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Farm Family Fun Around Laurel Mississippi

I am pleased to introduce my son-in-law, Ken McCarron, who is an enviromental consultant, and the author of this post. He lives in Denver, Colorado with my daughter, Becca. They have two dogs, Konza and Lexi. 

Traveling with kids near Laurel, Mississippi and looking for outdoor activities just a short drive from town? You may want to get out of the car and check out some of these fun attractions for the preteen set. With a dairy farm, a replica homestead and village, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes, you’ll not only find places to stretch your legs, but some family fun and entertainment, too!  Every year, some of the farms in the region open their doors and give eager visitors a chance to connect with local farmers and learn about and experience working farms.  Most of these activities are seasonal so be sure to check with their websites for scheduled events.  Also, please remember these are working farms so wear appropriate clothing, older shoes (not open toe), and maybe a change of clothes/shoes if it is muddy.

Lazy Acres Plantation

(596 Lazy Acres Road, Chunky, MS 39323): Lazy Acres has two main crops, Christmas trees and pumpkins.  Like many farms their big season is fall with the harvest of the pumpkins and then later the cutting of Christmas trees. However, they also have an annual Easter egg hunt and Breakfast with the Bunny at the farm in the spring.  Easter activities for children include field trips to the Bunny Patch, story time, Easter egg scavenger hunt with prizes, the previously mentioned Breakfast with the Bunny, and chances to learn about the farm and farm animals.  During the fall there are wagon rides to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins, children’s educational talks about the pumpkin’s life cycle, giant jumping pillow and slide to play on, and a chance to visit with the farm animals. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are Christmas lights displays, Santa’s workshop, and a chance to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Please see the Lazy Acres website for details about events and schedules 

Landrum’s Homestead & Village photo from Landrum Homestead & Village website

Landrum’s Homestead & Village

(1356 Highway 15 South, Laurel, MS 39443): The Landrum’s Homestead and Village is only a few miles from downtown and has many great opportunities for family style events.  The village is a replica of a late 1800s settlement with over 60-buildings including a restored cabin, chapel, schoolhouse, general store, smokehouse, trading post, and a small replica Indian village. The site is open year round (Monday through Saturday) and welcomes walk-in visitors, however they do have special events scheduled throughout the year. During the spring they have Spring Heritage field trips (reservations needed) with demonstrations of  some of the everyday tasks for early settlers, wagon rides, nature trails, and tours of the buildings.  One of their largest events is the annual Christmas at the Village with visit with Santa, food vendors (kettle corn, smokehouse, and homemade ice cream), hand-made craft vendors, civil war re-enactments, a chance to meet and pet some of the farm animals, and lots of live entertainment. For a list of events and schedules please see their calendar on their website 

Ard’s Dairy photo sourc

Ard’s Dairy Farm

(3479 Orchard Lane SE, Ruth, MS 39662): Ard’s Dairy Farm is a working family run dairy farm near Ruth, MS, about a 1.5 hour drive west of downtown Laurel.  They offer year round tours of the farm (with reservations) and a chance to learn about dairy farming and “how your milk, butter, cheese, and cream magically appear on your grocery store shelves”.  Fall is their biggest time of the year with their Fall Festival in October.  Every Saturday in October they have tours, wagon rides, a chance to pet and feed baby calves, and their annual corn maze.  At night they have a bonfire, with bring your own marshmallows and hot dog cooking (they do have food available for purchase), and flashlight maze adventures.  Please see their website for updated information and schedules.


Mitchell Farms Photo Source

Mitchell Farms

(650 Leaf River Church Road, Collins, MS 39428): Just half an hour drive from Laurel is another great fall opportunity to learn about daily life on a working 1,500 acre farm.  Every fall (2017: September 30 – November 5) Mitchell Farms opens its door to visitors for their annual farm event.  Every weekend (also weekday school tours) they have tours of historic log cabins, antique tractors, wagon rides, pumpkin patch, chance to meet some of their “furry farm friends”, corn maze, and many other family fun activities.  More information can be found on their website 


Feeding Alpacas  Photo Source

A Stroka Gene-Us Alpacas

(383 County Road 155, Stringer, MS 39481): Every year the A Stroka Gene-Us Alpacas open up their farm to the public and host the annual Alpaca Festival on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  For groups of 10 or more they do have tours at other times of the year (with reservations) and they also host birthday parties (petting alpacas on your birthday is a must do!).  During the annual festival, families will have a chance to learn about these wonderful creatures along with the other farm animals (goats, Scottish highland cow, and four Great White Pyrenees) and the daily workings of the farm.  For more information about Alpaca Festival and tours please see their website .

