Thrifty Thursday

The sign on the road.

The sign on the road.

This week we happened to be in the Dallas, Georgia area, and had a little bit of time to kill. We have been wanting to stop at the Blue Chicken Auction and Thrift Store ever since we saw the first time two years ago but have never had time before.

The Blue Chicken Thrift Store in Dallas, GA

The Blue Chicken Thrift Store in Dallas, GA

Their sign by the road is funny. This thrift shop is huge! It was several rooms and an upstairs.

the blue chicken thrift store dallas georgia

The second building that we didn’t get to this time.

There were lots of things to see,  but it was hot in some of the rooms so we need to go back when the weather cools off, and there has been time for the collection of stuff has had a chance to turn over.

the blue chicken thrift store

This is just a small part of the main building that the store occupies.

I saw a lot of things I liked or thought were unique. I absolutely loved this sign:

junk and disorderly

Love it! I am going to make one for myself.

I saw this vintage sewing machine as soon as I walked in the door. I really wish I had a place to put it.

vintage sewing machine at the blue chicken thrift store.

Vintage sewing machine, $14.98! I wish I had a place to put it.

Apparently there was an instrumental band called The Harmonicats in 1947. I wish I had bought that album now. It’s just a bit of Americana.

harmonicats album

This album called Harmonicats was interesting.

I walked away from this pretty mirror twice, but wound up buying to use in the bedroom. I think it’s pretty.$12: deal or not?

blue chicken thrift store

I did buy this mirror.

We left this at the shop. It’s another thing I wish I had gone ahead and bought. I could have framed it and hung over by Fabgrandpa’s computer desk.

blue chicken thrift store

Frank Zappa Chunga’s Revenge

It has been a long long time since I saw a real pogo stick. I think this was the most dangerous toy ever made.

Blue chicken thrift store dallas ga

A pogo stick

I had some troll dolls when I was a child, in the early 1960’s. One of these almost came home with me, but I changed my mind. If I were to buy one, it would be one of the smaller ones if I ever see one.

troll dolls

I had some of these in the early 1960’s.

I love this little chicken salt shaker, but the mate to it was missing. It was  made in Japan, so it is probably from the early 1940’s I would guess. It’s just so cute to me.

blue chicken thrift store, dallas ga

A chicken salt shaker. The pepper shaker was no where to be found.

Fabgrandpa found two things he liked. The first one was this travel alarm clock. It folds into a small size.  He used to have one similar to it for years, but it finally quit working. $2.88 Deal or not?

Timex Travel Alarm Clock

Fabgrandpa bought this Timex Travel Alarm Clock.

This cute ceramic bird from Mexico had a tag with the price written on it, and the words “hurt foot”. It does indeed have a broken foot, but Fabgrandpa loved it enough to bring it home and let it live on the kitchen windowsill. $2.00 Deal or not?

Ceramic bird from Mexico

This cute bird had a tag that said “hurt foot.”

The last thing I got was this metal wall sculpture of a grape vine in a pot. It is going on the wall in the kitchen. I have been looking at things like this online and they are very expensive, at least the ones I like are. The new ones I have seen are in the $80 and up range. I paid $15 for this one. Deal or not?

metal wall sculpture of grape vine in a vase

I love this metal wall sculpture. It is a green-black color that will fit in very well with my kitchen colors.

Did  you go thrifting this week? What treasures did you find? If you love going to thrift shops and junk stores, here is a website with a forum  you might like:

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  1. Tamra Phelps says:

    I love plundering through these kinds of shops! And the name alone would have gotten me in there!

  2. Just last week we went to an “antique” place called The Big Chicken Barn, located in (you guessed it) a big chicken barn. We didn’t find anything to take home. I like your wall hanging, and FabGrandpa’s ceramic bird with the hurt foot, too. Well done!

  3. You got some great deals. I’ve been staying out of the thrift stores as I just have no more space in the RV and no storage shed any more.

  4. I love going thrifting. You never know what cool items you will find. The sewing machine looks awesome!

  5. The wall hanging for your kitchen is lovely. Glad your hubby found a travel alarm.

  6. I love going to thrift shops in new areas where I’ve never been. It gives me a thrill to find a great bargain – you noticed some really cool things!

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