Choosing A Car To Fit Your Lifestyle

When my children all still lived at home, I always took them with me when I shopped for a car. We all “tried on” the car, to make sure it would fit our family. We spent so much time in the car together in those days, that it only made sense to make sure we all fit in it comfortably before I bought a car. It is very important to make sure to choose the vehile to fit your lifestyle! 

Three Kids and a Dog?

If you are a busy mom with three kids and a dog you will need to make sure that your entire family fits comfortably inside the car. What age are the kids? Some kids grow rather quicky from ages 12 thru 15, so make sure any teen have plenty of leg room to grow into. You’ need to choose a car like a Jeep Patriot or a Dodge Durango will fit your lifestyle for quite a few years. 

Empty Nest

As an empty nester, you can purchase just about any vehicle you like. Even though there are no children living in your home any longer, think about what your hobbies are? Do you sew, knit, or enjoy scrapbooking? Make sure the trunk is large enough to hold all the things you’ll make that you will be taking to craft shows, crafting meetups, and things like that. What about camping? Will this vehicle pull a small tent camper? You can be comfortable in a Chrysler Sedan or a Dodge Ram Pickup.

Grandma Babysitter?

You brought up three kids, right? Back when we were having babies, we could just put them in a box on the back seat. Now in order to even drive down the street with a child, you have to know CPR, how to rescue a baby trapped in a mini van, and have room for a diaper bag, a box of diapers, a ton of baby milk, and directions to the preferred pediatrician. By the time you get all the stuff in the car that you will need, you will have no more room for the baby! Look at mini vans, station wagons, and hatchback models like the Chrysler Pacifica Van

There are lots of different lifestyles out there, so it is up to you to determine which model of autos will fit you for several years. Do you see yourself stiff doing the same thing for longer than five years? The point is, try to think about the things you do that make you unique, and choose an automobile that will still work for you in several years. Not only will it save you a lot of money, it will keep you smiling as you drive it every day. You can check all the  different choices  that fit your lifestyle at Brennan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

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