Walk Among Nature Within A Short Drive Of Cape May, New Jersey

I am pleased to introduce my son-in-law, Ken McCarron, who is an enviromental consultant, and the author of this post. He lives in Denver, Colorado with my daughter, Becca. They have two dogs, Konza and Lexi. 
The wind it blew from Sou’sou’east,
It blew a pleasant breeze
And the man upon the lookout cried:
“A Light upon the lee!”
They reported to the Captain and
these words did he say –
“Cheer up my sailor lads,
Its the light on old Cape May.
(Traditional sea shanty from late 1800’s to early 1900’s)

Cape May, New Jersey is well known as one of the country’s oldest vacation resort destinations and claims to be America’s first seaside resort. Known for its rich maritime history, Victorian style architecture, restaurants, and beautiful beaches, Cape May attracts visitors from all over the world. In a county with only about 95,000 permanent residents, but with summer weekends where the population can grow to 800,000, finding places to escape and walk among the wetlands and trees and enjoy solace from the crowds can be difficult. However, Cape May is also a favorite destination for many birdwatchers and there are many natural hideaways just a short drive from downtown that can help soothe the weary vacationer. The locations that are presented here are ones with easy access and well marked hiking trails, with the farthest being only about 25 minutes travel time from the beaches, with most much closer.

Cape May, New Jersey

South Cape May Meadows

A very short drive (1.4 miles/2.25 km) from downtown off of Sunset Blvd, is The Nature Conservancy’s 212 acre (0.86 Km2) South Cape May Meadows. With an estimated 90,000 visitors a year and the close proximity to town, this may not be the least crowded location, but the ease of access and convenience allows for a nice easy side trip from shopping. There are two miles of trails, scenic overlooks, observation platforms, and other places to relax and explore the nature of the Cape May Peninsula. However, this is a preserve for wildlife and not a park, so there are no provisions for picnicking or recreational activities (no swimming, bikes, or pets) other than observing nature. Information about the refuge area and a trail map can be found at the Nature Conservancy website 


Garrett Family Preserve at Cape Island Creek

 Another short drive from downtown is another The Nature Conservancy site, the Garrett Family Preserve at Cape Island Creek. Located about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from downtown, take Seashore Rd north until you come to Wilson St and take a left. There is a parking area just over the railroad tracks on the west side of the property. Unlike South Cape May Meadows, this preserve does have provisions for picnicking and recreational activities such as biking, although trash containers are not provided so please carry out what you carry in. This 180 acre (0.73 km2) area of recovering farm fields (now wildflower meadows), upland forests, and wetlands was originally slated to be developed but was protect in 2013 through the generosity of the Garrett family. There are about 4 miles (6.4 km) of hiking trails that take you through the different ecosystems to picnic tables and shelters, bird blinds, arbors, and wildflowers, to help you escape and relax from a day at the beach or shopping. Information about the refuge area and a trail map can be found at the Nature Conservancy website

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge Office  photo credit Damon Noe and the TNC

