2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Merrithew Pilates and Mind-Body Exercise Equipment + Get Early Access To Black Friday Deals!

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This post is sponsored by Merrithew.

Are you ready for Black Friday? Merrithew’s Black Friday Deals are going to be great, and you can sign up to get them early by email! They carry exercise brands STOTT PILATES®ZEN•GA™CORE™, and TOTAL BARRE™, and will have over 300 products up to 50% off plus free shipping on orders over $99! What better time to get ready for the new year, and the new exercise routine that you have planned for yourself? (read all the way to the bottom for a giveaway!)

Here is a look at a few of the products they carry:


Mini Hand Weights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Mini Hand Weights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Compact and portable weights to keep you toned without adding bulk these mini-hand weights from MERRITHEW come in 4 weights and color options. Super cushy and durable these small hand weights are great for toning the arms and increasing the intensity of your workout and challenge stabilization and mobility of the arms, shoulders while imporving stamina and endurance. Retail $26.99

-Available in 4 weights/colors
-DVD workouts available **


Mini Dumbells Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Soft Dumbells Photography © Merrithew Corporation

MERRITHEW’s soft dumbbells can increase intensity and tone in a workout. These dumbbells are softer on your hands while still providing the same workout benefits of traditional dumbbells. They are perfectly portable and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises to sculpt strong, healthy muscles without building bulk. Retail $23.99

-Available in 3 weights/colors
-DVD workouts available


Total Body Massage Stick Photography Merrithew Corporation

Total Body Massage Stick Photography© Merrithew Corporation


Enjoy daily stress relief and self-myofascial release with the 18″ Total Body Massage Stick – a compact massager designed to alleviate tension, minimize stiffness and perform targeted massage for large muscle groups. Complement your stretching routine with self-massage to relieve trigger points and loosen muscle knots from fascia buildup. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide. Retail $19.99

Perform targeted massaging of large muscle groups
Release built-up tension and minimize stiffness
Increase circulation
Perfect for stretching warm-up or cool-down
Optimal for self-myofascial release (SMR) and physical therapy


Dynamic Armchair Pilates Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Flex Band Photography © Merrithew Corporation

This energizing workout allows you to boost core muscle strength – while exercising from the comfort of your armchair. Ideal for adults of any age, these exercises will help you improve mobility and endurance, and strengthen the torso muscles, arms and legs. Features 26 exercises in a 30 minute workout that you can customize to your liking. Retail $16.95


Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Handweights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Handweights Photography © Merrithew Corporation

This workout uses soft, light weights to help mobilize the body. First while seated in a chair, then while supported in a standing position. The exercises focus on core strength and stability, mobilizing the joints and improving postural alignment, keeping you active and fit. Includes 54 exercises in a 40 minute workout that you can customize to your liking. Retail $16.95


Flex Bands Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Flex Bands Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Flex-Bands™ are simple but extremely effective at working the entire body. Add to conditioning exercises – think chest presses, rows, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and squats – to create a full-body workout that challenges every major muscle group, while boosting stamina, flexibility, and range of motion. Flex-Bands also offers a more dynamic challenge than traditional weights. Unlike weights, where gravity can diminish resistance, these bands provide constant resistance throughout movements, so you have to work harder. Lightweight and portable, simulate Pilates Reformer exercises with Flex-Bands wherever a workout is required! Can be incorporated into exercises for all users regardless of fitness level or ability. Retail $9.99

-Available in 3 tensions, 5 colours and Latex versions

BUY IT: You can purchase these exercise aids at Merrithew.com.

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win a Merrithew prize pack! The prize pack includes:

MERRITHEW™ Softdumbells
MERRITHEW™ Flex-Band™ Regular Strength
DVD – Armchair Pilates with Handweights
DVD – Dynamic Armchair Pilates with Flex-Band™
Approx. $50 value

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**Content © Merrithew Corporation, used with permission.

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