Southern Charm and Gifts Shop New In Tallapoosa!

Y’all, I am so excited! Last week, I saw this new store in town, Southern Charm and Gifts Shop. I decided to go in and see what it was all about. And guess what? It is a store that sells handmade things. I contacted them on Facebook, and asked if they take crafts on consignment, and they do!

southern charm and gifts

Sharon from Southern Charm and Gifts in Tallapoosa, Georgia.

Today, I went and talked to them, and took the things I had on hand that I have made. They loved all of my stuff, so I signed a contract and put my things in the shop for sale. 

Southern Charm & Gifts

Southern Charm and Gifts is located at 2160 US Hwy 78 in Tallapoosa, Georgia

The shop is owned by Sharon and Jerry. They opened up not too long ago, and have several vendors already signed up. Things for sale are crocheted; metal art; wooden toys; handmade greeting cards; several different types of jewelry; and more. One of the neatest things I saw was art made from shotgun shells! 

southern charm and gifts

American Flag art made from shotgun shells!

Here are some of my things that are for sale in the shop right now:

southern charm and gifts

A handmade pieced tote bag.

Laptop Messenger Bag. 

southern charm and gifts

Laptop Messenger Bag

Some wallets and cosmetic bags.

southern charm and gifts

Wallets and cosmetic bags

I also have some Big Mama Aprons, and a few crocheted baby things. Here are some photos of some of the other things for sale at Southern Charm and Gifts:

southern charm and gifts

Jewelry by Kellie from K&M Coffee.

Handmade wooden toys

southern charm and gifts

Wooden Toys

University of Alabama Wall Art

Southern charm and gifts

Alabama Wall Art

Cutie cute crocheted baby sneakers:

southern charm and gifts

Crocheted Baby Sneaker Booties

Handmade Greeting Cards:

southern charm and gifts

Handmade Greeting Cards

There are a lot more things in the shop right now, too many to show all the photos I took. You’ll just have to make a trip over there to see for yourself.

I am sure Jerry and Sharon would love to see you there. 

southern charm and gifts

Jerry was a good sport trying on this pink crocheted scarf.

Southern Charm and Gifts is located at 2160 US Hwy 78 in Tallapoosa, Georgia. The phone number is (678) 573-8086. You can contact them through their Facebook page .  There is also a website for them, where you can order items online. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest too. 

What handmade items do you like?

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