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Part of the national wildlife refuge system for the United States, Cape May NWR was set aside to preserve key habitats for wildlife, but they also provide an opportunity for recreational use such as hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, environmental education, photography, and hunting. The Cape May NWR system is made of up of multiple land tracts broken up into three units and encompassing over 21,200 acres (86 km2): the Delaware Bay Division, the Great Cedar Swamp Division, and the Two Mile Beach Unit. The Two Mile Beach Unit is located just a short drive east (5.4 miles / 8.7 km) from downtown near Diamond Beach. This is a nice place to spend an afternoon, especially on weekends during the summer when the Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge often present Free Family Nature Walks including special walks to observe the ghost crabs and mole crab beach habitats. Information can be found on the Friends of Cape May National Wildlife webpage along with other activities 
The headquarters office and visitor contact station Cape May NWR is a longer drive from Cap May, about 14 miles (22.5 km), however, there are more opportunities for longer hikes and a chance to see more of the county as you drive some of the less traveled roads. The Cape May NWR website provides details about hiking trails  and activities  within the three units. In addition, the Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge also present some activities and walks at Kimbles Beach near the visitor contact station 
Directions to Two Mile Beach Unit: Go north on Lafayette St (109) and turn right at Ocean Dr., then in about 4.7 miles (7.6 km) turn right at USCG Entrance St. and follow this road until you see the Two Mile Beach Visitor Center on the left; the parking lot is on Two Mile Beach Access Rd. Watch your speed as you travel on Ocean Dr. towards Diamond Beach, the police like to park just before the entrance to the preserve.
Directions to Cape May NWR headquarters office and visitor contact station: It’s about a 14 mile (22.5 km) drive from Cape May to the visitor contact station (24 Kimbles Beach Road, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210); take Seashore Rd north for about 7 miles (11.2 km) and turn left at South Delsea Dr., go another 6.6 miles (10.6 km) and turn left at Kimbles Beach Rd. and the headquarters will be on the left in a few 100 feet.

Celebrating Sarah’s 18th Birthday

Some birthdays are more special than others, as we all might agree. Sarah, my oldest granddaughter, turned 18 this year on March 3. Her Dad, my son Seth, decided to take the family out to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate. We had a ton of fun,  lots of good food, and just about as much hugging and loving. 

The first time we met was when she was 10 months old.

Sarah was born in Guam, where her Dad was stationed with the Air Force at the time. We met when she was 10 months old, when she was traveling from Guam to England by way of Georgia. She was a beauty then, don’t you think?

In 2002, Sarah and her family came to visit in Georgia.

The next time we saw her, Sarah was 4. We all went up to Dahlonega to spend a few days in a cabin in the mountains. Aunt Becca took her fishing at the lake. 

Poppa’s girl.

Sarah has always been Poppa’s girl. She has always been happy to see him. 

In 2005, Sarah came to spend the night with Fabgrandpa and me at our RV when we worked at Stone Mountain Park.

In 2005, Sarah was living with her mother in Tennessee. They came to Georgia at Christmas to spend the holidays with her maternal grandparents house. She came to spend one night with us at Stone Mountain Park, where we were working. We took her to the 4-D theater to see the special Christmas movie that was playing there, where we all had to wear the 4-D glasses.

In 2016 Sarah and her little sister, Amelia, took this photo for Instagram.

This was a selfie that Sarah took of her and her little sister Amelia some time last year. 

Another Sarah Selfie.

love this photo of Sarah. It is so playful and cute. 

Playing the lead part of Mable in The Pirates of Penzance,

Sarah played the lead part of Mable in the school play, The Pirates of Penzance, last year. That girl can sing!

At our family reunion last October.

Sarah took photos of everyone at our family reunion last year in October. This the only photo of her that was taken!

She bit into her birthday cupcake, and got a chocolate mustache.

At her birthday party last Friday, Sarah bit into her birthday cupcake, and got a chocolate mustache. That led to everyone at the table, including me, getting a frosting mustache. 

She is not afraid to hug me in public.

Sarah doesn’t hesitate to hug me in public. I love that about her. If you look closely, you will be able to see Michael’s pink frosting mustache and beard. 

Aunt Emily brought the birthday cake.

Aunt Emily brought the birthday cake. It was a really good cake. 

The whole Douglasville family was there.

The whole Douglasville family was there. We were missing Aunt Becky and Uncle Rafe who live in East Cobb, and Aunt Becca and Uncle Ken, who are living in Denver. We all had a lot of fun! The Outback staff came out and sang Happy Birthday, and we all sang along with them. It was just a fun, fun evening.

Blogging Grandmothers Link Party

Owen and Amelia Have Moved Away To England

As the mother of a son, you have to go into grandmotherhood with a little secret tucked into the back of your mind. That secret is, that if he gets married, and has children, love up on them as much as you can, because if something happens in his marriage, and his wife leaves, you may never see your grandchildren again. 

