Late on Spring Cleaning? Don’t Sweat It!

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It seems that spring for many of us has finally come and it’s nearly summer already. With such late winter and spring weather I am sure many are feeling a bit out of sorts with spring cleaning that didn’t get done because it was cold so late in the year. Now it seems a mad rush to the end of school and graduations, vacation plans and everything else that goes with the beginning of summer. So today we have some tips for getting yourself organized, prioritized and off to a late but great start to the summer season of fun!

If your spring cleaning got pushed back because of weather and long winter blues, these quick tips will help you get done enough to get by for now and not overwhelmed enough to ruin your summer.

Super-fast de-clutter

  • Go room by room through your home and get rid of the surface clutter.
  • No deep cleaning just the clutter you can see.
  • Don’t shuffle it around– put it away or throw it away.
  • You shouldn’t spend more than a couple hours per room.
  • If you have one catch-all room that you know will take longer, avoid that until you have a whole day to devote to that room alone.


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  • Wash the curtains or change them to pretty summery styles that let in all that natural sunlight.
  • Feather dust cobwebs from the corners, again no deep cleaning just cobwebs.
  • Sweep and mop or shampoo carpets- if you have many carpeted rooms hire a professional, look for multiple room specials.
  • Put essential oil diffusers in each room of your home with fresh citrus or flower scents.
  • Wash bedding and rugs; hang them outside if possible to get that fresh air scent.

Spring Cleaning To-do later list

  • Deep cleaning that really needs to be done.
  • Home repairs or upgrades needed that you find as you de-clutter and refresh.
  • Change out leaky faucets with Maestro Bath products
  • Note things that you want to give to charity or put in a yard sale.
  • Note anything else that is a major task to do later.

Plan work days for rainy forecasts

Check the weather forecasts to plan a deep cleaning day, home repair day or reorganization day when there is going to be rain or clouds. This lets you get the basic spring cleaning and refreshing done in a weekend and not feel guilty about deep cleaning. By planning ahead, you can concentrate on larger tasks for one whole day when you aren’t going to be rushed or stressed about getting it all done. No need to do all the spring cleaning in just one day.  That never works.

Start a new routine

  • Keep clutter under control daily, everything in the home should have its place and should go there immediately.
  • If a new item comes into the house, an old one goes out.
  • Assign family managers of certain rooms or tasks and delegate the upkeep to them.

With these quick tips and planned deep cleaning or repair days you should be able to get your house de-cluttered and refreshed in a single weekend. That will leave you free to worry about what fun you are going to have this summer and not the spring cleaning that did not get done.

There is no rule that says you have to do all the spring cleaning at once, or that it even has to be done in the spring. Most of us are craving fresh air and light when we want to clean and freshen the house, so do that and don’t sweat the deep cleaning all at once!

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