2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Flash and Thunder from Invicta Challenge

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Flash & Thunder

Flash & Thunder

As a grandmother, I like to try to find toys, games, and books for my grandchildren that not only keep them happy and hold their attention, but also will help them learn something during the time they play with it. The Flash & Thunder game is one of the things that I feel is a good combination of all that. The game has enough action to hold the attention of even the shortest attention span. And the good thing is, they don’t even realize they are learning a history lesson while they play. My grandson, Owen, is autistic. He loves playing with the action figure more than anything else in this package that we received. Spencer, who is 13, loved the digital game best. In addition to getting to play the game, the novel that accompanies the game gives him strategy to use in playing, but he has to read to get the information, thus keeping his reading skills up to par even is he is playing online after school. All of this makes grandma happy, and makes me feel that the money invested in the package was well spent.

A new youth entertainment brand called INVICTA Challenge combines an action-packed video game, graphic novel, maps and operation packet that inspire kids to read and then lead. Children ages 8 to 14 immerse themselves in historical situations where they make decisions that determine success or failure. Flash & Thunder ($34.99) is the first in a series of Leadership Decision Challenge boxed and app-based games. Now all kids can walk in the shoes of an American hero.

Collectible figure

Collectible figure

The concept behind INVICTA Challenge came from Jim Murphy, a former Marine who went on to a successful career in the toy industry. His passion for fun and games sparked the idea for a product that encourages literacy, teaches history and fosters leadership.

“We want kids learning about heroes and leaders who can inspire them to their own greatness in a fun and compelling way,” explains Murphy who has had stops at Mattel and Spin-Master. “INVICTA is an acronym for seven key leadership traits: Integrity, Nobility, Valor, Initiative, Curiosity, Tenacity and Accountability. These traits are infused with every story. Our stories are highly visual and contain plenty of action and adventure.”


Their first game, Flash & Thunder, tells the true story of a Native American paratrooper on D-Day. Your kids can challenge themselves as Turner Turnbull, a young lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne, in this action-packed game.
See if you can lead paratroopers on D-Day when reliving this true leadership story.


Flash & Thunder includes an operations packet, 2 detailed maps, 108-page graphic novel and collectible paratrooper figure, which tie to a free-to-play mobile game. Players make the decisions that determine history!

BUY IT: You can purchase Flash & Thunder at Barnes & Nobles stores, and online at Amazon.com 

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