2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Digipuppets

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Digipuppets: Honey the Bunny and Zip the Zebra

Digipuppets: Honey the Bunny and Zip the Zebra

If you don’t know what a Digipuppet is, then you are not alone. I didn’t know exactly what they were, etiher, until  they arrived in the mail. These little finger puppets are so adorable all by themselves, and I can imagine my grandson, Parker, and my granddaughter, Amelia, playing with them and using their imaginations. But, the unique thing about Digipuppets is that when a child uses them with an app downloaded to a iPad, an iPhone, or an Android device, it makes the app come alive. It changes the 2D app into a 3D experience just by tapping and swiping the surface. Honey Bunny and  Zip the Zebra, add extra fun to any app experience.

You child will love these!

You child will love these!

DigiPuppets creates FREE downloadable educational apps, available on GooglePlay and iTunes, featuring loveable characters and meaningful tales that come to life with the world’s first touchscreen finger puppets. The 2 teacher-approved DigiPuppets apps are designed to teach kids about sharing, caring, and critical thinking. And, they were created specifically for use with the DigiPuppets finger puppets that are now available at your local Bloomingdales!

Digipuppets make  the apps come alive in 3D

Digipuppets make the apps come alive in 3D

BUY IT: Kids will love their new buddies and can enjoy pretend play with DigiPuppets long after screen time has to end. Digipuppets are a perfect gift for ages 3-6 years. They are available at Bloomingdales stores or online at Bloomingdales.com.  They retail for $9.99 each.

WIN IT: Four lucky readers will win a package of two Digipuppets for their little ones! The package is valued at $19.98 and  includes 1 Honey the Bunny and 1 Zip The Zebra. Use the Giveaway Tools form to enter the giveaway.

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