2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is here! New items in the guide will be listed here as they are posted. I hope you find an item or two or three that you would love to give someone on your list. Thanks for stopping by. Click here to go see the 2016 Gift Guide Sponsors list. And here for the 2016 Gift Guide Linky, where you can see my bloggy friend’s gift guides.  



Carpet One

Carpet One Pink Ribbon Door Mat















 snowflakes  red-hat  red-gift  red-ball
 poinsetta  gingerbread  boot  tree  snowflakes  red-hat
 red-gift  red-ball  poinsetta  gingerbread  boot  tree
 snowflakes  red-hat  red-gift  red-ball  poinsetta  gingerbread
 boot  tree  snowflakes  red-hat  red-gift  red-ball
 poinsetta  gingerbread  boot  tree  snowflakes  red-hat