IHOP Extends Their All You Can Eat Pancakes Thru February 12! Win A Gift Card, Too!

The anticipation has been building since fans took to social media last year to beg IHOP® Restaurants to bring back ‘All You Can Eat Pancakes.’ So, to thank loyal Breakfastarians everywhere, today IHOP announced the extension of this wildly popular promotion, which lets guests dig into unlimited orders of its freshly made, world-famous Buttermilk Pancakes for a great price* until February 12!   

all you can eat pancakes at ihop

How many can you eat?

Just in time to gather family and friends and celebrate the New Year, IHOP’s ‘All You Can Eat Pancakes’ offer features a great value on the fluffy, golden pancakes that set the breakfast standard almost six decades ago. After enjoying a full stack of five Buttermilk pancakes or a short stack of two pancakes with a combo plate of eggs, golden hash browns and choice of sausage, ham or hickory-smoked bacon guests can request additional short stacks of two Buttermilk pancakes until they’ve fulfilled their craving. ‘All You Can Eat Pancakes’ is available all day, every day for the month of January at participating IHOP restaurants nationwide.


all you can eat pancakes at ihop

All You Can Eat Pancakes at IHOP Thru February 12. How Many Can You Eat?

all you can eat pancakes at ihop

All You Can Eat Pancakes at IHOP Thru February 12. How Many Can You Eat?

all you can eat pancakes at ihop

All You Can Eat Pancakes at IHOP Thru February 12. How Many Can You Eat?

“The best way we know to kick off the New Year is to offer our guests’ favorite freshly made breakfast at IHOP’s best value.  Almost six decades after serving our first stack of delicious, made-to-order Original Buttermilk Pancakes, IHOP continues to bring people together,” said Kirk Thompson, senior vice president, Marketing, IHOP. “Every year our guests look forward to IHOP’s ‘All You Can Eat Pancakes’ offer, asking for the return of a great value on our signature pancakes, to be enjoyed any time of day, every day, for the entire month.”


*Dine-in only. All You Can Eat offer valid per person, per order. For a limited time. Price and participation varies.

Win a $25 IHOP Gift Card!

One of my readers will win a $25 IHOP Gift Card so they can eat all they can eat pancakes! Just use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter. Giveaway is for US residents only. 

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  1. susan smoaks says:

    i could eat 4-5 pancakes. i would be really full though.

  2. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Four or five would be my limit, my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach!

  3. I could probably eat 2 or 3 pancakes as they are very filling.

  4. Probably 3 or 4 at the most. But I’d try my best to eat more!

  5. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I think I may be able to eat around four but that might be pushing it! lol

  6. I would say challenge accepted and certainly eat more than 3 or 3 like everyone else is saying! You’d have to eat 8 in order for it to be a great special for you!

  7. Debbie Penney says:

    I think I could eat two to three pancakes in the all you can eat.

  8. Well, How many pancakes do I think I could eat in the All You Can Eat Special at IHOP, maybe 3-4 if I go light on the syrup.

  9. I can’t eat many, but I think my husband could probably eat 10-12.

  10. I could probably eat 3…my husband could probably eat 7!!

  11. As much as I love to eat, and as much as I love pancakes, I don’t think I could eat more than three at one sitting. I can never eat much at one time, but over the course of a whole day, I can manage to eat a heck of a lot.

  12. I could probably eat four. I love IHOP pancakes!
    Thank you!

  13. Jerry Marquardt says:

    If I am hungry, about six. Usually I eat only four pancakes in one sitting.

  14. sheila ressel says:

    I could probably eat 4 pancakes.

  15. I think I could eat 8 maybe 9

  16. I can eat at least 4 maybe more but 4 usually has me quite full

  17. I can eat the big stack with blueberries and I’m good

  18. I can eat the big 5 stack with blueberries and I’m good

  19. 4-5 pancakes

  20. I am not sure how big they are 4 maybe

  21. I could eat 4 pancakes.

  22. I could eat about 8 if I’m really hingry

  23. Natasha berry says:

    I could probably eat 3 or 4

  24. I could do 4

  25. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I think I could put away about 5…with the syrup 🙂

  26. Denise Higgins says:


  27. Mary Cloud says:

    Not many – three would probably be my max

  28. Kasey Williams says:

    Maybe 3, I not a huge pancake fan.

  29. I could probably eat 4 unless they’re the swedish pancakes then I could eat more.

  30. Its possible I can eat 3!

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