Diabetes Supply Case: A New Sewing Project

I have been wanting to make a pretty bag for a diabetes supply case for quite some time. The problem has been that I could not find a pattern for what I wanted. So, after exhausting all the searches on Google, I decided to just try to make one. This version needs some work. It is NOT perfect, but it still looks better than the plain old drab black case that is standard issue for glucose meters.It is pretty close to my vision for what I wanted to make, but I am not satisfied with it. However, it is a good starting place. It just looks all wonky. 

diabetes supply case

My first draft for a diabetes suppy case

I wanted a bag that I could take with me when we go out to eat, or when we travel. I thought for a long time about what needed to be in it. 

  • a place to hold ice, to keep my insulin cool
  • a place to put the insulin
  • a place to hold the glucose meter, lancette device, a pen, test strips
  • a pocket for insulin syringes
  • a pocket for used supplies (so I can dispose of them when I get home)
diabetes supply case

The zipper part turned out pretty good, but need a longer oner.

Then I thought about what else I wanted to be in it:

  • Slots for debit card, insurance card, driver’s license 
  • A zippered pocket on the outside
  • A place to hold credit cards
  • A place for a food/blood sugar diary
  • A travel size Beano (I take them at every meal to reduce the amount of gas discharged into my colostomy bag.)
diabetes supply case

The inside of the bag.

When the case is opened up, the first thing you see on the left is the pocket with credit card slots. I have six slots. These are holding a debit card, some alcohol swabs, and some business cards. On the right is a see through (clear vinyl) pocket to hold used syringes until I can get home and put them in a Bio-Hazard container. 

diabetes supply case

Insulated, vinyl lined removable pouch for ice pack for insulin.

When you turn over the clear pocket, the removable insulated vinyl lined pouch for an ice pack is located under it. There are hook and loop strips on the case and pouch to help keep it in place. I can put my insulin vials inside the pouch and zip it shut, where they will stay cold all day. Then, if we are traveling, I can remove the pouch, put the insulin in the hotel refrigerator, and the pouch of ice in the freezer section. It will refreeze overnight and I will be ready for the next day of travel or sightseeing fun. 

The removable ice pack is easy to take out and put back in.

The removable ice pack is easy to take out and put back in.

Just another view of the removable ice pack. It stays in really well with the hook and loop strips. 

Credit card slots

Credit card slots

The pocket for credit card slots needs to be improved a bit. This one is divided into six slots. I can put my driver’s license and a debit card in there, and not have to take my purse with me everywhere. I think that is a big plus. 

diabetes supply case

The glucose meter and test strips.

Turn over the credit card slots, and there are the glucose meter, test strips, an empty test strip container to store used strips until I can get home and dispose of them in a bio-hazard container, my lancet device, and ink pen, and my Beano. These look a little wonky too, but remember, I did not have a pattern, and I was making this up as I went along. 

diabetes supply case

Pocket for new insulin syringes

On the underside of the credit card slot pocket, is another pocket for my new insulin syringes. This pocket is big enough to hold a bag of ten syringes. I can keep other syringes in my suitcase until they are needed

case 09

This is not really bad for a prototype.

This case is not finished. It needs to have some bias tape to cover the raw edges (I did not have any gray or pink on hand), and a couple of other little tweaks, but all in all, it is not bad for a first version. I am going to add a cross body strap to it too. When we get home from our vacation, I am going to make another one, and do a tutorial post on how to make it. I am also going to try to make a pattern for it. It will have some optional features, because not everyone needs the same supplies. 

So, what do you think of my Diabetes Supply Case? What would you want in yours that is not in this one? What would you leave out? 

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  1. Wow! I’m really impressed. You’ve got everything you need, and since there’s a dedicated spot for each item, you’ll always have quick access to whatever you need at any given time. Well done!

  2. I have been looking for a case like this to make for one of my friends. I love this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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