2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Vim & Vigr Compression Socks

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This post is brought to  you by Vim & VIGR

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Your friends and relatives who fly a lot, either for work or leisure, will love to get a pair of these VIM & VIGR  Compression Legwear. Compression socks have always been associated with hospitals to me, and they look like the medical compression socks you are given to wear after you have surgery, or have to lay in bed a long time. The socks from VIM & VIGR, however, are so pretty! You won’t believe they are actually compression socks.


VIM & VIGR Women’s Fun Stripes, Blue and Gray Compression Socks


VIM & VIGR Women’s Nautical Stripes, Fuscia and Light Brown Compression Socks

VIM & VIGR Women's Compression Socks

VIM & VIGR Women’s Nautical Stripes Navy and Cream Compression Socks


VIM & VIGR, a line of high-quality compression socks for men and women, works to combat cankles and the detriments of poor blood circulation that is common during travel. VIM & VIGR Compression Legwear for women come in lots of pretty styles and colors, from knee hi socks to tights to sleeves, and retail from $24.95 for the sleeves to $49.95 for tights.


VIM & VIGR Men’s Compression Socks Straight Up Argile Charcoal & Orange

VIM & VIGR Men's Compression Socks

VIM & VIGR Men’s Compression Socks Straight Up Argile Black & Brick


VIM & VIGR Men’s Thick Stripe Dark Brown & Brick


The Men’s VIM & VIGR Compression Socks retail for between $32.95 to $34.95  a pair. Your traveling friends will thank you!

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  1. These are nice! I’ve heard they are good for you, but any time I saw them they were so ugly! I want some!

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