Choosing Grass For Your Lawn

Climate is not the only factor that you should consider when choosing grass for your lawn. The yard space in your home might very well have its own micro-climate. You need to have a good idea of what the general climate in your area is like. If you live in an area that is constantly raining, you should consider getting cool season grasses such as ryes, Kentucky bluegrass, and fescues. Micro-climates usually differ from the overall climate due to the presence of a larger object: mostly houses, but the objects can also include bodies of water, trees, or large areas of pavement.

how to choose grass for your lawn

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If you take a walk around your house at different times of the day, you will understand this concept. The east side of your house is usually sunny and warm in the morning when the sun rises. In the afternoon, the west side becomes hotter and sunnier as the east gets shadier. On the north side of your house, it may be cool and shady the entire day. Conversely, the south side may stay warm and sunny all day. This proves that each side of your house has its own micro-climate, which depends on the movement of the sun.

Different types of lawn grasses adapt differently to the micro-climates of your home. Therefore, you need to look at the micro-climate of your yard before choosing grass. Alternatively, you can just choose a blend of different grass varieties when planting a lawn. Using different types of grass increases their chances of survival. For instance if you have a yard with both shady and sunny spots, you should plant a mixture of fescues and Kentucky bluegrasses. This is because Kentucky bluegrass flourishes in the sun but thins out in shady areas. The fescues, which are shade-tolerant, will fill out the thin areas.

When deciding which grass to plant in your lawn, you should look into different grass types and the conditions to which they can adapt. The following list of micro-climates will help you to choose the right grass to plant:

Choosing Grass For Shade

If your yard does not get up to 4 hours of sun a day, it can really mess up your grass. In the absence of sun, the lawn starts to thin out and is prone to disease and insects. Your house, fence, and trees are the main culprits of shade creation. You need to find different varieties of specific grasses that can tolerate shade better. Some cultural techniques allow shade-intolerant grasses to survive in the shade. You can try to water deeper but less often, mow higher, fertilize less, and stop others from walking on it. Decreasing the number of seeds planted will also reduce the competition for the sun.

Choosing Grass For Sun

Harsh sun that reflects off a nearby wall may cause your lawn grass to dry out faster. You need to compensate by applying more water; this keeps the grass from becoming weaker and vulnerable to insects.

Choosing Grass For Heat

Warmth that is stored in walkways and driveways usually radiates into nearby lawns. Those parts of the lawn dry out a lot faster, making them prone to pest invasion. Such areas need to be watered more often to counter the effects of the heat.

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If you want to take care of your yard properly, you need to have a functioning sprinkler system. When your sprinkler is on the fritz, you need sprinkler system repair services. Get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent your grass from drying out. Make sure that you hire a qualified person. Choosing grass for your yard based on the micro-climates there will go a long way in creating a beautiful lawn. 

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