about finding the right present for your grandchildren again. Use this list as your map for the perfect gift and make for a celebration they won’t forget.

Monster Pile-on Game From HABA

I received product in exchange for review of this game.

Mini Monster Pile On

Mini Monster Pile On

My grandson, Parker, who will be three years old at the end of January, loves the Monster Pile-On Game. Parker has some speech delays, but he is learning more and more words each day. This cute game from HABA helps children with concentration, language, and motor development, so I thought that this would be the perfect game for him. 

Parker loves his Mini Monster Pile On Game

Parker loves his Monster Pile-On Game

These friendly monsters love being stacked to form a giant pyramid! Kids can match the dowels with the colors of the monsters and carefully slide them in between each figure without knocking them down. There are  5 quick games with varying rules and difficulty levels to provide engaging play and stacking fun for toddlers ages two and up. The game includes 12 cute stacking monsters, 12 colorful dowels, 1 stacking frame, 4 tiles and 1 die. The instructions come in several languages including English, French and German. Your child will have tons of fun playing with Monster Pile-On, either by him or her self, or with Mommy or Daddy. 

The Monster Pile-On Game from HABAUSA is made of beech wood, and is painted with non-toxic paints. It will last a long time even with lots of playtime. Hazard Warning! This game contains small parts, which could be a choking hazard, so it is not recommended for children under three years of age. 

Mini Monster Pile On Game

Monster Pile-On Game

The Monster Pile-On Game is available for purchase at HABAUSA  for $24.99 or at This game would make a great Valentine gift for a toddler on your shopping list. 

Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why

I received a copy of Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why for review. 

jack hannas big book of why

At some point in every child’s life they go through an animal phase. It makes sense that most children will eventually enter this phase because as soon as our toddlers can talk we start teaching them animals sounds, and of course animals are awesome. Nothing makes me smile faster than a litter of adorable puppies.

My son fell in love with animals as a toddler, but he never really outgrew that phase. When he entered elementary school he would come home and tell me about the birds he saw at school that day, and he knew everything about them. He could name any bird we saw while out in town and he could even tell the males from the females. I have to admit, I was impressed. I don’t personally find birds that interesting so to see how much he was learning at such an early age caused me to take notice.

It wasn’t long before we were watching Animal Planet at all hours, and Shark Week was like a weeklong celebration that led to lots of online research.

My son is now in Middle School and his love for animals hasn’t waned. He’s quite a dramatic character so I often tell everyone that my dream job for my son would be an animal show host. He has both the personality and the knowledge and love of animals.

If your son is anything like mine, chances are he devours all books on animals. I can’t even tell you how many books we own. We could start our own animal library. One of the newest books we have added to our collection is Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why.

Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why will take you and your child on a journey through the animal kingdom answering the questions children love to ask about animals. With 176 pages, this hardcover children’s book is organized by habitat—deserts, grasslands, forests, rainforests, the ocean and poles. It features close-up beautiful color photographs and illustrations. It also contains amazing animal facts and quizzes about your child’s favorite creatures from around the world.

Wondering what kind of questions Hanna’s new book answers?  Hanna says  “This book answers some of those tough animal related questions—Why don’t fish sink?  Why can’t penguins fly?—in a format that makes learning fun and easy for children!”

Those are some pretty tough questions, and I think any child would love learning the answers to them. I know my son did!

Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why is $19.99 and you can purchase it here. What’s your child’s favorite animal book?

Thanks to Shasta over at Faithfully Free for guest writing this post for me. 

Capabunga Wine Savers and Wineglass Markers

unnamed (2)

Now that the holidays are over, and we’ve all gone back to work or to school, we may still be looking for the perfect gift===for OURSELVES! I know you got gift cards for Christmas. Those Visa, American Express, or countless other gift cards that you may have received could be put to good use on this new product from the folks at CapaBunga — the CapaBunga® Gift Set.

The Capabunga Gift Set

The Capabunga Gift Set

The Capabunga Gift Set  is the only gift set you’ll need to purchase for the wine lover – whether that is you, your friends, or for a co-worker. This wine storage and service kit is priced at just $29.95. It’s a wonderful gift set that will be used over and over. 

Each gift set includes:

Two CapaBunga® wine savers — This reusable silicone cap reseals a bottle of wine after you remove the cork. It’s made to resemble the bungs used to seal barrels during winemaking.  Remove the cork and re-seal the bottle; it is liquid tight and the open bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking. Perfect for fitting in that fridge full of holiday goodies.

One CapaBubbles® champagne stopper — Keep your champagne popping for up to a week with this totally awesome champagne stopper.  Perfect for storing leftover bubbles after holiday parties, New Years Eve or any special occasion – even Friday nights! Great for those Sunday mimosas and brunches, too.

One set of six GlassWhere™ glass markers — These modern silicone wine glass identifiers tags cling to the glass so it does not slip off when you drink or clank against the glass when you swirl. You can write on, wipe off and reuse them. Perfect for every party. You can purchase the Capabunga Gift Set at Capabunga, Bed Bath and Beyond,, and many more websites.