Amelia amid the daffodils in England. March 2017

I’m not here today to point fingers, or to place blame on either one of them, my son or my ex-daughter-in-law. What happened in their marriage, in their home, between them, is not my story to tell. In fact, it is all none of my business and I know it. What IS my story, is that I have called myself the Fabgrandma for more than 10 years, and now that two of my grandchildren have been removed from my life, I feel like a fraud as a grandma. Even though I love those little ones so much that my heart may never heal, I still feel like I am not a good enough grandmother to be called FAB.

Owen March 2017

Even though there are four other grandchildren that still live close by me, and I try to see them when I can, my heart just hurts more when I see them. I guess it’s because the older two, Michael and Sarah, have lost their little brother and sister. I know that Sarah is heartbroken too. And, Spencer and Parker have lost their cousins. By the time they get grown up, they may not even remember their names, much less what they look like.

My little English schoolgirl, Amelia March 2017 

My ex-daughter-in-law left back in May, I’m not sure of the date. I know it was after Easter last year, because I was planning a big family dinner and Easter Egg Hunt at my house. They didn’t come, and I was so disappointed. I haven’t seen Owen and Amelia since before Easter 2016. I was not give the opportunity to say goodbye to them, and that was a big big hurt. 

Owen March 2017

So, one day in December I went to the mailbox, and there was a Christmas card postmarked from England. There was no return address, and no personal message written in the card. Their mother had signed both Owen’s and Amelia’s names to the card, even though they both can write their names. I was so stunned to get that card after so long a time, months long, that it was like a sharp knife plunged into my heart. I cried every time I looked at it.  

Owen with his fan on the bus March 2017

Then, a while later, I received another envelope with a postmark from England, and no return address. Inside the envelope were two hand made Christmas ornaments. One was signed on the back, again in their mother’s handwriting, Owen. The other, Amelia. There was no letter, no scrap of paper in the envelope, to tell me what these were, that they missed me, that they love me, nothing. I have received nothing since then. 

It is really hard to feel like a granny, a grandmother, much less a fabgrandma, when I don’t hear from my little loves. It’s hard to try to think about what they are doing, where they go to school, if they are making good grades, if they have accomplished big things, when I don’t even get to hear about it. I am missing out of their lives. More so, they are missing out on having a grandma. 

The pictures in this post were sent to my son, and he sent them to me. I don’t know why I am cut out of their lives entirely. Have any of you had this happen to you? Mothers of sons, wrap your heart tightly to your grands. 

Locating the Right Home

Have you lived in an apartment for many years? If this is the case, you might think it is finally time for you and your family to upgrade to a house. This will obviously be a very big step in your life so you should not rush into anything. Carefully look at all of your options because it will be a very large financial commitment on your part. There are many things that you should take into consideration before you settle on a house. Being an educated buyer will allow you to find the perfect home and save you money in the process. Here are some of the top considerations you need to make while house hunting.

1. Will the house be a good investment?

This is one of the things that many people do not think about before they buy a home. There is a good chance that you will not live in your new home forever. Therefore, you need to seriously consider how much potential a home has to go up in value after you have lived there for a few years. Is the home in a desirable area? Does the house sit on an attractive piece of property? Does the house have many features that potential buyers would find attractive? Basically, you need to be certain that you will not have a hard time selling the home. You will also need to get a solid return on your investment.

2. Is the house large enough for your requirements?

You should take some time to consider the space requirements that your family has. Do you have many possessions that you will be putting in the house? Will you be buying things in the future like gym equipment that will take up a lot of space? Will you be having more children while you are living in this home? These are all questions that you will need to ask yourself. You can then limit your house hunting to homes that are large enough for the specific needs of your family.

3. You might want to think about leasing your new home.

Taking out a mortgage is not the only way that you will be able to get a new home. The option of leasing a beautiful home from a company such as Invitation Homes could be an alternative that can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Invitation Homes housing is something you should seriously look into if you are lacking the funds to make a down payment on a typical mortgage. Homes that are leased are also maintained by a property management company. This means that they are always in outstanding condition.

4. Does the home come with all of the features that you and your family will require?

There will most likely be features that you have in mind when you go house hunting. You might not be able to find a house that has all of them. However, you should be patient and try to find a home that contains as many of them as possible. Make a list of the features that you want and give it to your realtor. This will prevent your realtor from wasting your time by showing you homes that you are not interested in.

Fabric.com: The Place To Shop For Spring And Summer Fabrics

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