2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Nunet NuPower Multifunction Jump Starter

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You can never be over prepared, especially when you are driving in winter. This Multifunction Jump Starter with Air Pump comes in it’s own case, and stores conveniently in the trunk of your car. Use it to start your car, charge your phone or laptop, inflate tires. Also has a flashlight, and adaptors for several different cell phones.


Multifunction Jump Starter

Multifunction Jump Starter

Here is a list of features of the Multifunction Jump Starter:

  • 16800mAh high-capacity high-power rechargeable battery, support fast charging, low self-discharge, and cycle discharge & charge times up to 1000 times ;car jump starter starting current: 200A; Peak current: 600A (3s)
  • Work as a portable power bank to charge your laptops (with adapters and 16V/19V output), mobile phones, ipads, projector, etc.
  • 150 PSI air compressor with a brass tipped nozzle for secure connections; Perfect for inflating your car tire, bicycle tires, balls, inflation pool or air mattress etc that needs to be pumped up.
  • Emergency Survival Kit – Hammer to break glasses; Survival Blade to cut off rope and seat belts; LED light with 3 lighting modes for illumination and SOS use. (Long press the Power button to turn on the LED light)
  • Road Trip Essential Kit – Multi-function Car Jump Starter; Support starting a 12V vehicle, diesel or gasoline

BUY IT: The NuPower Multifunction Car Jump Starter can be purchased at NuVending, and retails for $94.99.

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win one of the NuPower Multifunction Jump Starters. Use the Giveaway Tools form to enter.

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  1. Ann Fantom says:

    I could have used this last year when my car wouldn’t start when I picked my daughter up at camp

  2. Nadine Pridgen says:

    I really need this in my car. It is vital to have in your car.

  3. I’ve been very lucky that my car hasn’t ever broken down on me but I always have that fear. My hubby, however, hasn’t had as good as luck. His car broke down hours from home and he had to have it jumped on the side of the road!

  4. I had an important doctor’s appointment and my car wouldn’t start because of a dead battery.

  5. About a year ago, my battery died at work, I could have used this for sure!

  6. christine burd says:

    My car battery died when I took my 3 small children to the library . Since I was new in the area and my husband was working out of town , I had to call for a taxi . It was an expensive ride home that day.

  7. I had a doctor’s appointment in a nearby town. After my appointment I drove to a store just a short distant away. When I got back in my car to go home my car would not start. I could have used this.

  8. Michael Smith says:


  9. After work I had to pick my son up from daycare and take him to his best friends 7th birthday party. My car wouldn’t start and no one around me had jumper cables!!!!! 2 hours later I was able to get some and someone to jump my car! My son missed most of the party but at least we got there and they were able to hang out!

  10. Nancy Krueger says:

    I could have used this a few months ago when my car wouldn’t start in the parking structure downtown. It took two hours for someone to come to help. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  11. Catherine Lewis says:

    I was nervous leaving you all of my information. But I am retired and 66 and could use this to keep in my car. Thank you!

  12. richelle bowers says:

    last month I could have used this. Our battery died. we found out just as my husband was leaving for work

  13. Eric Jason Stroud says:

    There are many times I could have used this! Especially last year when I had a bad battery in my work car! I know this is bad, but we were broke… and I used it for another 5 months before we could afford a new one! This would have really helped! I was stranded 4 or 5 times before we got it fixed.

    I also added you to youtube, but for some reason I entered my Pinterest URL instead
    Youtube name = Eric Stroud

  14. I could have used it a couple of weeks ago when I was babysitting and my son’s car battery had died.

  15. Tammy Woodall says:

    I could have used this last week. I was at a Doctor’s appointment and forgot to turn off my lights and my battery died. It was a long wait before I could get someone from a garage to jump start my car.

  16. 6 months ago, when I was getting ready to drive a car thousands of miles, and I couldn’t even get it started.

  17. laurie murley says:

    My car quit will I was in the cemetery one, and I could have used this

  18. ellen beck says:

    I could have used this when my car’s battery was deed and my husband had a DRs appt he couldnt miss. I was absolutely frantic. Luckily a friend was home and we were a bit late but could still have him seen.

  19. Buddy Garrett says:

    About a month ago my car died in the middle of the road.

  20. Brandon Sparks says:

    I could have used this just a couple weeks ago. I went to leave for work and my car wouldn’t start. The battery was dead. My son left the light on in the car and it drained the battery over night.

  21. Gina Ferrell says:

    I could of use this when I went to pick up my daughter from school.

  22. i was alone with my daughter who was about 3 months old.We were grocery shopping and came back to the car, and it wouldn’t start because i left the lights on.thankfully, a person in the car next to us helped us out but it is defiantly good to have your own set of these

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