Ted's Montana Grill

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Ted's Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill

Last week Fabgrandpa and I were invited to Ted’s Montana Grill in Marietta, Georgia to try the bison on the menu. We asked our friends, Elaine and Denney, to meet us there.

Denney said

Denney said “She’s not taking pictures again is she?”

Ted’s Montana Grill began when Ted Turner and George McKerrow Jr. joined forces to bring a dream of creating a restaurant that would share his love of Big Sky Country and its tradition of hearty food. He also wanted to celebrate an American icon: The bison. The first Ted’s Montana Grill opened in Columbus, Ohio in 2002. Now every Ted’s serves up meals made with the ingredients and hospitality that define the Great American West while also preserving and building the bison herds in America. (from Ted’s Montana Grill website)

Kale Salad

Kale Salad

Fabgrandpa started out his meal with the Kale Salad. This was a delicious combination of roasted corn, anaheim pepper, vine-ripened tomato, and fresh herbs, with vinaigrette dressing. I tasted it and would likely order it next time we go. I, of course, had the Crab Cake Appetizer.

Crab Cake Appetizer Plate

Crab Cake Appetizer Plate

Ted’s version of Crab Cakes was pretty good. It was served with a bit of guacamole and kale salad.

Our Servers

Our Servers

Next, I ordered the George’s Cadillac Bison Burger. It was huge! The toppings on the Cadillac were BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, chipotle ranch dressing, and onion straws. To get it gluten free, ask to leave off the bun and the onion straws. I was distracted when the food was served, and completely forgot to take a picture of my meal! I just can not believe I did that. The plate was completed by french fries.

Bison Meatloaf

Bison Meatloaf

Fabgrandpa loves meatloaf. He orders it whenever it on the menu anywhere we go. This meatloaf was made with bison, and a very generous portion was served. I did not taste it, but Fabgrandpa loved it, and ate every bit. It came with real mashed potatoes, gravy, a biscuit, and squash casserole.

Checking to make sure we had everything we needed.

Checking to make sure we had everything we needed.

When I saw the squash casserole, I ordered a side for myself, and I have to say, it was the best squash casserole I have ever had in a restaurant. It tasted like the squash casserole that my Mother makes.

Elaine's Bison Meatloaf.

Elaine’s Bison Meatloaf.

Elaine also ordered the meatloaf. She told me she has been to Ted’s before, and loves their meatloaf.

Denney's Cheddar Burger

Denney’s Bacon Cheese Burger

I did get a photo of Denney’s Bacon Cheese Burger, but it doesn’t show the goodness of it, just the bun mostly. The Bacon  Cheeseburger comes with cheddar or swiss cheese, bacon, and grilled onions.

Inside Ted's Montana Grill

Inside Ted’s Montana Grill

Besides  burgers and meatloaf, the menu has a varied selection: fish, chicken, and meatloaf sandwiches; entrée salads  such as Balsamic Blue Steak Salad, Caesar Grilled Chicken Salad; Steaks, Pot Roast, Salmon, Roasted Chicken, and more. The Desserts menu looked pretty good but we were all too full to try any. There were Strawberry Shortcake, Wildberry Cheesecake, Haagen Daas Ice Cream to name just a few.

Fabgrandpa and me

Fabgrandpa and me

There is a gluten free menu available, as well as a kids menu. Elaine had a cup of coffee that made me wish I had ordered it because it smelled so good!

Burgers are priced in a range of $11 to $18, the meatloaf is $16. Sandwiches are in the $11 to $13 range. We had a late lunch that was very filling, and left us with no need to have a supper later. We felt that the prices were fair for the foods that were served.

Ted's Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill

Check the locator to see if there is a Ted’s near you.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    The food there look amazing! WOW. That meatloaf sounds phenomenal!

  2. I’ve eaten a lot of bison and it’s tasty. It sure looks like a great place to grab a meal. I’ve heard of the restaurants but have never eaten in one

  3. Tamra Phelps says:

    Ok, this makes me wish I lived in GA, lol. I’ve tried bison jerky & loved it, but I’ve never tried other bison dishes. I’ve heard it is really good & leaner than beef.

  4. Everything looks delicious! Restaurant is pretty too.

  5. Oh yum! What a delicious meal you had there! Love the pictures!

  6. Looks delicious! Hubs tried a bison burger the other week 😉

  7. It does all sound delicious. I need to take my family over to Ted’s (or maybe just me and the hubby).

  8. I should not have read this while I was hungry! That food look absolutely amazing!

  9. Sound like a place we would love to try. If we ever get to Marietta we will make it a point to eat there.

  10. I would definitely be into trying the kale salad. The meatloaf looks really good too!

  11. I’ve never been to a Ted’s, but I am a huge fan of any burger with onion straws!! (I checked the locator, there is not one near me.)

  12. Of all the things I miss about living in Georgia, probably the biggest one is Ted’s Montana Grill. Their food is yummy and the bison burger is AWESOME! So glad you all got to enjoy!

  13. Ok, now I’m hungry! Unfortunately, we don’t have a Ted’s around here, though, or else I would definitely be heading there to try it out.

  14. Wow everything sounds relishes. And looks really good too thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Oh my! I know my husband would love have a Ted’s around here!Those are generous servings . I know I would enjoy that Kale Salad. (Love me some kale!!)

  16. Madeline Hoffman says:

    I’ve been to this specific Ted’s location many times. The food is always fresh, hot, and so plentiful that I’ve never been able to finish my dish. This is why doggie bags were invented!! I love the bison burgers, the meatloaf, and my new go-to is the roasted chicken with the glazed cranberries. OMG, the sauce is amazing!!! The restaurant is always spotless (important to me) and the servers are always courteous and friendly, I can’t wait to go back —- again!!!

  17. Now I’m craving meatloaf and mashed potatoes! Wish we had that restaurant around here.

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